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Lindsay Lohan: I'm the Victim of a Witch Hunt

4/25/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes prosecutor Danette Meyers is on a "witch hunt" against her, and is praying the Deputy D.A. makes good on what she asked the judge -- drop out of the case.

Sources in contact with Lindsay tell us ... Lindsay believes she's become a living, breathing press release for Meyers, who is running for L.A. County District Attorney.

There are several flaws in Lindsay's theory.  First, Meyers asked Judge Stephanie Sautner Friday to remove her from the case.  Since the judge knocked the felony charge down to a misdemeanor, Meyers assumed the case would be transferred to the L.A. City Attorney.  But the judge noted the D.A. can still prosecute the case if it wants to ... so Meyers' request was denied.

Second flaw -- Meyers has prosecuted hundreds of big cases in her more than 2 decades as a prosecutor, and is extremely well-respected, so she really doesn't need a misdemeanor theft case all that much.


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Only in LiLo's world can you walk out of a jewelry store with a stolen piece and think it's okay. If she really is that stupid, she needs to get out of Cali and go live on a farm in the middle of nowhere where no one will "pick" on her.

1239 days ago


Ball`s has no Ball`s about an hour ago

Former Olympic champion Audley Harrison claims he had an encounter with Lindsay Lohan over the weekend at Chateau Marmont ... while he was "in the toilet."

Harrison tweeted the above on his Twitter account. A source inside Chateau tells X17online exclusively:

"Lindsay was acting so crazy. She was drinking vodka and Red Bull and kept going in and out of the men's bathroom every ten minutes. We were all totally creeped out. She ... kept banging on the men's cubicle door calling for some guy named Andrew. It happened to be the pro boxer Audley Harrison. He came out of the bathroom and was telling everyone about it and laughing at her."

This past Friday, Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced the starlet to 120 days in jail for violating her probation. However, she only served 5 hours after posting $75,000 bail.

I don't know why I am kind of shocked when I read she's right back out there looking like the skank she is, again. Everytime I read these type of stories, I think, "it must have been a few months ago or something" only to find out it was like 2 days ago after she gets out of court again. I thought she was banned from Chateau as well as the Rosevelt Hotel too. Nice to see one more person is laughing at her. Why doesn't Chateau or Rosevelt just ban her from the premises? She's not good for their image.

Harvey is saying she will probably take a no contest plea instead of going to trial. Do 15 to 19 days jail from this 120 sentence and that's about all the jail time she will see from all of this. He also said Danette Meyers won't win on appeal to get it to a felony. However, I read something on here that there is a good chance that it could be overturned to a felony on that 17B law because that is for first time offenders, or such and such. The problem with that plea is the probation that goes along with it. And as it's always said, "Lindsay can't handle a year of probation." This dimwit is so out of hand she can't obey a court order and obey her probation for a year. Her career is so down the drain now. With her thinking though, hell she might not take the plea and take it to trial. What about her CS? I think that's the biggest question in my mind? What if she can't do it or just doesn't do it? I know she's ordered to but come on, we're talking Lindsay Lohan here. She won't even make it though half a day, and that half starting at noon for her. I pray this gets bumped back to a felony because everything I've seen from her, just from Friday alone, makes me sick again. She makes it just too easy to be a hater.

1239 days ago


Looks like Danette Meyers' hunt is over!~ She found one!

1239 days ago


To all the people on here saying "leave Lindsay alone...everyone makes mistakes." YOU ARE COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL!!!! Would you be saying the same thing if a big 300 lb black guy came along and stole a necklace? wouldn't.

I think the community service the judge chose for her to do is absolutely PERFECT! Working at a skid Row center for women and the LA County morgue....seriously amazing!

1239 days ago


ILG said:

"What a great point. All the supporters have to feel pretty stupid now, saying the store did it for publicity, when Lindsay's defense is that she forgot to take the necklace off!

I'd love to hear what their defense is now... They don't have any!"

