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Arnie Klein -- My Buddy Was Not Michael's Lover

4/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein -- the dermatologist who loomed large in Michael Jackson's life -- has now changed his story and says his good friend and office manager -- Jason Pfeiffer -- did NOT have an affair with Michael Jackson.


Klein had told TMZ ... Jackson was gay but that Jason's alleged relationship with the singer was the only gay relationship MJ ever had.  Klein told us Jason was "the love of [Michael's] life."

But now on his Facebook page, Klein says "Allegations about ... Jason being Michael Jackson's lover are ridiculous.  That story was made up ... "

Klein also scoffs at allegations he contributed to MJ's death, saying, "I made two interventions on Michael's Propofol Abuse myself ..."


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Hey Mymjj5, planting evidence is just too convenient an excuse and too copy cat from OJ case, remember the gloves? They don't fit and they must acquit, because they were planted? LOL.

Let's try use this argument:

Well, MJ was known to like to collect semen samples from all healthy looking males, for sperms of his future kids, right? So it is not surprising at all to have semen stains on his mattress, right. Roflmao!

I am waiting for the trial too, I wonder if the autopsy will show that there was semen fond in his stomach. Well if there is, no worries, it must be planted too.

1213 days ago


jackson risked mj kids' safety when he brought the criminals home again.
he didn't care after welcoming murray every night for deadly injections.
he taunted sneddon in both a song and a concert; he accused the police of assaulting him and shouting insults in a dung filled bathroom.
mj was happy + whistling when he was recorded in the police car. he was lucky when the police chief withdrew his threat to sue jackson after that accusation.
mj chose to say again that it was ok to sleep in the kids' bed
what did you expect him to deal with?
why didn't mj show the media, judge and police the videos of janet arvizo, gavin and bashir praising his personality?
he believed he was so genius and invincible.

1213 days ago


-Hey Nan, thanks so much for getting back to me on this! I know you're always right on point when it comes to this and other details of Michael's legal troubles. Now that you mention it, I think you're right about the 2003 raid being a surprise. I remember because Michael was in the middle of shooting "One More Chance", and had to stop because of the raid. As I said many times, the allegations/trial aren't my strongsuit.
As for the girl who alerted Jermy about the Power of Attorney, so glad she was there--no telling WHAT the Germans would've done if they had kept it. Question is, if they had it for a week, I wonder how much DAMAGE they did during that period....
As for Jermy, he was the HERO of that hour, which is probably why Michael trusted him and allowed him to hook him up with Tohme. But tell me this: What made the girl call Jermy as opposed to the other siblings? I know she wasw one of the Lawyer's girlfriends, but is it possible that she KNEW Jermy and this whole thing was setup for him to get back in Michael's good graces? I know, I have a SUSPICIOUS mind, but I can't help it. It just seems very odd to me that the girl would be hired--by the Lawyers, then turn around and rat them out....SHADY...
And that Conspiracy thing was really WHACK, IMO. But then again, that may have been one of the few things Sneddon had right because I do believe that the Germans conspired with others to take Michael down--just the fact that Weisner got his P of A tells me he had a Major SCHEME going on. Mezz may be right that Sneddon was trying to keep Michael's Insiders away, but I still think he and the Germans may have had some sort of agreement to protect them from going down with Michael...
BTW: I keep remembering about that woman who ran Neverland--she was primarily in charge of the Parents and Children who came there. I know she fled the country before the Trial, but I still wonder why....IMO, her testimony could've cleared up some of the stigma surrounding the Neverland visits, but once she ran it made it seem that she didn't want to have to say something incriminating. And I wonder if Sneddon or the Germans may have "encouraged" her to run in order to leave Michael hanging. Wonder where she is now and how she feels about her part in that fiasco....
-Hey Ulja!
-Hey Mymjj5! I think the DNA was planted too and clearly the court didn't buy it because they granted Messereau's motion to SQUASH it. As you posted before, the DNA being there is NO PROOF that Michael was in bed at the same time as they were, AND the doc didn't specify WHAT KIND of DNA was on the sheet and Mattress....
Here's the thing, if it were proved that he was gay, I wouldn't be happy, but I'd STILL love him. I don't support any kind of sexuality but HETERO....
Michael was asked if he were gay many times and he even stated that he UNDERSTOOD why people thought that way about him, but he emphatically stated he was NOT! I know most people tend to think that he was too strict from his JW upbringing to ever ADMIT if he was gay, or that he didn't want it to ruin his rep, but in the latter years of his life, I don't think he was as worried about what "people" thought--especially in this country, and they had already done so much to TRASH his rep that I think he had risen above that. I don't think he worried about anything but PPB until he started planning the 02 Concerts again.....
No Peace till Justice!

