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Arnold -- Another Day, Another Sick New Ride!

4/25/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger showed off his latest ridiculous trinket -- a slick black convertible Bentley -- in Santa Monica this weekend


Only the state of California is bankrupt.


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He's a complete ass. Not for the car, but for knocking time off a piece of sh*t's prison sentence because of who his equally piece of sh*t dad is. I wonder how he would like it if one of his kids was killed and some douchebag governer did the the same thing to him.

1214 days ago

fioo hoos    

Vicky wtf R u mokein? he`s driven new car got movie kickback deals and is still the rightwing whjite not from here puppet.It did`nt need to get a salary he was on the studio sytems payroll`SS the hwole timze

1214 days ago


Hey Stiletto, look up how much tax money goes to the other states from "I'm entitled to everything for free" Kalifornia before you spout.

1214 days ago


Kalifornia was screwed when the tech bubble busted and when Enron ripped us off during the energy crisis. Before then we ran nothing but surplus from moonbeam to dukemejean

1214 days ago


California can fix their tax problems if they investigate all these celebrity "churches", i.e, tax fraud.

1214 days ago


This prick loves to talk global warming and force huge taxes on us here in CA through propositions, which the retard liberals vote in, but he doesn't practice what he preaches. Typical leftwing Kennedy-realted s***. Doesn't matter he had an R next to his title. He is a fraud.

1214 days ago

who dat    

He should invest in buying a bra, cause he really needs one.

1214 days ago

Joe Camel    

You said it perfectly. What a total douche. I wonder if he would lessen the sentence if it was his child who was murdered. Piece of **** = Arnold.
weed 6 minutes ago

when he was asked why he knocked off many years to his friend's son's prison term he snored into the microphone like the question was putting him to sleep and he did not answer. This man is a corrupt piece of crap. He ruined California too... we would have been out of the mess we are in but he just stalled it all.

1214 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

Thats not that bad....think back to our beloved Bill Clinton...who was shamelessly pursed by Denise Rich who held parties for raised for Bill...all in the name of seeking a pardon for her ex. husband marc rich the biggest tax fraud and illigal dealer with Iran on oil deals during the ban on doing business with Iran....

enormous amounts of un paid taxes etc etc etc..

and bill pardons the criminal...

1214 days ago

Misty Milloy    

Re:Toadless comment.No,it'sgood to be married to Maria Shriver.

Mom andDad probably left her millions to add to the millons she
already had.

1214 days ago


I'm seeing one picture? Zoom out, or in, but something with a better view of the whole car would be nice.

1214 days ago


Whatever... I'm sure he uses hia own money.. He is an actor..

1214 days ago


Governator needs to invest some of that $ in a man-bra.

1214 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

So that's where California's money went.

1214 days ago


Hey, he worked hard for it! I wish I had one.

1214 days ago
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