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TMZ Live -- The Argument Against Bud Selig

4/21/2011 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why MLB commissioner Bud Selig may have stepped over the line in removing Frank McCourt from Dodgers' management ... plus, Lindsay Lohan's newest chance to escape her felony grand theft charge.

24 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Rough day today in the TMZ -- but we forge on!
(1:00) Harvey dined with Ryan Seacrest last night -- and guess which new couple showed up to the restaurant?
(2:50) Did Bud Selig go too far by taking over the Dodgers?
(5:30) Harvey and Charles stuff their faces.
(10:10) When is Dax gonna join a boy band?
(13:00) Chad gets props for being an Angels fan.
(16:01) Time to learn everyone's porn name!
(18:30) Webcam question from UCSB's campus -- where Harvey went to school.
(24:30) Our webcam viewer RIPS Harvey. 
(26:02) Smart move -- Charles distances himself from Harvey's views on marriage.
(28:40) The Wheat Thins/Jaws camera.
(32:20) Harvey and Charles argue about their hairline ... and outfits.
(34:00) The snotty reporter video grosses everyone out.


No Avatar


tell the camera guy to take his shirt off

1289 days ago


Why do you guys always prefer reading twitter and facebook instead of the questions we write here. Harvey stop being lazy....we know you hate reading, as evidenced by your hate in reading as a lawyer...!

1289 days ago


Do you guys offer military dicount for the bus tour ?

1289 days ago


I think the more and more Charles is on TV with Harvey the more he wants to be like him. If you look at how Charles used to dress, compared to now...isn't it obvious? Charles dresses more like Harvey. Harvey is bulging with muscles, and Charles just started working out, after probably seeing how big Harvey is getting in his arms. Harvey is turning into a big ol' sex machine. Charles, what's up? Your getting left behind you big douche!!! Didn't you know, the more men work out, the more sex you get...apparently Harvey is having the best time of his life...There isn't one day Harvey doesn't smile on the shows. Charles you rarely smile, and when you do, it turns back to frown within seconds. HARVEY HARVEY HARVEY ROCKS!!!

1289 days ago


Greetings from Amsterdam BTW ! lol
Come down here and we'll take you out to the Hard Rock... bring Max, he'll have a ball ! LOL

1289 days ago

Carol (Angelgirl)    

Harvey, tell us what TV shows you have been watching lately? Do you watch IDOL?

1289 days ago


Those look good guys... probably won't ba able to get them here till 2021 ! lol Bon Appétit !!

1289 days ago


Wheat Thins rule. I love the low salt ones.

1289 days ago


If Lindsay's charge is reduced to a misdemeanor and she pleads guilty, won't she still go to jail because she violated her probation by getting into trouble?

1289 days ago


My TMZ Live box is black again today also! Help!!!!

1289 days ago


The WORST TMZ LIVE your lunch before you do the show not during and maybe try answering a few questions, pathetic show today

1289 days ago


This was clearly one of the worst TMZ lives ever. Wow, this show sucked and pushing products like those nasty sticks is pretty lame. This show sucked. By the way, Prince is way past his peak so seeing him live must be lamo as well. Little green gay man.

1289 days ago


On the next TMZ live:

Harvey with special guest Ryan Murphy (from Glee). Harvey knocks this little man down to size by pointing out that Glee bastardizes music made by bastards and no talents. With the exception of some great artists that had to sell out to pay their mortgage, Glee picks sucky music. HOw about a new song called Ryan Needs A Beatdown. Sung by the Foo Fighter.

"Ryan ain't so glee we bust him on the knee" How gay and blind can he be his taste in music is ****e. Pull the plug on this lamo show, and watch the homos go or do they like the word queers. Will this crap be on for years and how dare Ryan try to bully any artist when the stick up his arse his too tight. Glee is ****e to the first order, and don't let that cast over the border. The Glee cast can't sing and have no acting skills, just find more lamo bands to be our petty shills. Ryan needs a beatdown so he won't try to bully no band, break the little mans hand.He only uses it to jerk his meat anyway and oh yeah, he's ultra freaking gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that but the man clearly wants people to know he's gay and that his taste in music leans towards the lamo show tunes. Judy and LIza would puke on him if given the chance.

1289 days ago


What about the relatively recent Texas Rangers bankruptcy case? Do you think Selig is on some sort of high after getting the fairest deal for the fairest price for the Rangers? It was a heated Mark Cuban vs. Nolan Ryan bidding war. Maybe Selig's looking for some more excitement?

1289 days ago


This is , by far, the WORST TMZ live, in years!

1289 days ago
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