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Lindsay Lohan -- Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor!

4/22/2011 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just caught a MASSIVE break -- her felony grand theft charge was just downgraded to a misdemeanor.


TMZ told you this would happen .... Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the offense, along with Lindsay's record, did not support a felony charge.  The judge noted Lindsay's DUI conviction was 4 years ago.

The judge denied Shawn Holley's motion to dismiss the case outright.


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I told you so. But the haters were so full of themselves they wouldn't listen. Lindsay will be found innocent or the charges will be dropped. The haters will really be squealing then. I can't wait.

1279 days ago


So she's getting yet another "opportunity" to violate her probation.

If that had been a little person, we not only would have had the felony remain, but we would have already been convicted.

America - where the rich will always be able to purchase their freedom. This country has always been a joke. Time to pack it in - it's a failed experiment.

1279 days ago






1279 days ago


I think this is a real joke on the Justice system in this country.Lindsay needs to face real time, any other average person would not get the breaks she has had for what she has done.To me and many others this is not fair that she can get off lightly as this.I have no other conclusion, except that to say if you have money and fame, you can do what you want,and not worry about being punished as you should,a sad day for Justice in the USA.

1279 days ago


I really don't think she stole the ugly necklace. And far as her record goes, I think there are so many other celebs who've done just as worse with a slap on the wrist. ie, Robert Downey Jr. & Courtney Love & so on. She'll bounce back.

1279 days ago


Why are acting like we're surprised? You know the judge asked Lindsey if "she didn't mind" in their secret chamber talks-where the deal was cut. The court room was just a formality.

I've never visited California, and will never go to the f--ked up state. None of this is our problems... it's the Beautiful People of California craziness to deal with. They vote these judges and sheriffs into office...

and if I did visit it would only be to get a check out that thing that have going on with pot... and that would be the ONLY reason I'd go to that cesspool.

1279 days ago


It was 4 years ago but how long was she without her license? Since then she has failed drug tests and fiercely blocked others from speaking truthfully about her sneak-away from rehab, the whole thing is bull. She is a pure opportunistic manipulator as are her parents.

1279 days ago


Same old BS. Actors and politicians getting away with what would send the average citizen to jail for the long haul. This kind of ceap does not surprise me at all. It is an every day occurance.

1279 days ago


Wow. I see Charlie Sheen commented here, "winning". Maybe Lindsay and Charlie should get together, run away to some island far from land and self destruct together...misery loves company.
It's a shame that she is able to bail out. It just reinforces what she was raised to believe, that her actions have no consequences. What i'd like to know, is WHERE IS SHE GETTING THE MONEY TO BAIL OUT ALL THE TIME. By my calculations, she's spent over 1/4 million so far.

1279 days ago


The only thing more predictable is a Chicken-Head
starring in ***********.

1279 days ago

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1279 days ago


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1279 days ago



1279 days ago


SO SICK OF THIS CRAP.If the justice sys. and Hollywood won't stand up for what is right. ( John Travolta shame on you). I will never ever see anything with Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson. If we all do this justice will be served by the people.

1278 days ago


why are we not suprised! what makes it really ****ed up is this bitch has'nt acted in anything desent in years!

1278 days ago
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