1213 days ago


Cherwood 3 days ago
The KLEIN Conspiracy III - Pt. 2......
-Ric and Guest, Here's the thing, if you review the doc again it simply states that they found the DNA of four males on SHEETS, but it doesn't say if they were on the bed at the same time. It also says that one of the males was Michael, but NONE of them were the so-called VICTIMS, Gavin and Star Arviso.....
Listen, we all took our Sex Ed. in jr.high so we know that there doesn't have to be Intercourse taking place for there to be soiled sheets....things happen at night without any prompting from another partner, or even from the guy himself for that get the drill. Semen on a sheet doesn't mean that Intercourse took place....
IMO, if this was what you and Black thought it was, I agree that it would be damning evidence. But clearly it wasn't because this doc is a list of the Motions the defense made to keep certain allegations against Michael and his lawyers out of the trial. I'm sure the court must have checked the VALIDITY of these claims before shutting them down. If it had been found that Michael and another male's DNA was found on the SAME SHEET, I'm sure they would've allowed it as evidence but they didn't. If you read the rest of the doc, you also see that they found a pair of his underwear with the sheets, and they were soiled with blood and had COCAINE in them. Funny that they tested and found no Cocaine in that blood. The Doc went on to state that the Meds Michael takes for Vitiligo causes him to "dispense blood." Clearly the court shared my thoughts that this was evidence of CONTAMINATION....HOW DID THE COCAINE GET IN HIS UNDERWEAR, if it wasn't in his blood? This is one of the many reasons why this case failed--first of all, it wasn't the truth, but also there's the fact that Sneddon was determined to nail Michael one way or the other. Who's to say he didn't manufacture the sheets with DNA from the other males? This was clearly Sneddon at his WORST, attempting to piece together a case that was DOOMED before it even started....
Thanks for providing this link because it helped me to see that I had overlooked a few things on this case. Now I realize that the only thing that saved Michael from Prison was his innocence and having the BEST CRIMINAL ATTORNEY IN THE COUNTRY--MESSEREAU!!
-Hey Sofi! I know what you mean. I've also seen and read Interviews with Klein that were all positive, but at about that point when he gave TMZ the Interview about "peeing in cups", something changed....not sure what, but I thought it may have been his way of trying to let the Estate or family know that he may have damaging things to say about Michael in order to get money from them. He seemed determined back then to connect himself to Michael in some way and half the time he looked like he was on drugs or something.....
The whole thing with Klein is hard to figure because if he was as big of a jerk as he appears to be, I'm not sure why Michael stayed friends with him. Then again, I don't think he had been involved with Michael all that much in the later years until Spring of 2009 when he started working to restore his face.....
As for TMZ, I don't trust them anymore than I do Klein, so there's a chance that they misquoted him but I still think he and that Jason LIED to TMZ and the other news outlets and that's why the 2nd part of that Exclusive Jason was supposed to get on that TV Tabloid got pulled....even THEY thought he and Klein were full of it. It never ceases to AMAZE me that even in this day and age where you see Gays all over TV, people still use it for SHOCK VALUE....a man is different and doesn't sleep with every woman he meets so automatically, he's gay....Oye.
-Hey Moni! Thanks for pointing that out. I also think that if it were actually Semen, they would've said semen which would be a clearer connection to their case that he shared his bed.....
-CJ, c'mon now...we're not going to take the word of a blog, that's just someone's OPINION--the same as anyone on these boards. Give me a break!
-Hey Mymjj5, great job shutting down the DEMONS....GON' GIRL!
-Hey Chico, EXCELLENT POST!! And you brought up a point that Sofi and I were discussing on another thread--I questioned if anyone knew if Michael was ever asked if the Mags found in that Briefcase was his. How do we KNOW if that question never came up? It's ASSumed that the books and Mags were his because they were found in his home, but if he and his people knew about the raid, they should've gotten rid of the briefcase...
