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The Game

Banned from Canada Over Gang Ties

4/21/2011 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Game was detained in Canada for several hours yesterday, TMZ has learned, before his ass got deported back to the U.S. -- and we're told, it's all because of the rapper's alleged gang affiliation.


A rep for Substance Entertainment Group -- the promotion company behind Game's tour in Canada -- tells TMZ, the tour promoter got a call from Canadian Customs while Game was on the plane on his way to Canada.

We're told customs informed the promoter that Game would be denied entry "due to new information received that Game is affiliated with organized crime and is an active member of the Bloods street gang."

The rep claims Game was blindsided by the last-minute red flag -- telling us, concert organizers had secured all permits and approval weeks ago to get Game into the country.

Bad news for everyone who bought a ticket to his upcoming Canadian shows -- tour's cancelled.


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bring back recent posts    

nope...Snoop outta luck

1249 days ago


this man should not be seen as a celebrity, he's a remenant from a bad time for all music, rappers are two a penney, and they made it that way, this guy is a guy who can talk in rythim but thats all, having grown up in dublin he's the equivolent of a wee s***bag with a microphone, he has no talent, no ability, we could argue for the late marvin gaye being allowed into a country we could argue for sam cooke to be allowed, both whom have had a chequered past but at least they were worth arguing for, why try to argue for a cretin who's only fame is his links with certain people or gangs and all he can do is rap, just about. bring back sam cooke, otis redding, jackie wilson, these little s***bags who are only famous for being that are an embarassment to the black man, keep this guy out of your country, lock him in his violent mental prison until somebody wipes his talentless ass out too. when was music ever about your gang or your gun? oh yeah i forgot, since you and your kind got credited as musicians

1249 days ago



1249 days ago


Reading this story I'm proud to be a Canadian!! Thank you Canada Customs! Keep the garbage thugs out!

1249 days ago


Glad to see Canada isn't like the US. There's still hope for the world.

1249 days ago


in furtherence... thanks eminem, i gues decency has a fairly rock bottom price, the second you got some money you threw it at your s***bag friends and let them influence kids, they made them think it was okay to be a gun toting s***bag, as long as you can rap its fine, well i hope your family (eminem) end up being effected by one of the little s*** offspring you helped breed and maybe then youll stop signing your halfwit gang friends onto your label, shame on you

1249 days ago


Good for Canada! Too bad we dont have the guts in the United States to do the same thing. All he is is just a thug who most likely commited many crimes and promotes violence and degregation of women. His own "self baby mama" (his mother) must be proud of the son tht she has presented to society.

1249 days ago


john go f yourself mike leake pitched today and got the win his team mates bought him a one hundred dollar gift card to macys on this story the gay could be shot and killed (hopefully) and it still would not be newsworthy ahole

1249 days ago


My question is, obviously they received that information from the United States... then why in hell isn't his ass in prison.

This country is so confusing or rather effed up.

1249 days ago

Big Daddy    

I still haven't a clue who this man is. Isn't he the guy that showed up to his friends funeral wearing a ball cap?

1249 days ago


lol at the idiot who said he has a gang sign tattoo'd on his face.. Yes, LA Dodgers are the most dangerous street gang around I heard.

1249 days ago

Mark Philip Venema    

Proud to be a Canadian... nothing like getting a personal call on the plane as advanced notice though.

1249 days ago

Cameron Turner    

The Bloods and Crips gangs are responsible for most of the murder, drug trafficking and violent crime here in Los Angeles and many other cities. There's nothing cute or cool about bangin'. That song "Red Nation" is an insult to all of the honest, hard-working, decent-living people who live in terror every day because of the gangs.

1249 days ago


Very GOOD.....

1249 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

Game got the butterfly tattoo to represent new life cuz he was doing positive things now and so he has a new life....u people dont know crap and then just assume, why would they let him set up a tour in canada if they werent going to allow him access to Canada? But Game is a real gangsta...I bet yall wouldnt say sh*t to his face

1249 days ago
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