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Oksana's Tape Expert Claims No Monkey Business

4/24/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has gotten hold of Oksana Grigorieva's ammo in her war with Mel Gibson over whether her secret recordings were edited ... and O.G.'s expert claims they're the real deal.


TMZ has obtained a declaration Kent Gibson, a forensic audio expert who examined the 18 recordings from Oksana's computer -- 9 are voicemails from Mel and 9 are recorded conversations between Mel and Oksana.  By the way, check out the times the various calls were made -- interesting.

In his declaration filed in the family law case and obtained by TMZ, Kent says, "In my professional opinion as a forensic audio examiner, I conclude that the recordings have not been modified, and can be considered authentic."

Oksana is pissed at Mel for saying the tapes were edited.  However, in Mel's interview with, when Mel talks about edited tapes, he appears to be referring to the tapes that were leaked in the media.  In other words, it's possible the recordings in Oksana's computer are pristine but they were later edited before going online.


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Yes Tell, I remember that post...

Nice flush out too huh! A big fail for Ox and her expert today!

1243 days ago


To the person who keeps posting the Judge's information, get over yourself. The majority of us don't live in ghetto LA. Your DA has nothing to do with us. And by the way, this topic is about Mel Gibson, not Loser Lohan. There are enough stories about her to comment on.

1243 days ago


@KM - score one for Gibson lol!

1243 days ago


Sure, Mel receives threatening messages and responds by demanding to get blown. And tells her that he will give her one more chance.

That makes sense.

1243 days ago


Oh...and another thing Ox. I am sure for ever one "expert" you have to say the tapes were not edited...Mel's lawyers have three that can prove they were. This do***ent is not to be taken seriously. Come on Mel, show us the proof that they were tampered with. We know you have it. You prove again that you are a much bigger person than that gypsy by not leaking that information. She just can't keep her mouth shut!!! Poor Lucia.

1243 days ago


@Laura: Mel's marriage was over in 2006, way before he even met Oksana.

1243 days ago


YA...a big one Tell ... look at the rats that came out .... I am laughing so hard at the "experts" declaration,which Ox just had to post as proof the tapes were not edited...oops...double what? LMAO...Love it!

1243 days ago


Just do not get why Mr. Gibson is supposed to be 'better' than the piano player. He is maligned constantly and somehow she gets a pass.

Makes no sense.

Still think there are months of recordings because the breakup was a long-term thing -- probably longer than they were 'together.'

Tee hee

1243 days ago


@KM: there were no afternoon recordings on February 19.

1243 days ago


@ mousymaker
KM 24 minutes ago
He was just stating what Ox told the world...she recorded him in one night, how else would he know, she did without his knowledge....She lied, not Mel, she secretly taped him, she would be the only one who knew the dates and times!
moussemaker 17 minutes ago
"He was just stating what Ox told the world"
Why would he do that?
Because it makes him sound worse if he harassed her three days in a row?
@ Mousemaker

Because it underlines (once again) what a deceptive liar OxyMoron is.

She said it was ‘one night only’ as to try to cover her lying greedy malicious psychotic tracks ..
Stating ‘it was one night only’ was her last chance saloon to try to avoid a prosecution for ILLEGALLY RECORDING Mel Gibson. Even stupid vicious Ox had to realize at some stage that what she has done was criminal – nobody would or STILL does not believe that she was ‘threaten’ and DID NOTHING about that! Especially over THREE days! Hence ‘the one night’ hahahahaha
Her explanations, manipulations of the so called ‘evidence’ of her ‘terror’ are as pathetic and delusional as your own.

1243 days ago


@KM: And I do not work for ROL or TMZ. And not for Team Oksana.

1243 days ago


This story is so misleading.

Mel did not say the tapes weren't authentic. Mel said the tapes were edited.

The tapes that ROL released to the publc were edited.

The tapes were edited because you do not hear an entire conversation.

You only here excerpts of a conversations, so therefore the tapes were edited.

Here is what OG stated on LKL:

KING: So why, Oksana, did you tape him?

GRIGORIEVA: For few reasons, I started taping him around 11:00 because I thought I'm actually not going to live for the night. I'm actually not going to live for the night and nobody...

KING: He's going to come over and kill you.

GRIGORIEVA: Yes, that's what he said in those tapes. If you heard them without any interruption...

KING: They were evident.

GRIGORIEVA: Yes. I mean, I have none edited and it's pretty frightening and it's completely unforgivable.

***notice that OG states she has 'none edited' so even OG states that the tapes broadcast on ROL were edited since she has 'none edited.'

1243 days ago


"Stating ‘it was one night only’ was her last chance saloon to try to avoid a prosecution for ILLEGALLY RECORDING Mel Gibson"


Nothing ... prohibits one party to a confidential communication from recording the communication for the purpose of obtaining evidence reasonably believed to relate to the commission by another party to the communication of the crime of extortion, kidnapping, bribery, any felony involving violence against the person

1243 days ago


@Moussemaker - Unless you have access to Ox's cellphone records and laptop forensics you have no way to determine there were no afternoon recordings or what has been submitted to the court and what the LASD found. You only have Ox and her team shoving a piece of paper under and nose and saying "SEE!" I would wager she's got a little Library of Congress of recordings on that laptop.

1243 days ago



12:40 p.m. February 19 first entry...

1243 days ago
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