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Lindsay Lohan: I'm the Victim of a Witch Hunt

4/25/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes prosecutor Danette Meyers is on a "witch hunt" against her, and is praying the Deputy D.A. makes good on what she asked the judge -- drop out of the case.

Sources in contact with Lindsay tell us ... Lindsay believes she's become a living, breathing press release for Meyers, who is running for L.A. County District Attorney.

There are several flaws in Lindsay's theory.  First, Meyers asked Judge Stephanie Sautner Friday to remove her from the case.  Since the judge knocked the felony charge down to a misdemeanor, Meyers assumed the case would be transferred to the L.A. City Attorney.  But the judge noted the D.A. can still prosecute the case if it wants to ... so Meyers' request was denied.

Second flaw -- Meyers has prosecuted hundreds of big cases in her more than 2 decades as a prosecutor, and is extremely well-respected, so she really doesn't need a misdemeanor theft case all that much.


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gene yuss    

lindsay is right but who cares. let her sit in jail for a while. i'm tired of looking at her.

1278 days ago


if she ever had remorse of what she has done i might have romorse until then burn in hell lindsay

1278 days ago


She may well be right , this necklace case ought to have been tossed at the start . The DA dislikes Lindsay with a passion and saw her chance to get her with the VOP . Did not matter if LIndsay took the thing or not she was got ! The DA is still pissed over loosing out over 6 month sentence and Lindsay getting bail . No matter what Lindsay does she cannot win in LA ,
Lindsay has never said her version of what happened in the store ,there is no audio on the tapes so what really happend is unknown at this point . I would like to hear what she has to say about it , maybe if it goes to trial she will say .
Hope her defense will be better than last Fridays effort though ,

1278 days ago


There's a witch involved here alright and we all know who it is.

1278 days ago


What a STUPID child! This girl has no morals or good values.She is being tried for illegal behaviors.She was arrested for good reasons--DUI,breaking probation,stealing...This is not a witch hunt.Lindsay needs to be placed into psychological counseling for reality training if she is not able to figure out that she is the cause of all of her problems.

1278 days ago


Does anybody know when her community service starts?

1278 days ago


The first line of defense of those riding the Entitlement Train- "I'm a Victim" -and it always fails.

1278 days ago

gene yuss    

Lucky , you are putting way too much time and effort into an empty headed pin up girl

1278 days ago


I've watched autopsies performed as part of medical training,and the smell is something that is not easily forgotten.Sometimes,community service at a morgue is assigned to those people who think that they are invincible,that they are not going to die,no matter what they do.Lindsay Lohan is one of those people.I hope that she witnesses the autopsy of a young person who died because of drug abuse--their own or of someone else who thought they were just fine,got behind the wheel of a car and killed another human being.

1278 days ago


FOUR YEARS OF BREAKING THE LAW! That is why you are in this position Lindsay - FOUR FRIGGIN YEARS of thumbing your freckled nose at the law. Case closed.

1278 days ago


ROL is saying they know what her duties will entail at the morgue. Basically cleaning and taking out the trash. But she won't be exposed to cleaning up after the dead bodies and cleaning the crypts (their word not mine).

1278 days ago



1278 days ago


@The Truth

And Lindsay's is not guilty because.......she's white, right? Caveman!

1278 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Lindsy is right - This is nothing more than a witch hunt. Think about the thousands of tax payer dollars used for what? A misdemeanor offense - that will eventually lead to Lindsy doing some community service or 30 days in jail.

All at the expense of the tax payer.

The judge slapped the D.A. by reducing the charge to a misdemeanor offense and forcing the D.A. to prosecute.

This is not good for a D.A. Think about her opponents - blasting this D.A. for spending thousands of dollars going after misdemeanor offenses against spoiled celebrities - instead of going after child rapist, murderers, gangs, etc.

Instead, you have a D.A. prosecuting a misdemeanor offense - and spending a whole lot of tax payer money to do it.

We know if this was an ordinary Jane, we wouldn't be where we are now. So now the judge is telling the D.A., you wanted this badly - you got it! Misdemeanor!!


1278 days ago


@Charlie Sheens Watch

Try to keep in mind that this reduction to a misdemeanor is common when the offender isn't charged with a violent crime. And it seems you forget that it started as a felony.

The only people that are wasting the taxpayers money are the ones prolonging the inevitable - Lindsay and SCH.

1278 days ago
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