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Lindsay Lohan -- "Blindsided" By Jail Sentence

4/24/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were shocked Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail yesterday, you're not alone -- sources close to LiLo tell us no one was more shocked than she was.

Lindsay was sentenced to 120 days in jail yesterday by Judge Stephanie Sautner.  She was bailed out of Lynwood Correctional Facility after spending five hours inside.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she was under the impression she'd be going home after the hearing ... and was "blindsided" when she got sentenced. We're told Lindsay described the situation as "ridiculous" and "f**ked up."

According to our sources, Lindsay spent her Saturday with her sister, Ali, and her brother, Michael Jr.

We're told Lindsay is glad she's not behind bars (for the moment) and is looking forward to appealing.


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WTF Is going on.    

Please send her to General Population, and let someone shank her. The world will be better with out her in this world, and I will have more air.

1275 days ago


No rude, disjointed, irrational response for me, Rocky?

That's okay. I'll just be on my way out then.

Have fun being an adult with juvenile celebrity idolatry issues.

1275 days ago


ATX - I totally agree that the comments are hilarious and I liked your input.

I think Lindsay is going to mess up again and again and eventually we will all see the day when even the most lax judge can't forgive it anymore.

1275 days ago

Hot Farts    

@suza271 has the pic and he also brags that it was his idea not to take the plea deal...regardless it is another LL lie.

She has 60 days to file her appeal but she will likely try to have it all run concurrent but that's up to the judge

1275 days ago

WTF Is going on.    

I say we all petition the actors guild and get lohan kicked out. this way she will no longer have a job, or all the support of the Actors guild to protect her from her stupidity once again.

1275 days ago

Hot Farts    


Once more on the fur issue. It is well do***ented in a civil suit in New York (including pictures of Lindsay in the coat after the party where she stole it)that she returned the court to its owner...thoughts?

1275 days ago


I really wish that the Lindsay supporters would realize that they are doing her more harm than good.

I will never, as long as I live, understand why people cannot admit that their idols are not perfect. Why is it so hard for some people to say, yes, Lindsay is guilty and she's done some stupid things but I still like her and still support her?

Rocky you're coming across as an idiot who cannot even form a coherent sentence let alone a coherent argument.

Nicole, you're even worse by just repeating the same things over. You can't even argue a point. You just ignore everyone who disagrees with you.

1275 days ago

Hot Farts    

Also tanning and not paying is like dining and dashing...Defrauding an Innkeeper. Remember Randy Quaid did time for that

What are your thoughts on Lindsay spending $41,000.00 on tanning and then not paying? Seems like entitlement to me. Do you see this as entitlement issues or stealing?

Lorit Simon is demanding Lindsay Lohan settle the $41,031 debt, as well as pay for her legal fees and interest, according to a lawsuit filed in Nevada last week (ends06Feb11) and obtained by

1275 days ago


@dreamon--I believe it was posted about 5-6 pages back. I think you can also read his side on his website. It sounds like a completely logical statement of how things went down. He even says he didn't get paid for the Star story and it sounds like THEY blew it out of purportion. Lindsay does not want to admit to drinking bc she knows what people will say--the truth. She is a recovering addict. She has no business being in a bar or near alcohol. Even if alcohol isn't her drug of choice, it will only lead back to using again. Or, she will do what many addicts do out of rehab--switch. When I got out of rehab the first time, I stopped using opiates. But, I started using benzos. I wrecked my car 3 times and stopped remembering entire portions of the day. I have no doubt in my mind Lindsay is drinking again. There have been at least two stories (and a blind item) on this now and we have seen her going to multiple clubs and bars. If Lindsay were really able to "responsibly drink" she would have been able to wait until the cameras were off of her to use. Or, wait 6 months. It just goes to show she NEEDS and CRAVES substances in her life just like any other addict. I'm not blaming Middlebrook, because I'm sure--just like alot of the population--he doesn't know alot about addiction. And, I'm sure Lindsay would have gotten it anyway. This story has lots of details that cannot be denied--right down to Lindsay's favorite drink--redbull and vodka.

@90291--I believe her attorney has already filed the appeal, correct? That's why she was released. I'm just curious when it will be heard. I believe someone said next week but I think they may be confused with the OTHER appeal--the felony/misdemeanor appeal which Meyers said will most likely be heard next week. I very much hope the judge in that case will allow cameras in the courtroom. Also, I am curious as to whether Saunter will change her mind and allow cameras into the court for the trial--if there is one. I honestly believe if this case remains a misdemeanor Lindsay will eventually take a plea.

Also, I would like to comment that I am outraged the judge and the DA did not ask Lindsay be drug tested in this case. I know the case is not drug related, but they are certainly aware of her previous issues with substance abuse. I was prosecuted in a theft case and a term of my probation is not to enter establishments where alcohol is the primary sale and I am randomly drug tested.

1275 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Suza271, I very much agree with your posts. Couldnt say it better so I wont. :)

1275 days ago

Hot Farts    


She filed a Notice of Motion (which means that her appeal will be filed). She actually has 60 days to file the appeal. The attorney must create her memorandum of points and authorities for the judge citing precedence that proves her case. It will take her a couple of days to research and write and I am sure she has a workload unrelated to this case as well so who knows.

As far as cameras in the courtroom, it could be argued that (or used as an excuse in the case of LL) the noteriety creates bias. Judge just wants to cover all bases. She does not want to hear about it later.

As far as drug testing...her 2007 case is still open. When probation is reinstated after she gets out of jail she will probably be tested because she had a dirty test only 4 months ago (none since cuz her probation was revoked). On her next probation violation she will go to prison and serve the full sentence which was probably joint-suspended 3 years.

1275 days ago


Blindsided? WTF? any NORMAL person would have been in jail long ago with no options for appeal...nor a job to return to. Lindsey needs to do her time, stop fighting reality and grow up!

1275 days ago

ee cummings    

MY new movie "Ginger Prison Bitches in Heat " is one step closer .
Any cell phone video will do

1275 days ago

Hot Farts    

If she is found guilty for the necklace, she will have a second appeal, but she will be fighting that case from jail because she will be serving time on the POV I cant imagine the two not intersecting somewhere. Actually, if she is crazy she will appeal cuz she would more likely be just getting out of jail then back in court for the appeal the 120 days she will do around 25-30 days

1275 days ago


The supervised probation won't be reinstated as it is only a misdemeanor and Lindsay hasn't any substance abuse related violated for 6 months.

Is Danette Meyers actually appealing the reduction ? I thought she was just "considering" it. Anyway i think the Judge's decision will stand. The Judge said she has been punished a lot for the DUIs and the community service is to try and change her behavior. She is back to unsupervised probation.

1275 days ago
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