This also gives me more fuel to believe that Wiesner and Konitzer were in cahoots with Sneddon. I know they were named "Unindicted Co-conspirators", but WHY weren't they indicted? Did they work a trade with Sneddon to escape Prosecution? It was even mentioned in that doc that Weisner used to own a Brothel and he definitely STOLE from Michael...who knows what else he was capable of? I wish they would've taken samples of Weisnr and Konitzer's they would've matched the ones on those sheets....
-Guest, please stop LYING to prove your point, it'll never work. The docs you provided stated simply that 1 DNA that wasn't Michael's was found on some sheets in a bag with the underwear, the other 3 DNA's were found on the Mattress--it said NOTHING about a Mattress pad....
The doc also stated that there was COCAINE and BLOOD found in the underwear, which belonged tro Michael. However, when tested, there was No Cocaine found in that NEVER mentioned DEMEROL...
If you got those LIES from that blog, that is nothing but HEARSAY that wasn't even credible enough to make the TABLOIDS....try, try again....
As for the other blogs on the SBC website, they're all from Sneddon's TWISTED MIND. They are his motions and rebuttal of the defense's motions so of course, they point out crap like the rantings of a pre-adolescent child....c'mon now, Michael was mentoring those boys--as you can see, most of them went into music or dance. Maybe the Cascio girl wasn't included because of that. I doubt if you asked her now if she thought anything weird was going on, she'd say yes. Every girl goes through that phase where any HINT of rejection becomes the BAIN of their existence, even if there's NO TRUTH to it whatsoever. Michael looked on the Cascios as his 2nd family so I'm sure he loved her too, but knew not to include her because she was a girl. I know there were girls who stayed over--even high profile ones like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and the Kardashians. It's just funny how noone but the Arvisos, Francias and Chandlers were abused by him--all people who were PROVEN to have been con-artists on other occasions....
BTW: You want to talk about worship a flawed human being? Well IMO you are worshipping at the altar of HATE by taking GOSSIP and adding more lies to it. And for the record let me tell you what I've told the rest of the Demons on these boards:
THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD--JESUS, and we must worship HIM AND HIM ALONE!! IMO, you and your ilk are the ones who may have worshipped Michael but when he began to get bad Press, you felt betrayed by him and turned to HATE! You, Ric, AQ, Tellit and many others on these boards act just like a little child who just found out there's no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy....GET OVER IT and GET A LIFE!!
Michael was a Man--a VERY GIFTED one, but a man and he acknowledged that his gifts came from God on many occasions. So do us a favor and find a new axe to grind. Just because we Supporters are smart enought to recognize GENIUS when we see it doesn't make us idol worshippers, it make us HIGHLY INTELLIGENT....
-Hey Mymjj5! You know how these DEMONS are, they'll say ANYTHING to prove their point. The Court Doc said NOTHING about the sheets being from a "recent trip he had taken"....WHAT?! This idiot got hold of some Blog written by an even BIGGER IDIOT than him and now he's regurgitating this CRAP! Wonder what else he's going to add to the story....somebody's nose is a FOOT LONG by now....
-Ulja, great post! And I think we need to excuse this "Guest" character. Why does he think he knows Michael anymore than you? Everything you said was valid and doesn't requiring knowing him personally....
You can always tell when you hit a nerve with these IDIOTS because they always make a LAME attempt to say you're DELUDED or an IDOL WORSHIPPER....I guess you're only ENLIGHTENED if you HATE Michael for NO REASON like they do. That's why I call them DEMONS, because they spend all of their time spinning LIES and HATE for a man who did nothing but LOVE and GIVE himself to the world through his Music and Performances....
-Hey Nan! I was looking for you on the other board to ask if you remember hearing or reading that anyone ever asked Michael if the Mags or briefcase belonged to him. As Chico stated, if they knew about the raid, then why didn't someone in his camp remove said briefcase and books? Also, I highly suspect Wiesner, Konitzer or Schaffel may have played a part in this including that crap about the sheet/mattress/underwear/cocaine. Wouldn't put it past any of them....

