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Judge Rules Lindsay Lohan Violated Probation

4/22/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan violated her probation by allegedly stealing a necklace, Judge Stephanie Sautner just ruled.


The judge ordered Lindsay to stand trial for theft, but reduced the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Although Judge Sautner found Lindsay in violation of probation, she will not go to jail now.  The penalty will be determined after the verdict in the trial.



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Celebrity justice. This is why this woman (she is NOT a child!!)
thinks she is entitled. She breaks the law numerous times and
floats above it all like the other starlets who have walked this
path. In my next life I want to come back as an entitled startlet!!! I can throw my money and position and remain above the law.

1249 days ago


TO: Steve who wrote:
“She's guilty. No matter what the ruling eventually turns out to be.”


Of course she is, there is no real question about guilt – she had store property that she didn’t pay for, there’s only one thing you CAN call that: Theft.
O.J. Simpson was guilty as sin and they let him walk too.
Not to worry, Lindsay’s crime spree is just beginning.

1249 days ago


So she violated parole because she was accused? Seems to me more of a case of extortion 21 century style. The store owner sold the tape profited handsomely how easy is that. Now its a lesser charge with a jury I bet they see it the same. She walks then goes to jail because she was accused. something wrong with our legal system, innocent until proven guilty must not apply to this young lady.

1249 days ago


Lilo wears a big dil do, she just screwed over the CA justice system - time for an eightball!

1249 days ago


Celebrity justice is aliveand thriving. Nice for the people of California to see their taxe dollars paying the bill to keep Lindsanity out of jail.

1249 days ago


You all sound like a bunch of jealous school children..."crucify her, crucify her". I could see if she was doing nothing to amend her ways, but lets be honest here, this person is really trying to turn things around. Her douche bag parents were nothing to look up to and Lindsay has been paying their mortgage since she was a teen. The father is disgusting, inside and out a real nut job and the definitive creepy, creepy is as creepy does.
Lindsay made mistakes and she will face the consequences, but you freaks wanting to see her burned at the stake need to see the issues you obviously harbor within yourself.
pathetic...*shakes head*
You're probably the same lot that worships that gorilla michael vick, oh oh and I bet you , none of you were complete angels when you were in your late teens and early twenties, yeah right, the only difference is, you didn't get caught.
Keep throwing stones at glass houses, I'm sure when there comes a time where you are in a situation where you are to be judged, I hope you receive the same exact treatment as the what you are spewing out of your computers now.

1249 days ago


Just a thought... If I was the prosecutor for this case I would go thru every person who has faced this Judge and find all those cases that were the same or less and see how this Judge actually did handle those cases and then I would demand a new Judge. You can't tell me that if some less fortunate person was to have done the same thing that this Judge would not have locked them up 3 months ago. Also, I was really excited for this Gotti but after this I will not be purchasing a ticket. I will not support her in anyway.

1249 days ago


TO: Steve who wrote:
“So she violated parole because she was accused?...”


No Steve: All the judge had to determine was that the “likelihood” exits that Lindsay probably did do it. There will still be a (kangaroo) trial.

1249 days ago


TO: george fudge! Who wrote:
“California, do the job properly and put this skank in jail; stop looking like a joke legal system in the eyes of the rest of the U.S. and world.”


Our jails are so overcrowded there’s actually no room to put celebrities.
All the nice cells are already taken.

1249 days ago


She needs to get duck lips implanted on her tits, that would make her about perfect.

1249 days ago


TO: TRUTH who wrote:
“… I could see if she was doing nothing to amend her ways, but lets be honest here, this person is really trying to turn things around…”


Oh please, if she was trying to turn things around she would have never moved next door to Sam Ronson.

Tell us, exactly how hard is it to NOT steal jewelry from a jewelry store?
How hard is it to NOT get drunk and drive? Calling a limo (or even a taxi) sounds pretty darn easy to me, instead of taking your car and crashing it every weekend.

Tell us, just how hard is to NOT break the law?

1249 days ago


This is crazy - why are we even still seeing LL - I don't want to see anything she is in... Iam sooo tired of her and how easy she gets off here.... enough already - I agree with the others - boycott her movies or shows.... enough already... anyone else would have been in jail by now..

1249 days ago


This judge is horny for Lindsay.

1249 days ago


Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers will be appealing Judge Stephanie Sautner's decision Friday to reduce Lindsay Lohan's grand theft charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.

During a brief recess, the powerhouse DA told RadarOnline exclusively: "Yes, I will be appealing the ruling. We will ask our appellate division to appeal."

It was a major victory for Lindsay to have the charge reduced from a felony to misdemeanor. She now will not be facing jail time in a state prison if convicted, instead she will be sentenced to county - a softer option.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that Lindsay did violate her probation though and has set the next pretrial hearing for May 11 and the trial date for June 3, 2011 - and Lindsay must appear in court for both.

1249 days ago

Yeti Lee    

Good job TMZ you nailed the story correctly. What was that part about her being sentenced after the trial? Guess the judge doesn't read TMZ and got it wrong.

1249 days ago
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