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Lindsay Lohan -- "Blindsided" By Jail Sentence

4/24/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were shocked Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail yesterday, you're not alone -- sources close to LiLo tell us no one was more shocked than she was.

Lindsay was sentenced to 120 days in jail yesterday by Judge Stephanie Sautner.  She was bailed out of Lynwood Correctional Facility after spending five hours inside.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she was under the impression she'd be going home after the hearing ... and was "blindsided" when she got sentenced. We're told Lindsay described the situation as "ridiculous" and "f**ked up."

According to our sources, Lindsay spent her Saturday with her sister, Ali, and her brother, Michael Jr.

We're told Lindsay is glad she's not behind bars (for the moment) and is looking forward to appealing.


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Hmmmm...calling the situation - and essentially the judge - "ridiculous & f!#*ed up" is not going to make things better for her and is another example of her refusal to acknowledge her guilt and take responsibility for her actions. While Holley is only doing her job, it's clear Lohan will never learn her lesson unless/until she spends significant time in jail. It's time for her to realize that her celebrity is not a free pass to do whatever she wants with no consequences. If you steal, you go to jail. It's a simple concept that seems to evade her. I hope the DA wins her appeal and gets the felony status reinstated - Lohan is not going to change her ways so no more leniency. Habitual offenders thumb their noses at the law and deserve to receive harsh sentences until they learn otherwise.

1247 days ago


For anyone joining the chat here is the URL

Password is Lindsay

You must click JOIN CHAT before talking to the rest of us :)

1247 days ago

Miss Bu    

LMAO so her telling everyone she wouldn't go to jail means she isn't going OMG She should read TMZ they knew SHE WAS GOING.

1247 days ago


Aniki060...9, you got it so right.

1247 days ago


Why doesn't anyone stop her from making these incredibly stupid and delusional statements to tmz? Doesn't she or her management realize how unlikeable it makes her seem? It always someone else's fault (DA, paps, judge and so on and so forth). She plays the victim card every time and its hugely unattractive and weak.

1247 days ago


You talk like such a classy lady..F**ked up, the only think F**ked up is you. You are a low life coke head that belongs in jail with the rest of the trash.

1247 days ago

steven katona    

once again the blind eye's of the law have spoken and poor lohan must bare the brunt of the chaos that is the american justice system. once again this fan speaks the truth as this looks like a set-up and this business should be proud to cast such a shadow upon this hollywood starlet as to put her in jail. the conspiracy is real. lohan's been set up and the DA and the judge are obviously oblivious to the situation and cast everyone in the same mould. the california justice system is blind to the situation and as such can't fathom the depth of this sitation as well as not commiting to the american value of benefit of doubt. we all know the values of the businessman in california. we've seen the mark-up value of the industry lets now see the value of the california justice system. obviously the skewed interpretation is based upon governmental employees looking for a theif when none exists. the justice system of california should hold its head in shame. lohan's innocent and this business is a sham conspiracy who set this movie star up. its not fame and fortune this fan's seeking just justice for the public. there is no justice when shady businesses entrap hollywoods talent. the DA and the judge should see this. obviously the DA's lookin for some reputation. you got it. sad tales in california...

1247 days ago


The fact that she thinks what happened is 'ridiculous and f'ed up" just goes to show that this girl STILL DOES NOT GET IT. If you violate your probation you are thrown in jail ... period. The only reason she's not still in jail is because her lawyer filed an appeal and you're allowed out on bail pending an appeal. Her lawyer will lose the appeal and she will serve her time. Then comes the theft trial, and whether it's a misdemeanor or can be appealed by the DA back to a felony, she may do more time on that. Be that as it may, Lindsay Lohan still thinks she's better than everyone else and should not have to suffer the consequences for her actions. This girl is a hopeless case and deserves whatever she gets.

1247 days ago


She still doesn't get it -- you can tell that by her comments. Her ass needs to be in jail until she does get it.

She is nothing now. She blew a good life -- how stupid is she? I'm sick of these stars that think the world owes them something.

1247 days ago


Funny, I don't find her appealing in any way. Lousy actress, a twit, and has the brains of a pissant.

1247 days ago


Soon people won't even remember she was in Mean Girls and will just refer to her as "That crazy bald chick"

1247 days ago


Whore gets what she deserves.....thinks she's above the law......

1247 days ago


Ridiculous? Lindsay, darlin', you still don't get it.

1247 days ago


Really? She was "Blindsided"? What did she think she was doing in court? Waiting for Ice Cream from the judge?

What an idiot! Well..of course look at who we're talking about...

1247 days ago


When will she see that SHE is ridiculous and f...ed up? And, when will her parents stop getting attention... WHY, WHY, WHY do these free-loaders get a single word of press?

1247 days ago
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