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Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to JAIL!!!

4/22/2011 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner just threw the book at Lindsay Lohan for her probation violation, sentencing her to 120 days in county jail!!!

Lindsay Lohan Jail

Lindsay has been remanded into custody and taken to the basement of the courthouse for booking.  Lindsay's lawyer has said she'll appeal, which means Lindsay is entitled to post bail.

Lohan was also ordered to complete 480 hours of community service -- 360 of those hours must be performed at the Downtown Women's Center, so Lindsay can see how needy women have to live.  The remaining 120 hours will be served at the L.A. County morgue.

Judge Sautner explained that Lindsay should have called the store and notified the owners about the necklace sooner.  She waited several weeks and returned the necklace after finding out the cops were about to raid her house.

Sautner seemed influenced by the surveillance video, which she saw for the first time in court today.  Sautner agreed with Danette Meyers, who argued Lindsay used her friend Patrick as a decoy to distract the clerk.


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How much was that necklace worth?! Tell me that anyone else that wasn't rich would not have been convicted of grand theft felony charges. She just might find some jailhouse lovers in her 120 day stay. Then again, she'll probably like it given she's from Hollywood...

1286 days ago

Dorothy Williams    

120 days = 1 small week. The witch was on probation by God, and she only gets 120 days which could really amount to 3 days. Easy and lax Rules for the sick stupid celebs and strict rules for us. I am sick to death of celebrities.

1286 days ago


Once again, most of you high school drop-outs, declare your knowledge of LAW and simply put your hatred for someone you do NOT know ahead of the law. Just remember, when you get accused of a crime and they throw the book at you, don't be sad or angry, simply remember that your king (I mean judge), probably had a bad day and took it out on you. A judge should judge and NOT allow their personal feelings towards a defendant, make an incorrect decision for them. I'm done trying to make you understand that this great country, which has the best judicial system, has several major flaws, one of which gives too much power to the one with the robe. That very same person who takes an oath to be impartial and fair. HA! Most judges do the complete opposite, they take personal feelings and use them; (and guess what - we are all HUMAN and cannot help being human), which is the antithesis of what a judge takes an oath to do). You all get it now? I hope so, I'm outta here....

1286 days ago


This proves that if you live in California and are a "celebrity" you can get away with anything. California should break off from the rest of the United States and float away. This idiot needs to go to jail for a long stint, but as long as the enablers in the judicial system worship the celebrities I won't hold my breath.

1286 days ago


Yeah, she needs some hard time to scare her straight... on the other hand, she's still hot and I'd love to give her something else hard and straight :-P

1286 days ago


She is doing this stuff for a thrill, That is it.
Keep her busy with acting ect. She will be fine.
Jail isnt going to cure her. I think she will get more from the community service.

1286 days ago


I thought she posted bail right away and is out while her attorney appeals.
She won't serve anytime. They already dropped the charge to a misdemeanor.

1286 days ago


Yes, this event was long time in coming. This sentence should serve as a wake-up call to all the 'stars' who think they can flout the rule of law and skate, allowing their fat, dumb and happy enabling fans to continue to live vicarious lives through their exploits.

Good riddance, for as long as is necessary to penetrate he vapid skull.

1286 days ago


This isnt about her, its about the PAY TO PLAY LEGAL SYSTEM and CORRUPT JUDGES

She needs a good spanking. Ill voulenteer...

1286 days ago


Who is Lindsay Lohan ? sounds like she stole something and is doing a light sentence...

1286 days ago


Thank god we finally closed that case.

Now lets get to the issue:

Why did WTC 7 building collapse on 9/11 at free fall speed when it was not hit by a plane?

Or you worthless, mindless, sheep can continue to investigate whether Miley was wearing panties under her dress last night.

How about you sheep wake up and realize that Lindsay is the news.

The news is that 9/11 was an inside job. And it is not just me, some "radical" crazy "conspiracy theorist". It is the victims of 9/11 too.

1286 days ago


Stop being distracted by the Main Stream Media owned by Corporations.

Lindsay is not the news.


Please, I am begging. WAKE UP

1286 days ago

mad dog mulligan    

thank you jesus!

1286 days ago


The punitive measures suggested for Ms. Lohan would probably save her life. Working in a morgue, let alone being among the not-so-rich and famous, would show her that the world doesn't revolve around her and her A-List pals. If she keeps getting off the hook, there's no hope for her.

1286 days ago


This is all a guilty before proven innocent bunch of crap. That judge already has her verdict as guilty and is clearly not impartial. Lindsay never had a chance to be INNOCENT before guilty in this whole case, like it's supposed to be. You people are so quick to judge her as if none of you ever made mistakes. It's not like she committed a violent crime. This is all misdemeanor stuff. What if YOUR kid was in trouble like this? She's got obvious mental health issues and is a drug addict and alcoholic. She's not blameless but she is not some crazy psycho murdering career criminal like you all make her out to be. They need to ask for a different judge on this case if that's possible. Seems like women judges have it out for Lindsay starting with that Marsha Revel idiot who was called out for being corrupt. Same with this judge. This is a witch hunt led by that DA Danette. I believe that Danette Meyers wants Lindsay's head on a pike and will not rest until it's done. Maybe Danette needs to focus her attention on prosecuting rapists and child molesters and murderers not troubled women on DUI probation.

1286 days ago
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