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Dykstra Investigated Over Naked Massage Claim

4/25/2011 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More legal trouble for Lenny Dykstra -- and this time it's all because the former MLB star allegedly got NAKED and requested a massage from a woman he was interviewing to be his housekeeper.

Lenny Dykstra Housekeeper

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ  ... the LAPD is investigating Dykstra for lewd conduct ... stemming from allegations made by a 47-year-old woman who claims she answered a Craigslist ad to be Lenny's housekeeper earlier this month. 

The woman told police ... when she arrived to the home, Dykstra explained that she wouldn't just have to clean the home, she would also be required to give him massages as well.

The woman claimed Dykstra then took off all of his clothes and told the woman he wouldn't be able to hire her without first sampling her skills. Smooth.

We're told the woman denied his request ... left the home immediately ... flagged down a nearby cop ... and filed a police report. She also locked down a high power attorney, Mauro Fiore Jr., to handle the case.

Attempts to reach Dykstra were unsuccessful.

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en Todo Momento!!    

well really, i don't think she has a case....i mean it kind of comes with the territory of interviewing for employment in someone's private residence. you are probably going to encounter private things and private behavior. in a case like this, as soon as he stated that she would be required to give him a massage as well, she, if she was not so inclined, she should have left immediately there. by continuing her interview, allowing him to remove all his clothes, then leaving and flagging down a cop car-not even calling one herself!! she really called the event upon herself. for the most part. she should have left, and called a police force right as she exited his home, not that she would have been right in that case either, but would have made her intention/impression more apparent. duh.

1240 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe mr highpowe attorney fiore needs some money, and set up the encounter himself...what on earth is this woman looking for a legitimate cleaning job on craigslist anyways???? tarded...maybe she really is a prostitute. who knows these days, because anyone on craigslist may fall into that category.

1240 days ago



Why don't you just massage yourself, since you're a D*ckWad already!

1240 days ago


Lenny needs to learn a thing or two from The Mandez...Keith Hernandez:


1240 days ago


He was in his own house and didn't ask her to do anything illegal. What is she suing for?

1240 days ago


She should have sprayed him with Lemon Pledge and set him on fire.

1240 days ago


stupid old perv

1240 days ago


I've been watching this sort of thing from a distance and I figured I'd give my bitter old school rock and roller two cents:

Celebrities used to brag about getting handjobs and screwing anything that moved! OMG OMG! I want my celebrities to go to church and liek be all PC an stuff. That's what you people sound like.

Who freaking cares? Give the guy a medal and get on with it. No wonder music and the rest of the entertainment industry sucks these days, with retards like you lot running it. No balls left at all. A *DUN DUN DUNNNNN!* handjob. Ozzie Osbourne bit the head off of a live dove during a board meeting of his record lable because he was so drunk he didn't realize it wasn't a prop. Even Louis Armstrong was a big time dope fiend. What are we back to the days of silent Fattie Arbuckle films or something where it was downright shocking that someone with money and fame was promiscuous? Even in the 1930s and 1940s (even in the "naughty 90s. . . yes that's right, the 1890s . . as in TMZ is so socially conservative that the 1890s are a raunchy wild time compared to what they flip a lid over), they had times wilder than what TMZ talks about. What's the next shocking event, some ankle was shown in the presence of a star? A man sat down in a chair still warm from a female? Have the Amish taken over Hollywood? I half expect the next TMZ "shocker" to do***ent how the latest star did not get the father's blessing after a 2 year courtship period in the virgin he seeks to deflower on his wedding night. . .

Send this man to a concentration camp immediately! A Handjob?!?!?! He might as well be killing babies and committing genocide!!! Stars never get handjobs. . .well at least as long as they don't befriend people who the establishment and hollywood don't have a personal vendetta against *ahem* One of Charlie Sheen's best friends *ahem* one of the guys on the same radio show that Sheen was on that *ahem* ticked off the *ahem* lame establishment hollywood borg. How obvious. Convenient how people who always go on certain radio talk shows and touch on certain *ahem* subjects, always get smeared by the same people. Not too covert. You're losing your touch. You haven't been doing your market research obviously. How'd that work out with Sheen? Last I checked the guy totally went with your smear and made even more of a killing, making himself even more famous in the act. Good job. *sarcastic clapping* I wasn't even really that into Sheen before you folks helped me to really find him amusing. I watched one of his shows and I had watched a few 80s comedies he was in. Now that he's running around saying hilarious things and making a joke of you clowns. I can't get enough. It's at least something exciting, not like the boring socially conservative modern hollywood.

I also love how the first comments you always have on the site on articles like this are obviously in house. Give me a break. I know you people are downright stupid these days, but not all of us are stuck in bleach blonde land. It's obvious that whenever you launch a smear the first page or so of comments are generated in house. As if everyone is going to be in that much of outrage over someone getting a handjob. Anyone who thinks those comments are real, please contact me immediately because I've got a hot property to sell you off of Manhattan. Great tourist opportunity. Cheap cheap cheap. Cash only. If you don't believe me, I'll provide you with some internet commenters who say that I'm the most reputable real estate salesman this side of the milky way. They are real, because they are on the internets, and anything on the internets is real. Would I lie to you?

There used to be a group of girls that would go around to rock stars and . . . ahem, get them in a position to cast their nether regions in bronze *shocking disclaimer - handjobs were for the participants that were a little bit more standoffish*. . . Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, you know. . .the people who didn't suck like the inane crap TMZ worships. . . Led Zeppelin were renowned for using frozen fish in "exploits" with a groupie, while The Who smashed hotel rooms and set off life explosives on TV shows without warning anyone. Jerry Lee Lewis even married a teenage cousin, and Marvin Gaye used to have huge 20 -30 member orgies in hotel rooms when he was on tour. . . (these are the stories that people admit. . imagine how much wilder the stories that don't get out are) and we're so shocked by Charlie Sheen and his buddies screwing around? Give me a break.

You guys are worse than church mouses. The fundamentalist christians have it wrong. Hollywood isn't "immoral", it's so puritan that church mouses are more liberal than them. Hollywood might as well admit that they've turned into a bunch of social conservative busy bodies. *yawn* If I wanted that sort of thing, I'd go to my local church. If I want entertaining characters, you lot are obviously not where the action is.

What a bunch of wimps and losers. No wonder your products are all failing in contrast to outside markets. You're all boring and stuffy. I feel like I've been to a dumbed down version of a Focus on the Family website (as retarded as they are, at least they try to justify their idiotic viewpoints). Good riddance, I hope you all go out of business. You suck. What you do sucks, and anyone who doesn't suck, you smear. Hell of a business model, economic retards.

Beyond that, Bill Hicks is doing backflips in his grave. He thought the lameness in the entertainment industry was bad THEN? It was a golden age compared to the winners running the industry now.

So, when does the next Justin Beiber single come out? You guys are a joke.

/end of two cents.

1240 days ago



1240 days ago
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