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'Teen Mom' Jenelle -- The Bikini Danger Zone

4/22/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just weeks after beating the crap out of another girl ... "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans slipped into her bikini yesterday and got right back into ANOTHER dangerous situation at a local beach.

19-year-old Evans -- who's currently on probation stemming from a drug-related conviction -- was surrounded by beer and beer drinkers at Yaupon Pier in North Carolina Thursday.

Jenelle's lawyer insists the MTV star DID NOT engage in any illegal alcohol consumption -- but for someone who's already on thin ice with the law ... and who has a child ... putting herself in the midst of temptation is one hell of a risk.


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get a job, ho

1258 days ago


"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans" ???????????
Are you SERIOUS?????????

Now, in the Excited States of America, getting knocked up as a teenager makes you a STAR!?!?!?!?!?!?

Unbelievable. So, if she straightens her life around and becomes a model teen, she will no longer be a role model for teen moms??? Is THAT how it works in the perverted world of American celebrity???

OH what a steep, slippery slope to 3rd world status you are incredibly sad.

1258 days ago


They look more like pepsi cans than beer cans

1258 days ago

Nicholas Mullen    

yo look this is the dude wit the orange shorts and this **** is stupid and the dude in the white aint her dude you retarded LOL

We tryin to have a good time one the beach like anyone else out there and people really doing this?

1258 days ago



No, Damon, it's not the same thing. She has a kid she should be responsible for. She's 19, she should get her act together. Why is this trash on TMZ?

Yes Ashley, legally it's the same. Lil Wayne has 4 kids and just got of prison and is on a very restrictive probation, if he can go clubbing and to concerts where drugs and alcohol are consumed; her being at a beach is NO BIG DEAL!

1258 days ago


Blurry photo, all I can make out is slender body in a bikini...
based on that evidence presented ladies and gentleman of the jury-

I'd Hit It.

1258 days ago


I bet her lawyer made that statement then immediately called her up to ream her out over this.

1258 days ago


Too much glare coming off of that MILE HIGH FOREHEAD of hers.

That gigantic forehead is probably why the guy is facing the opposite way,

1258 days ago


all I know is the girl in what I think is an Ed Hardy bikini should NOT be wearing it. She needs something a LOT bigger

1258 days ago


I would love to meet this girl, simply to punch her in the face. I cannot stand her. She has no class and takes no responsibility for her life. What a disgrace to women.

1258 days ago


@Chaz *can't, *isn't, *aren't. Perhaps you should learn how & when to use an apostophe before ragging someone out about their own spelling and grammar. Thanks for the laugh though, that was awesome.

1258 days ago


Leah your statement shows you don't have any class or responsibility yourself. I bet you don't even see the irony in your statement. LOL

1258 days ago


All you people making your comments here are pitiful. Would you seriously say that to her face? All this behind the screen crap is just as bad as her acting out. No its actually worse, because your all in hiding typing out your vicious comments about her.
I blame her mother for the way she turned out. This girl would have probably never gotten pregnant had her mother raised her right. But Mom is missing a few brain cells herself and her constant screaming at her making her feel unwanted, made her look for acceptance and love from a man.
You all need to grow up and take a look at your own lives before passing judgement on someone else's.
All I see with Jennelle is a sad girl that has chosen the wrong path in life, but still has a chance to turn it around and I hope she does. I hope she's maturing and getting the chance to spend more time with her son, who Mom is raising right now!

1257 days ago

Frank Harrison    

You aint seen nothing yet. Jenelle Evans signed a contract with Evil Angel, which is partly owned by Ron Jeremy. She agreed to perform in 20 videos, with multiple partners. Acts will include double penetration. It's sad because she isn't old enough to drink beer, but she is old enough for adult movies. Unfortunately, for a pathetic specimen of humanity like Jenelle, it's the only thing that she has to offer this world.

1257 days ago


Stop being haters ! & wow that guy looks like a loser ahahahaha jk jk

1257 days ago
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