No Peace till Justice!


Cherwood, your strange logic doesn't make a bit of sense. Get professional help. Nobody who spins evidence this badly and still speaks of Michael as the new messiah is healthy minded.

1212 days ago


oh. my. god. thank u so much.

1212 days ago


Let's try use this argument:

Well, MJ was known to like to collect semen samples from all healthy looking males, for sperms of his future kids, right? So it is not surprising at all to have semen stains on his mattress, right. Roflmao!
I am waiting for the trial too, I wonder if the autopsy will show that there was semen fond in his stomach. Well if there is, no worries, it must be planted too.
You're an idiot. Thanks for your silly little post. It's so reflective of your true state of mind. Michael fathered his own children. Now that he's dead no one positively NO ONE has petitioned the court claiming to be the father of Michael's multi-billion dollar heirs. Again, YOU ARE an Idiot!!

1212 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: Man Caught Trying To Sell Michael Jackson's Chest X-Rays For $3KEXCLUSIVE: Man Caught Trying To Sell Michael Jackson's Chest X-Rays For $3K
Posted on Apr 06, 2011 @ 11:00AM print it send it
WENNA Las Vegas man is cashing in on Michael Jackson's death by trying to selling two X-rays the superstar had done before he died.

The man is secretly shopping the twisted piece of memorabilia for $3,000 and attempted to clinch a deal with

PHOTOS: Previously Unseen Stage Shots of Michael Jackson Performing

The X-Rays were taken when the King of Pop was suffering from pneumonia on March 26, 2007.

Jacko reportedly had them done using the alias Mike Smythe.

PHOTOS: Fans and Loved Ones Visit Forest Lawn on The Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Death

The Thriller star infamously used non-de-plumes and obtained prescriptions drugs with the use of a slew of aliases, including his personal chef, his son Prince Michael, a personal assistant, the novelist Jack London and 1930s movie actress/dancer Josephine Baker.

The date of birth listed on the X-Rays match the singer's date of birth - August 29, 1958 - has confirmed.

PHOTOS: The Name Game - Celebs Who've Changed Their Names

The X-Rays were taken at a major medical imaging center in Las Vegas, the source said.

He said the technician who took the images had kept a copy and decided to release them now that he no longer worked there.

PHOTOS: Couples We’d Like To See!

"I have two chest X-Rays in total, one forward and one lateral," the man told

"They show 'cloudiness' in Michael's chest."

PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson's House

Jackson was hospitalized in Las Vegas around the same time as the X-Rays were taken, long-time Jackson watcher Roger Friedman reported at the time.

He had fallen ill after a trip to Japan which he he apparently caught from his young children Paris and Prince.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids And Elizabeth Taylor

It's not the first time people have tried to line their pockets selling Jackson's private information and belongings.

In November, 2009, one of Jackson's most trusted bodyguards, Eric Muhammad, attempted to sell the surgical face mask the Thriller hit-maker wore the night before he died.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Family Arrives At Court

He demanded $150,000 dollars for the black mask.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009, from "lethal levels" of a powerful anesthetic, Propofol.

1211 days ago


XCLUSIVE DO***ENTS: Michael Jackson's Bankrupt Doctor Claims Business Manager Depleted His Funds By $3.2 Million EXCLUSIVE DO***ENTS: Michael Jackson's Bankrupt Doctor Claims Business Manager Depleted His Funds By $3.2 Million
Posted on Apr 06, 2011 @ 02:18PM print it send it
WENN/SplashNewsMichael Jackson’s former dermatologist, Arnold Klein, claims that an ex-business manager embezzled nearly $3.2 million from his bank account, leaving him bankrupt.

In new court do***ents exclusively obtained by, the doctor claims that “significant assets were transferred without my knowledge or consent.”

EXCLUSIVE DO***ENTS: Dr Arnold Klein Sues Former Business Manager

“Specifically, from 2008 through the end of 2010, my account at the Bank was depleted without my consent or knowledge from approximately $3.2 million to its current balance of approximately $400,” Klein said in the do***ents filed in California on April 4.

PHOTOS: Stage Shots of Michael Jackson Performing

“I intend to pursue claims against those responsible for the illegal depletion of my account at the Bank.”

The 46-year-old asked that he get access “to any and all information and do***entation in the Bank’s possession which support or are relevant” to his claims that funds were taken out by unnamed third parties.

As first reported, Klein filed for bankruptcy in January but it was revealed that he’s worth about $7,563,60...0 in assets

1211 days ago


On a different note: I have not heard anything more yet on the HLN news about whether or not Judge Pastor has agreed to allow the trial to be postponed from May until Aug. and/or Sept. So if anyone else has heard anything regarding it - please pass it on to the rest of us. I personally hope that it is not going to be postponed (again!). The Defense team has had more than enough time to collect evidence and witnesses - this is total B.S.!

1211 days ago


Hi Nan.I need your help here.Did Michael admit that the mags found in Neverland were his? If he did could you please tell me where i could find this information?

1211 days ago

Kimm R.    

Why is it that whenever there is a chance to comment, on an article, it seems that there has to be, at least, one idiot who has to post something mean and hateful? I am referring to Criss's comments from an earlier posts. Whatever demons Arnie Klein faces, whatever lies he tells, whoever he decides to slander... just remember: what goes around comes around. No matter what people think, of Michael Jackson, he did do so much good for alot of people, including thousands of sick children. Since he isn't here to continually defend himself, can't y'all just lay off of the hateful comments?