You left out the part where Lindsay claimed it was a "loan".
Which was it Lindsay?

How does this girl plan on making it again as an actress when she can't even stick to her own script? Instead, she improvises everytime she's caught in a new lie.

1239 days ago


@Lohan is a Train Wreck

I respect your opinion but posting the same message over and over and over is not really adding to the conversation here?

1239 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is an opportunist.

She may have taken the necklace by mistake, but she didn't keep it by mistake, did she?

1239 days ago


dreamon 12 minutes ago

Lindsay Lohan is an opportunist.

She may have taken the necklace by mistake, but she didn't keep it by mistake, did she?



1239 days ago


I will give you this redcloud: Linz is more popular than rats. (Barely)..! Using your expert google techniques she wins by about 400,, (48,000,000 minus 47,60...0,000) And the Band Plays On...CU, sonic~!

1239 days ago


Sorry haters but i agree with Lindsay,Danette is out to get her.
My God give the girl a break.DM should be taken off the case she wants Lindsay to do more jail time then some harden criminals.

1239 days ago


Really, it would be so nice to see an adult Lindsay. One who deals with her issues instead lying about them.

~Sorry, Ugly Betty cast. I didn't mean to overwhelm you with my entourage and annoy the shows stars. I'll pay more attention, from now on and try to make good working relationships going forward.

~Yes, I moved in next to Sam Ronson. I still have feelings for her and hope it cold work out.

~Hi, Bettty Ford. We're a few minutes late getting in from our evening out. Sorry. I know I may have to take a breathe test now. I talked the girls out of jumping the wall and making a drama.

~Judge, I did have a FU put on my nails. I'm sorry. I thought it was a funny thing to do with my friends, but I see now how you might have found that disrespectful.

~Hi Kamofie. Sorry, I walked out with that necklace I tried on the other day, by mistake. When would it be convenient for me to bring it back?

~Wow, designing for Ungaro is huge! I'm not really up to it and could really use a good team to assist me. I'm going to get some good help and input from experienced people instead of just blowing them all off and accusing my best friend of stealing my designs.

~Hi Danette. Sorry to be back here again. Wow. I've got a lot going on. My rehab, my career and businesses falling apart, my parents are stressing me out. I put myself in a real jam with this jewlery thing I think I need some good ongoing rehab and counselling? Can we work something out, so I don't have to blame my non existent stylist?

Dream on.

1239 days ago


NICOLE = the judge said it was a felony and she used a law that is applicable only to first time felons, with clean records, to reduce the charge. How is that not a felony crime? Looks like a good chance her decision will be reversed anyways because the Guilty-one was on probation and the law is technically not applicable in this case. They better have a doctor present for the grand finale cuz LL is going to need sedation when she finally realizes that she's being held responsible for her actions.

1239 days ago


@kate 8 minutes ago
Sorry haters but i agree with Lindsay,Danette is out to get her.
My God give the girl a break.DM should be taken off the case she wants Lindsay to do more jail time then some harden criminals.


Please reread the story. DM ASKED to be taken OFF Lindsay's case. How is that a witch hunt?

1239 days ago


Lohan reportedly 'angry' over jail sentence


Cocaine possession


Reckless driving

Driving with a suspended license

Cocaine possession again

Charged: Theft

Time served: about 13 days


1239 days ago


@TMZ, do you guys realize how faulty your logic is in this story? The case goes from felony to misdemenor--from major to minor--and all of a sudden, fame whore Danette Meyers wants out. It sounds like she's making Linday's case for her. All she was interested in was the popularity with voters she could gain from putting Lindsay in prison for a theft Lindsay didn't do. As soon as it became a lesser case, with no chance Linday would go to prison, Meyers wants out. Is she running for DA? Oh YEA! We could tell that just from her whorish behavior without you telling us. I hope the voters of LA are smart enough not to fall for this criminal loser posing as defender of the people.

1238 days ago
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