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Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to JAIL!!!

4/22/2011 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner just threw the book at Lindsay Lohan for her probation violation, sentencing her to 120 days in county jail!!!

Lindsay Lohan Jail

Lindsay has been remanded into custody and taken to the basement of the courthouse for booking.  Lindsay's lawyer has said she'll appeal, which means Lindsay is entitled to post bail.

Lohan was also ordered to complete 480 hours of community service -- 360 of those hours must be performed at the Downtown Women's Center, so Lindsay can see how needy women have to live.  The remaining 120 hours will be served at the L.A. County morgue.

Judge Sautner explained that Lindsay should have called the store and notified the owners about the necklace sooner.  She waited several weeks and returned the necklace after finding out the cops were about to raid her house.

Sautner seemed influenced by the surveillance video, which she saw for the first time in court today.  Sautner agreed with Danette Meyers, who argued Lindsay used her friend Patrick as a decoy to distract the clerk.


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Would some please shank her in prison, or give her enough drugs so she ODs? I'd love to not see this piece of trash in the news once people stop crying at her funeral.

1246 days ago

JM in San Diego CA    

"... threw the book at her" ???

Half an hour in custody is more like "threw the pamphlet at her."

1246 days ago


: Get a life you freaks . Who gives a s@@# about the girl . Leave Her alone - The owner of TMZ is a creepy freak :

1246 days ago


At the morgue, she'll have easier access to stealing jewelry off of dead people. This judge should be canned! Probation violators never get off that easily ~ is there money being passed under the bench? Shouldn't we all have equal treatment under the law? May as well be a crooked politician...

1246 days ago

alfred e. neuman    

WHO? Didn't she play Mary Ann on Gilligans Island?

1246 days ago


Repeated violations of the law, breaking probation, stealing a necklace, and getting 120 days (of which she'll actually serve maybe a quarter) this is "throwing the book" at her?

Give me a break! If she hadn't gotten off scot-free so many times before, and had done some actual jail time,m she probably wouldn't have been back. You're doing no one a favor when you let them go with a warning time and time again; it just encourages more and worse offenses. Then again, the California penal system has never learned that lesson with any other juvenile delinquent, so why should they with her?

1246 days ago


sentence her to spend 120 days with me. i will spank her and handcuff her too, just to make all you haters happy.

1246 days ago

Not Surprised    

I hope they keep her staring at mutilated corpses for all 120 days.
She should see her future up close and personal.
We already know she's too stupid to live.

1246 days ago


Glad this re-hab junkie is FINALLY being treated as ANYONE else would be treated...She is really a pathetic case..

1246 days ago


It's All Bull S@it!! If She were a cracked up Hose spreadin the clap & Stealin Wine, she be walking the streets yesterday.
This courts have it out for the white women!!

1246 days ago


Lindsay, Lindsay!!!
Lindsay will deal really long time with court hearing this year, that's all it's bin happening with her.. I don't understand why would she steal $2,500 necklace, doesn't she have the money to buy one. :P It doesn't help when Lindsay is always heading to Jail or rehab, stupid, that's where she doesn't need to go, Jail isn't helping to clean out her act.

1246 days ago

Fanny Forbes Franklen    

"The law does not pretend to punish everything that is dishonest. That would seriously interfere with business." ~ Clarence Darrow


1246 days ago

Fanny Forbes Franklen    

Crime, like virtue, has its degrees.
- Racine ------

1246 days ago


Who really gives a rat's azz about Lindsey Lohan?

1246 days ago


L A is a funny place in the justice department

1246 days ago
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