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Pregnant Teens -- Blame MTV?

4/23/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So who's the bad guy in the "Teen Mom" epidemic -- the baby mamas, the baby daddies, or the grown ups at MTV?



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i cant fully blame mtv for peoples stupidity but i do know two little 15yr olds who got pregnant to try and get on the show(one has had the baby, one is 5 months along) they are so young and see the fast/easy way to celebrity mtv's offering.

1280 days ago


I blame TMZ for exposing me to this crap. I've seen enough pug nosed faces with dried blood on them!

1280 days ago


I think TMZ is responsible for my addiction to celebrity gossip. I'm going to seek damages, lost wages and medical expense to pay for my rehabilitation. Damn you all to hell, especially whoever decided adding an RSS feed was a good idea

1280 days ago


Reality tv in general is the worst thing to ever come to America. It's turning this entire generation of kids and teens in to little pieces of ****. They all think the world owes them fame and fortune despite having absolutely no obvious talent or personality.
We were better off when people actually worked for a living and were proud of the simple things like being decent people.

1280 days ago

keeping it real    

I blame the parents!! TAKE CARE YOUR KIDS!! But they get paid like 50,000 to 85,000 to be on TV. So why not!

TV Spin off, Teen Moms/Teen Drug Addicts.


1280 days ago


Maybe you can't blame MTV for starting it, obviously, but MTV is making it worse. Now all the pregnant teens want to be on the show. What's really ridiculous is the fact that some of these people make more money than a college grad.

1280 days ago


Where are the parents of these trashy teens. Why are parents allowing their kids to watch these shows on MTV? Tie the girls tubes after 2, and the fathers need vasectomies after 2 also.

1280 days ago


MTV is responsible for promoting this nonsense. They ought to be ashamed.

Reality TV is, absolutely, the worst thing to happen to television.

Not much of it is real anyway.

I wish people would quit watching. People are responsible for not turning the channel and promoting this nonsense. Those who watch should be ashamed too.

1280 days ago


"Stupider" is not a word TMZ...

1280 days ago


MTV isn't the only one responsible for the girls going out and getting pregnant just so they can potentially get a TV gig on MTV's shows. Believe it or not, I hold DR DREW responsible too, after all he's the one that makes damn sure they show his face on all the reunion shows so he can get face time with the networks. Yes, parents are to blame too, but a lot of them see $$$ as well, and I genuinely think that a lot of the DRAMA is clearly staged in the hopes that if they continue to spin Teen Mom off of 16 and pregnant, then the family with the "drama" can continue to draw money from MTV...just sayin

1280 days ago


The teen pregnancy issue has nothing to do with MTV....foolish kids got pregnant looong before the show and they will long after the show ends.

If anything I think it has shown teen be how truly stuipd and foolish they teens really look.

I am a 36 year old mother of 2..not a teen mom...but I love the show.

1280 days ago


1280 days ago


Teen pregnancy is currently at the lowest rate since the figure was first recorded. Current hysteria over teen pregnancy is unfounded and mostly perpetrated by idiots with a moral agenda.

1280 days ago


Stupider????????I've seen stupid, stupidity and stupidness...but not stupider til now...I believe the correct way is "more stupid" who's the stupidest idiot who wrote these pregnant teenagers money to do a show is encouraging other teens to do the same.....what idiot comes up with these ideas...?????

1280 days ago


I am not a teenager and I watch this show. I can honestly say that if I was a teenager, I would be scared to get pregnant after seeing these stories.

1280 days ago
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