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Lindsay Lohan -- Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor!

4/22/2011 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just caught a MASSIVE break -- her felony grand theft charge was just downgraded to a misdemeanor.


TMZ told you this would happen .... Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled the offense, along with Lindsay's record, did not support a felony charge.  The judge noted Lindsay's DUI conviction was 4 years ago.

The judge denied Shawn Holley's motion to dismiss the case outright.


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My prediction:

Lohan is gonna go get drunk & celebrate...Her sense of self-entitlement will increase (thinking she's untouchable) and in about six to seven months...TMZ Headline reads: "Lindsay Lohan [add crime here]".

I just don't trust that this girl will ever do the right thing.

1243 days ago


It was a stupid $800 necklace. That's not a felony-worthy crime.

Now TMZ, please report on something else.

1243 days ago


So, in essence, she's still not responsible for her own actions. Yet, if it was ANYONE else, they would be in jail right now.

1243 days ago


The judicial system may have "forgiven" her for her "indiscretions", but the public will detest her even more. There is no way I would pay one cent to see anything she was remotely involved with.

1243 days ago


The judge is back on the bench...

1243 days ago


mannequin I respect your opinion of course, but why are you here then?

see my point?


oh well

1243 days ago

Shelly Smith    

The FACT is....if this case involved an ordinary probation violater, or the average Joe would be sitting in jail until the case is resolved but NOT LILO!!! A DUI isn't a serious enough charge? Really? Tell that to the families who have lost loved ones due to drunk drivers. In addition, her original charge should have been resolved years ago but she can't keep it together long enough to complete her sentence of probation!

1243 days ago


*Poster Michael Ayton writes:

"I'm glad she had her charge reduced. Give her a chance and we all make mistakes. She is picked on by people who are trying to make a name for themselves.

And anyone who does not like it, is just jealous. You should be so lucky! Be happy for her."


Michael...You CAN'T be serious! First off...HOW MANY CHANCES has this gal been given already?? NUMEROUS!! You're mindset is that of an enabler.

Secondly...WHO could ever be jealous of Lindsay Lohan?? She's a tortured soul; an empty shell of a person that just cannot act civil in our society...She's an alcoholic, a cocaine/pain pill/amphetamine addict, a violent person -- and she's so oblivious to logic that's she's at the point where she's a HAZARD to herself and others! Not good...Michael...not good.

1243 days ago


Some of these comments are ignorant, crazy, or both. She is not getting special treatment. As one with legal experience,I can say that she is being treated like everyone else. She nay indeed be guilty but the prosecutor is overreaching for her own perhaps political purpose

1243 days ago


waiting for white oprah to bust into the court room dressed as mary magdalene and declare that today is the day justice has been crucified!

1243 days ago


@ Michael Ayton

You said in your comment "You should be so lucky"....

Well, most of us (certainly not I) are not the position where we are standing before a judge every six months like Lindsay Lohan is...Therefore, we don't need that type of luck to begin with!


1243 days ago


It's good to be Lilo today...

1243 days ago

London Bloke    

So what happens now? And did she get found to be in violation of her probation??

Befuddling situation eh?

1243 days ago

London Bloke    

"pk" - You really think it's good to be this lady??

I doubt that Miss Lohan is a happy person - deep down inside...Only a miserable person goes out and creates this type of perpetual trouble.

1243 days ago


Just look at this blog - When punk celebrities push three wars off the front page you know we are way wrong in out ideals.

This show is all by design and fills the theater every time -

This is the modern day equivalent of the Romans giving the masses cheap Bread and circus attractions to pacify and distract citizens from the current state of affairs.

This is Lindsay overload to the point people stop looking.THEIR plan?

1243 days ago
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