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Lindsay Lohan -- "Blindsided" By Jail Sentence

4/24/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you were shocked Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail yesterday, you're not alone -- sources close to LiLo tell us no one was more shocked than she was.

Lindsay was sentenced to 120 days in jail yesterday by Judge Stephanie Sautner.  She was bailed out of Lynwood Correctional Facility after spending five hours inside.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she was under the impression she'd be going home after the hearing ... and was "blindsided" when she got sentenced. We're told Lindsay described the situation as "ridiculous" and "f**ked up."

According to our sources, Lindsay spent her Saturday with her sister, Ali, and her brother, Michael Jr.

We're told Lindsay is glad she's not behind bars (for the moment) and is looking forward to appealing.


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The Truth    

The Judge did the DA a favor.

By reducing the felony to a misdemeanor the DA may then appeal. The big difference is that Lindsay was on probation. That is the key factor and violated it without the new charges.

In 2010 the DA’s office appealed 187 measure 17 reductions that were orver turned. Each of the 187 cases where the judge reduced the felony to a misdemeanor were overturned. The appellate court ruling has always been, if the person is on probation and it is a violation of that probation then it cannot be reduce to a misdemeanor under measure 17.

Measue 17 was made for first time non-violent offenders. Lindsay is not a first timer as she is already on probation for another crime.

So now Lindsay’s team cannot argue that they did not get a measure 17 because the did and the appellant court will overturn it. Bye, bye Lindsay.

What no one has brought up is, when Lindsay is found guilt or cops a plea or the measure 17 is overturned, the judge may increase the term for the probation violation.

Which means up to the 3 years plus the new term for the felony. All total 5 to 7 years consecutively. Minimum mandatory 5 years for felony on probation. New Law in Cali.

Sucks to be you Lindsay

1249 days ago


And the judge did not like that she came to court that time with F U written on her nails. Judge said she's confused because Lindsay forgot to write "I am" in front of it.

1249 days ago


Mikey about a minute ago

Soon people won't even remember she was in Mean Girls and will just refer to her as "That crazy bald chick"

NO Kidding! She has totally trashed her reputation...and if any producer is stupid enough to give her the time of day? They deserve everything the little witch hands them.

1249 days ago


"ridiculous" and "f**ked up." She must have been looking in a mirror. The kind washed-up has-been's use. OMG she looks old!

1249 days ago


She is nothing but a cash caw to Shawn Holey. She is going to the end. Ms.Holey wont stop when money stop. She will most proly get 6 month jail and could bail out again for 100-200 k.
She will never learn.

1249 days ago

Don Pedro    

Gee! I hope that I will be able to buy tickets to her next movie....I'd even pay extra.....NOT.

1249 days ago


wha-wha-wha......I'm Linsay, I'm important, nobody has the right to tell me what to do, how dare this judge do this to me, she has it in for me, she's jealous of me because I'm so beautiful and wonderful and talented and famous and,'re the one who's f'd up

1249 days ago


Jail? Me? But I'm a celebrity!

1249 days ago


ummm. no one was surprised that she was sentenced yesterday. tmz's "predictions" not withstanding. she has a long rap sheet and has serious issues with entitlement. quite frankly, after i heard she stole the necklace, i began to suspect she has some mental health issues, in addition to her addiction problems. quite honestly, she is pathetic. i really feel for the people she has stolen from (and trust me, they number far more than the jewelry store, i.e. the mink, the girl's closet she cleaned out, and many, many others) however, i tend to think that she has serious mental health problems. i mean, what sane person on probation would not once, but twice steal from the same store, and then parade around with the jewelry, ON CAMERA! she knew she did not "borrow" the jewelry, and she also knew she could get caught, but really felt she was "above" being dealt with for stealing. she is really, really messed up and i highly doubt her addictions will be conquered. someone like her has a lifetime of mental issues, and once she is off probation, will just continue to use until she eventually just implodes and ends up with nothing.

1249 days ago


Shame on PETA and all animal activists that no one ever mentioned the poor duck in LA ZOO missing their lips after Lilo visit there 4 years ago.

1249 days ago


White trash.

1249 days ago


Blindsided ? What is she still on drugs??????????

1249 days ago


Her sense of entitlement is absurd. She's still not taking responsibility for her actions.

1249 days ago


The only shock to Lohan, it wasn't televised.

Holley knew enough to have the appeal ready and waiting and the bailbondsman ready with the cash to make bail.

1249 days ago


Lindsay, if you were blindsided just imagine how the jeweler, your probation officer, the people you've kidnapped in the past, the D.A., the taxpayers, and every law-abiding citizen must feel. I can think of two words that apply to you. May I borrow yours? "Ridiculous" and "f**cked up". Yep, that about says it all.

1249 days ago
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