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Lindsay Lohan -- Bailed Outta Lynwood ... Again

4/23/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just walked through her own personal revolving door -- the exit way at Lynwood Correctional Facility -- after a bondsman put up the cash to spring her.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department's website ... LiLo was in custody for almost five hours and her bail was set at $75,000.

Lindsay rode out in a black SUV, with a Sheriff's vehicle leading the way.



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Please do call Judge Sautner about this. She flat out said she earned a felony but dropped it to a misdemanor.

One more thing Lindsay, Dina, Nicole, whoever is reading this and can talk to Lindsay. I had to do a 120 hour stint of community service in lieu of 5 days in county. 120 hours was a pain, so much so that at one point I wished I would have taken the 5 days in jail. BUT washing dishes and serving meals, etc, really just having a lesson learned has dramatically turned my life around. But then again, I don't have the mindset of Lindsay. Remember what a trainwreck Nicole Richie was on? Finally driving the wrong way down the freeway. How could she follow her you just can't complete anything that was asked of you? That's why Nicole went on with her life and you're still stuck in the system. Good luck girl.

1242 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Nicole, What are the consequences for a V V O P??? Several people have been asking.

Or does anyone else no

1242 days ago


Rocky about an hour ago

When this whole thing is over, she will own the jewelry store, morgue, and necklace!!!!!

This is far from "celebrity justice", if you had the same means as her and weren't in Hollywood, this still would be way over the top!!

Hey haters, would you mind telling us "how well" rehabs and jail work for "treating" problems??

Jails are not for treating druggie paid sluts like lindsay lohan
They are for punishing repeating offenders like lindsay lohan..

1242 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Sean, I love your avitar!

1242 days ago


To be among the privilege you have to have MONEY and be a WOMEN period.

1242 days ago


BRW - I get all sorts of message boxes when I try to get back into the chatroom. Were you actually in there?

And to those asking why she was able to bail out last night, she was sentenced to jail and community service and her atty appealed the sentence (not that it was a probation violation). You can bail out while you wait for another hearing on whether the sentence stands or not. If it stands, off to jail she goes. If not, no jail. The community service is non-negotiable, so she will need to do this to fulfill her sentence regardless of the verdict of the appeal.

1242 days ago



A VVOP - LOL. I can see it now. "Dateline 2020 - Troubled former child starlet Lindsay Lohan was sentenced today to 480 more hours of community service for her VVVVVVVVVVOP."

1242 days ago


My God give this girl a break let her live her life.She needs to get the hell out of LA. She needs to move back to New York.All you people with your comments of hate she grow up.The DA should go after the real criminals in LA its clear she has an agenda. God Bless Lindsay Lohan and all the haters on here.

No matter where she goes her life will be the same. She is to blame for this mess, not Los Angeles, New York or Paris. She has to change in order for her life to improve, not the location!

1242 days ago



Lindsay cannot get out of LA. Not yet. She has to serve in Lynwood and perform 480 hours of community service in LA County (sentence on appeal).
Then there is the small matter of being the defendant again in a criminal trial.
Then there is the small matter of being the defendant in a "battery and unlawful imprisonment" lawsuit.

That IS her life. She will get on with it.

1242 days ago


Rocky about an hour ago

OK, I guess you were referring to somebody else, my bad. I cant get into the chat room today?? How are you?
Rocky=tony jonestown and he got confused which *sock puppet persona* you ran out of the chat room...ha ha to funny where is your lover tony baja and ernie??

1242 days ago


VVOP reminds me of Rachel Ray and her EVOO.

1242 days ago


@ LieHoShouldBeInJail

I agree with you, I was just responding to somebody.. So now she was bailed out she has to perform 480 hours of comunity service? Let's see how that goes!! Even though I believe she should be locked up in jail and ignored until she does ALL of her time..

1242 days ago


Blood red..which one .I kinda use them as "aides"

a picture is worth a thousand words..THEY say ?

This one is me and my B.U.D.S playing @ the beach...

1242 days ago

Who Farted    

So if Lindsay is foung guilty, would Kamofie then have claim to a civil suit????

1242 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Lindsay Lohan just can't catch a break. Just when it seemed as though the troubled former Disney starlet was finally getting herself together by snagging a role in the new film Gotti: Three Generations, up pops her daddy dearest to embarrass her.
Buy Lindsay Lohan's dad!
Sick Sick Sick Man!What a F*A*G*

1242 days ago
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