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Michaele Salahi

Cops Called for Death Threats

4/21/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Real Housewives of DC" star Michaele Salahi claims someone's been stalking her and making death threats -- and TMZ has learned her husband placed a frantic 911 call for her protection.

The Salahis tell TMZ the man in question placed a call to the Sheriff's Department in Fauquier County, VA last Sunday -- and falsely reported that Tareq had broken into a winery co-owned by Tareq's family.

Deputies tell us they found no evidence of a break-in -- but they were called back to the winery when Tareq and Michaele found out the original call came from the alleged stalker.

We're told the Salahis filed a police report and the case is now under investigation.

According to the Salahis, the man has been tailing Michaele, shooting photos and video ... and also sending death threats and obscene messages. 

The Salahis say they're going to request a protective order.


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I know this couple reads TMZ. So, this is to the both of you. Listen up, when you seek fame so devotedly, you must expect that untethered people may come out of the woodwork to try to cause you harm. But I also feel you both are deluded, thinking that you are "famous," when you are literally notorious. There is a huge difference between "fame" and "notoriety." Making it a career to be on as many reality shows as possible is actually pathetic. Reality shows exist to exploit narcissistic behavior. I think you both do have a lot of good to offer. I suggest to do things the right way for the right reasons, learn what it means to be humble, practice it -- and construct a life that is beneficial and productive. Wean yourselves away from the cameras and the spotlight because you both will continue to be disdained and made fun of for being absolutely nothing more than "fame wh*ores."

1283 days ago


Meh, let him have them - or at least her.

Save ink, paper, and... bits - Save trees and energy at the same time!

1283 days ago


They're like the grown-up version of Speidi...

1283 days ago


Please stop reporting their every paranoid utterance; just let us know when they're headed for jail, due to their false police reports;).

1283 days ago


Guess what you worthless skank? Disappear from the public eye - like EVERYONE wants you to - and I bet the death threats will stop.
Oh - you might also want to PAY everyone you've both stiffed over the years.

1283 days ago

Kelli French    

Big News! Maybe it's Sheen, they just tried to crash his show the other night. Birds of a feather......
Note to are so gullible.

1283 days ago


sad to say but I wouldn't put it past these 2 to have concocted the whole thing themselves to garner sympathy and attention

1283 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

WE heard Micheal lohan tried to have his way with his blonde wife in rehab(milo loves blondes) even has his lucky 130 @ mr.blonde playing with its magic cards and running social experiments playing with legitimate users here to leave their honest heartfelt opinions and not be manipulated unknowingly..not cool fool..

1283 days ago


Why is this news, who cares what these douche bags come up with to crab some attention.
go away please

1283 days ago


Those aren't stalkers...those are BILL COLLECTORS.

1283 days ago


I bet the stalker is either Michael Lohan or Kris Jenner!

1283 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

These idiots will do ANYTHING for attention!!!! Newsflash Salahi's - no one wants to see either of you naked or otherwise. Move to another country - you are frauds and famewhores. Nothing more and a lot less.

1283 days ago


pair of dirty liars. making the whole thing up for attention. they should be prosecuted for wasting the time of LE.

1283 days ago


please!!! please!!!! stop feeding these media whores, i didn't even read the stupid article, i skipped right to the comments... these people are two of the biggest bottom of the barrel ppl i have ever had the misfortune of reading about, please go away, and tmz, STOP reporting about them, and stick to your otherwise great media coverage

1283 days ago


Hope he finds them and does them in they are a waste of human flesh and not one CARES about you creeps.Go away.

1283 days ago
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