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Mel Gibson: The Tapes Don't Define Me

4/22/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has broken his silence over those incendiary audio tapes, saying, "It's one terribly awful moment in time, said to one person in the span of one day, and doesn't represent what I truly believe or how I've treated people my entire life."


In the wide-ranging interview with, Mel says, "I've never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion or sexuality."

Mel shrugs off the torrent of criticism over the tapes, which he claims "have been edited," saying "I don't blame some people for thinking [I'm bigoted] though, from all the garbage they heard on those leaked tapes."

Mel also talks about the TMZ story in 2006, in which we published 4 pages of the arrest report which detail his anti-Semitic rant.  As we reported, at the time of the arrest, Mel felt the incident would be the last straw in his marriage.  Turns out it was true.  Mel tells "Deadline" he and his wife separated the day after the arrest.

Mel is mum on his battle with Oksana Grigorieva, but, as we first reported, says he pled no contest in the criminal case so he wouldn't drag his family through the mud.

The well-done interview also goes into great detail about Mel's new movie, "The Beaver," which some critics say is Mel's best performance ever.  The movie opens next month.



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Goodnight, Azlee. Hi, Kali!

1243 days ago



I am so happy and relieved that you have spoken out. You are one class act.

I am so looking forward to The Beaver, and How I Spent My Summer Vacation, and anything else you act in, or direct.


1243 days ago


TMZgossip 4 minutes ago

Firefly less than a minute ago


I honestly don't believe that these posters are paid LOL. I just throw back at them what they say to us for the fun of it. You can just picture them hopping up and down, turning red face with steam coming out their ears because they take it so seriously.

the new faces will be here until the story drops off the front page.
then ya'll will get time to pile on 1500+ 'we hate oxy' posts


And you will be there right along with us won't you TMZg? LOL
That's OK we like your company. (when your nice)

1243 days ago


Didn't realize I stayed up so late. Good night guys, pleasant dreams. You too TMZg.


1243 days ago


Hey mid, how r ya?

1243 days ago

Jett M

Poor Mel!! He was so cool when I was a teenager... Mad MAX kickin ass...Then Lethal Weapon sporting the awesome mullet...nowww...not so cool! Very uncool! the more he opens his mouth..the more he buries himself. :( oh wait..but The Passion of the Christ was sooo entertaining. and he has his own church on his property.. I should build a church..hmmm

1243 days ago


Hey Mel its a domestic argument - I forgive you but the nine iron I have in hand might make you apologize VERY sincerely - Just thinking - There are two wrongs in this dispute - one child is the result - frankly you two adults are at fault - You both have to grow the F up! I don't like the ukranian broad at all - she's a bottom dweller but don't like you either right now -

1243 days ago


Hey, Kali, Mid is multitasking big time! I am preparing some do***ents for Web site (for my classes), writing an exam, reading student papers, helping my sister get ready to sleep, reading the responses on this site, and watching the eagles. I have so many windows open this iMac is in danger of exploding.

In other words, it's back to normal around here.

1243 days ago


There is something that I like a lot more than Mel:
Megan Fox - the best pic of her I have ever seen

1243 days ago


My first impression of the interview is that Mel is still hurting, and hurting bad, but that isn't surprising, considering what he has been through. He's still got the courage to pick himself up and move forward, and that doesn't surprise me, either, because I felt sure he would do his part to save The Beaver.

1243 days ago


Mel: "I don’t want to be the cause of grief to any of my children or to friends or family or associates on either side because it’s a matter that should be dealt with. It’s important to me that it’s dealt with correctly and it’s important that I maintain my integrity through this for the sake of those I love."

If only Ox had a fraction of the compassion he does for others. He's such a class act next to that moronic gold digger. I bet they're shyting their pants now that he's talking. Yep, the tapes were EDITED. BIG TIME! Just you wait, Ox, just you wait....

Just a feeling I have Hehe

1243 days ago


Mel: "I think that it will all eventually come out in the wash and I’m depending on that. I have a lot of faith in that. "

"Perhaps some time I will go on and comment in a more full way."

"Maybe, when this is all over and hopefully, justice is achieved."

And there you have it: this is FAR from over. Good for Mel for withstanding the Extortionist bitch. She never met anyone with balls as big as his before. Justice will be achieved and the truth will all come out.

1243 days ago


I read the deadline Hollywood interview and it's pretty much what I expected. Mel Gibson has an upcoming movie and felt obligated to do some positive PR spin. The movie going public is very fickle. They hate you one day, love you the next. Go figure!

At this point, his private life is really much more important. Those who are closest to him are really the most important and will become more so in the next 5 to 10 years. If Mel Gibson is able to "TRANSCEND" the "BITTERNESS" that initiated his personal downfall then he will have accomplished much more personally than he could have done on a professional level. His numerous detractors aren't going to disappear anytime soon. Allowing them "to make or break" his "personal" happiness would be foolish!!!

1243 days ago


Slightly off topic here, but it was brought up. (although somewhat back handedly).
Everyone was sooo upset that someone was posting for Sweetheart the other day. She can't post here, and others were trying to have the poster banned as well.
Imagine this, if you were reading on a website and then noticed that someone was talking about YOU, wouldn't you be upset. Knowing people are talking about you, when you hadn't been on the site. And also knowing that you couldn't even log in to defend yourself!

Which brings me to my conclusion....
IF no one wants to hear from SH, whether she finds some way to get back online or if she has someone else post her thoughts for her, then why is it even necessary to bring up her name? The ones I notice protesting her the LOUDEST the other day are the ones who talk the most about her when there's not reason to.
JMO, but fair is fair. If someones not here/able to be here, then keep your thoughts about her to yourself. Or email someone and tell them what your thinking/feeling, just leave it off the boards.
If you don't want to be talked about, then don't talk about others. Kindergarten 101.
Sorry, but once again, JMO.
Ciao'. {o:

1243 days ago


Forgive Mel Gibson? I have nothing to forgive him for. He has not offended me in any way. I am having a very hard time forgiving this laughable Hollywood "justice" system, and the hypocrites who dare to suggest that Mel Gibson needs forgiving by anyone but his wife and children.

1243 days ago
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