1211 days ago


Those of us that have done the research, know you were lying. You described Michael's genitals as being cir***cised when he was in fact NOT cir***cised. You had a 50/50 chance of getting it right and you GUESSED wrong. We also know that Michael did NOT settle with you, HIS insurance company did against his wishes. We also know that the settlement had NO provision stating that you could not testify in a criminal trial. You didn't want to testify because you KNEW you were LYING. That's WHY no criminal charges were EVER filed and that's why you refused to testify at the 2005 trial when asked by the DA. IF YOU THINK EVAN CARED ABOUT JORDAN – READ THIS. Facts regarding Evan’s attack on Jordan: Jordan Chandler was 26 when he filed a request for a restraining order against his father on August 5, 2005. The reason for the order was that Evan Chandler, formerly a dentist and an aspiring screenwriter.(reason for the false allegation and THE settlement), had allegedly hit Jordan over the head from behind with a twelve and a half pound weight. He’d also allegedly sprayed him in the face with mace and tried to choke him. Jordan was still living with his father at the time and were living in THE luxury apartment in New Jersey with panoramic views of Manhattan. (The same apartment where Evan was found dead, shot to death of an apparent suicide).
The case was remanded to trial by a pair of appellate judges on June 8th of that year. This followed a reversal of the restraining order by another judge who felt that Evan Chandler's actions did not represent a pattern of abuse and didn't qualify as domestic abuse. The appellate judges disagreed, reinstated the restraining order, and sent the case to trial.
These last judges sounded a little surprised in their ruling that the restraining order had been lifted in the first place. "THE JUDGE ALSO FOUND THAT THE WEIGHT COULD CAUSE SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH," THEY WROTE, INDICATING THAT THEY FELT EVAN CHANDLER MEANT TO HARM HIS SON. Prior to this, Jordan and Evan had owned a beach house together in Westhampton, New York, and had had an apartment in New York. Public records show, HOWEVER, that Jordan sold the beach house for $2.9 million in 2003.
4. Jordan bought a condo for $775,000 in West Harlem in June 2005 ONE WEEK AFTER MICHAEL JACKSON WAS ACQUITTED - AND about six weeks before Jordan accused his father of attacking him. (Interesting timing; I wonder WHAT caused Jordan to want to SUDDEDNLY move away from his father ONE WEEK after MJ’s acquittal?) At the time he PURCHASED the condon, Jordan gave a PO Box in Jersey City as his address. (I guess he didn’t want his father knowing where he lived - this was before his father attacked him.) It's only conjecture, but it’s likely that Evan Chandler-whom his brother Raymond had said in interviews was seriously ill in 2005-didn't want his son to leave him. (Interesting that even though Evan was seriously ill, Jordan decided leave him ONE week after Michael was acquitted. I wonder why?) Google the case. Where are these details in this report???

1211 days ago


Hi Cherwood
You're so right. I think we hit on this last year that Michael was well aware of how many people viewed him as being gay. This was the main reason why Michael turned down the gay lead in "A Chorus Line" and accepted the role in "The Wiz".
Michael denied being gay every chance he got and I believe him.
Sometimes I get the details mixed up but I thought Michael was not at home during the 2003 raid. As for the 1993 fiasco, the allegations were made while Michael was out of the USA in the Far East on the second leg of the Dangerous Tour. You're right about the Catholic Church in the LA area during 2003-2005. Sneddon and company did absolutly NOTHING!!! I think over 2 billion dollars has been paid out over the past 50 years for sexual abuse and child molestation cases involving catholic priests.
As for Michael being gay in the latter years, don't worry for one instant about it. Michael Jackson was straight. He loved women and women love him intimately. IMO: a lot of gay haters are on this site very mad and angry at Michael for denying a homosexual preference.........

Catholic church makes $100 mil sex abuse settlement in California
Wednesday, January 5, 2005
at 07:52 JST
LOS ANGELES — The Roman Catholic church has made a $100 million settlement with Californian victims of sexual abuse by priests who were protected by the church leadership, according to court do***ents.
The deal is the biggest made by any Roman Catholic diocese in the United States and sexual abuse victims.
Bishop Tod Brown made an apology at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday and released thousands of pages of files on the abuse by priests, nuns and lay preachers in his diocese of Orange County.
The settlement was with 90 victims who alleged abuse and lawyers said the plaintiffs were paid between $50,000 and nearly $4 million.

