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Lindsay Lohan -- Bailed Outta Lynwood ... Again

4/23/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked through her own personal revolving door -- the exit way at Lynwood Correctional Facility -- after a bondsman put up the cash to spring her.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's website ... LiLo was in custody for almost five hours and her bail was set at $75,000.

Lindsay rode out in a black SUV, with a Sheriff's vehicle leading the way.



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And all of you "haters" that are going on about her being rich and blah blah. SO WHAT? She was an actress and she got PAID for it. SO WHAT IF SHE HAS money? Are you that unbelievably jealous that she is wealthy that you wish bad things on her? Would you make the same assumption about crime and a poor person? Isn't that stereotypical? To say that because of a person is raised in lower poverty or doesn't have any money that they are more likely to steal or commit a crime?? So, just because a person is wealthy or has money, then they cant learn life lessons? EVERYBODY IN LOS ANGELES only serves 10% of their jail time. NOT just her. But she shouldn't even BE in jail. LOOK at the world around you and at the REAL stuff going on. This whole entire media spectical is BS and a mere distraction. THERE ARE IMPORTANT THINGS HAPPENING IN YOUR WORLD. Why even CARE about this stupid case?

Americans are stupid and we deserve ever messed up thing that happens to us...SO EASILY distracted by NONSENSE. Pull your heads out of your asses!!


1281 days ago


That lesbian magazine is going to have a new article

"The Five Fab Felony Fugly Mugly Shots of Lindsay, Aint she a Hot Prison Beotch"

1281 days ago


Bet this time through Lynnwood didn't even phase her. What a badass she is. $75K bond a black SUV and police escort! :)

If i recall back when Linds was bailing out after Cannes, SUGE KNIGHT was arrested for fleeing police in his truck during a chase, driving suspended AND possession of a hand gun. And his bail was STILL set at less then Lindsay's was for missing her court date, or even now too. Freakin' hilarious! CA thinks Lindsay is a greater risk then SUGE KNIGHT.

1281 days ago


She needs to sit in jail so she can ACTUALLY learn her lesson.

1281 days ago


my God all you people crying haters need to grow up. most people don't hate they just think she's a moron who deserves to get punished. i realize it's the day and age where mommy and daddy tell you that if someone doesn't like you it's because they are jealous - but good grief how old are all of you, 8? at some point in life you are responsible for your own doings- lohan isn't a child anymore and should be held accountable.

1281 days ago


A police escort? I wonder if she has to pay for that or the taxpayers of LA County will pay for that.

1281 days ago


Look out....ATTACK OF THE ENABLERS. It's astounding that you don't see that this woman is a criminal. And to sit there and pull a Lohan by attempting to divert the attention onto another known criminal, makes you look stupid.

Yes Suge is a criminal and should be in jail, however that doesn't make Lindsay a model citizen. By the way, excuses are for LOSERS. So quit making them for this little brat, it's because she's always gotten off scott free (or almost) that she hasn't learned her lesson.

1281 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I think many will disagree with me on both sides, but I like the outcome of yesterday.

I think Judge Sautner cut Lindsay a HUGE break yesterday when she reduced her charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. Although the judge said her crime warranted a felony (IMO it does), she allowed the reduction. This leaves Miss Lohan in the position to plea deal for time served....that sort of thing, and possibly put this incident to rest for her.

As for the probation violation, that is where I think Judge Sautner showed the most savvy. This was Lindsay's third violation and thus was a REVOCATION of her probation. This is a failure on her part to complete the probation, and that is a serious matter. A sentence of 120 days in jail would be standard, but in LA it means just a few actual days behind bars.

I am a supporter of treatment rather than jail. Lindsay has been offered this option more than once. But after being given this option, and actually reaching the revocation point I think a few days in jail is warranted. It is days not months.

I believe the community service is an awesome idea for Lindsay!
She has been to treatment many times, and she is no different than other people. It takes the AVERAGE ADDICT 5+ times in rehab to STAY SOBER. Lindsay is not stupid. She has been given the pieces of the puzzle, she just needs to be able to assemble them. I love the idea of a 9-5, 40 hour workweek for a few months to help her. I think her progress with the revocation of her probation will greatly affect the outcome of her misdemeanor theft charge.

I support Lindsay in recovery one thousand percent.

1281 days ago


Lindsay may have gotten out of jail AGAIN but she has to start her MANY hours of community service right now.

I'm sure TMZ will have lots of good story posts about Lindsay working at LA homeless shelters for women and at the city morgue. Hopefully, the community service people will make Lindsay do the most nasty, gross jobs that they can give her. Maybe Lindsay will be mopping up blood at the morgue or wheeling dead bodies around on stretchers.

Lindsay needs to see what happens to the people that have major accidents when driving drunk. She needs to see a bunch of dead bodies of people who overdosed on prescription or street drugs.

No doubt, Lindsay won't be having a lot of party, party fun in the next few months. Sorry Lindsay. You EARNED IT.

One of these days Lindsay is going to realize that the law really DOES apply to her and all the rest of the rich, famous, super pampered Hollywood stars.

1281 days ago


"Rachel" I am actually not a LiLO fan so to speak. I said that yes at one point she did do some bad things. But i'm sorry I don't suffer from tunnel vision and I can see what's really going on here. Any idiot can see that those jewelry shop owners are looking for free publicity. The case is a joke

As far as haters. YES. HATERS. Because it's ok to have a valid opinion on something and express it. But all of these people saying "Bitch needs to learn a lesson" "Bitch thinks shes all that because she has money", well do you know this "bitch"? All that people see is what the media is feeding them. I bet NOBODY knows about all of the charities that Lindsay donates to on a regular basis. Or how active she is with the Aids foundation.

of course not.

It's B.S.

Hating someone and saying they should have "harsh" punishment to be taught a lesson just because they have money is = haterism.

Stop believing all the BS you read on Tmz and know facts.

Lindsay Lohan screwed up before. But she did what she had to do. She doesn't use drugs (passed all of the tests) she doesn't drink and she's trying to turn her life around... The media can't have that. Lindsay didn't steal that necklace...

1281 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan: sentenced to the morgue and Skid Row"

1281 days ago


I agree with you too, Grandma. I also think the community service is a good thing.

1281 days ago


"ernie 10 hours ago
Jesus ... thank you for doing whatever it takes to save this troubled young girl."

Wow, just wow. You can't even give thanks to Jesus without making a public statement out of it.



I mean really, do you think Jesus reads TMZ? Or are you just a conceited bastard that wears his religion on his sleeve all of the time? (answer: yes)

1281 days ago


@ Grandma Cracker. I'm with you. I do thik myself that she need s acomplete mental health evalution.

Lindsay is an opportunist. Being an labelled an addict got her out of personal resposibility and jail time. I don't doubt that she has used drugs and alchohol to manage herself, but there's something deeper. Why does a wealthy sober person steal things? She will have to face the consequences, though.

1281 days ago

Clone Wars    

Yahoo yesterday had a front-page article on Lindsay. Apparently her antics have not left an endearing mark on her so-called endless fans. 29,000 comments and climbing and most are not pro-Lindsay.

Seems to most of us that although Lindsay may have figured out various methods to reduce her sentence, etc, but have yet to realize the general public doesn't approve and they're the ones who buy movie tickets.


1281 days ago
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