1211 days ago


According to HLN news yesterday - Murray's defense team has requested that the trial date be postponed from May 9 to possibly Aug. and/or Sept. in order to collect more witnesses and evidence.

Found this on the CNN news late last night:

Trial of Michael Jackson's doctor could be delayedBy Alan Duke, CNNApril 29, 2011 6:26 p.m. EDT
NEW: Dr. Murray's lawyers ask for more time to prepare for the trial
NEW: The judge will decide Monday on the request
"I fully expected that was going to happen," the judge says
The defense concern began when the judge approved prosecutors' new experts
Los Angeles (CNN) -- Defense lawyers asked for a delay in the start of Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial Friday because, they said, they need more time to answer new theories raised by the prosecution.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor scheduled a hearing for Monday morning to decide whether he will grant the continuance.

Testimony in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor has been scheduled to start on May 9, with the jury to be chosen next week.

"I'm not saying what I'm prepared to do, because I need to hear and see more information," Judge Pastor said during a Friday afternoon hearing.

The possibility of a delay was raised during a hearing Friday morning when Pastor ruled prosecutors could call new expert witnesses, including one who would testify that there was no way Jackson could have self-ingested the drug that killed him.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff said he consulted with Dr. Murray after that hearing and they agreed they needed more time to prepare their expert testimony to counter the new prosecution expert.

"This is precisely the matter I fully expected that was going to happen when the defense said it wanted to go in 60 days," Pastor said.

Murray invoked his right to a speedy trial after January's preliminary hearing in which the prosecution's expert witness admitted he made a math mistake that supported the defense theory that Jackson may have given himself the fatal dose of propofol.

Propofol is a surgical anesthetic that the Los Angeles coroner ruled killed Jackson in combination with several sedatives found in his blood.

"I actually made a mistake on that," Dr. Richard Ruffalo testified during cross-examination, referring to his calculation of the levels of propofol in Jackson's stomach fluid.

Murray's lawyers suggest a frustrated and sleepless Jackson may have poured the surgical anesthetic propofol into his juice bottle while the doctor was out of his bedroom.

A new expert approved by Judge Pastor Friday will testify that he "concludes it was impossible for Michael Jackson to orally ingest" the fatal drug, prosecutor David Walgren said.

"Super expert Dr. Ruffalo prepared a 60-page report," Defense lawyer Michael Flanagan said in court Friday. "We got ready on that, but now the trial in this case will look nothing like the preliminary. I bet you they're not going to call Ruffalo."

The prosecution said the defense is always welcome to call the former prosecution expert.

"They are not calling their original 11 experts," Flanagan said. "They've got three brand new ones, which requires us to prepare all over again for these new theories and justifications of these theories."

The new experts will present "more detailed analysis, but not a new theory," Walgren said.

Judge Pastor said there had been a "massive investment of time and money" put toward the trial and a delay might be expensive. There are 171 potential jurors already "hardship qualified" for the trial, but a delay might require them to go through the process again.


This is total B>S>!!! They have had two years to collect evidence and witnesses and such! I think that the reason that they keep wanting to postpone the trial - is because as time goes along - everyone's memory will have faded to some degree as to what happened that evening. JMO

1210 days ago


-Hey Mymjj5! You're right Michael was NOT home when the 2003 raids happened, but I stand corrected on the '93 allegations--Evan Chandler and his team first contacted Michael about the allegations to blackmail him into getting his Screenplay produced at the start of the "Dangerous" Tour. This was what more likely led him to become abusive of the Pain Meds he'd begun taking after having surgery on his scalp due to the Burns from the Pepsi Incident. As you stated, the '93 allegations were dropped on him in the middle of the "Dangerous Tour", which caused him to have a "melt down", then he went to Rehab which he got through and continued to Tour, as you know....
As for the whole gay issue, let me clarify: I was trying to say that he was no longer tied to his JW beliefsm, although I do think he maintained the strong foundation it gave him. My point was NEVER to suggest or worry about whether he had become gay in the latter years, I simply meant that it was no longer the STIGMA in society that it used to be, and since Michael already had MILLIONS of Fans around the world, I HIGHLY doubt that he would've been afraid to admit he was gay if that were the case...
Where Michael's sexuality was concerned, I've always seen him as straight. The only thing I wondered about is how long he remained a Virgin.....he gave me that vibe up until "Thriller" with those SMOKING HOT love songs like "Human Nature", and "Lady in My Life", as well as his Super ANIMALISTIC performances in the "Bad" Tour....OWWWW!!
No Peace till Justice!

1210 days ago
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