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Lindsay's Lawyer Scribbles Hasty Appeal

4/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was so blindsided by Judge Stephanie Sautner's decision to throw Lindsay in jail Friday ... she scribbled an appeal on what looks like a stationary store legal form and jammed it through the system so her client could get out of the pokey.


TMZ obtained the form ... filed by Shawn Holley minutes after the judge sentenced Lindsay to 120 days in jail for the probation violation.

Holley's name and address is scribbled at the top of the form, as is Lindsay's name in the document.

And, the standard form didn't make sense because it says the defendant is indigent, so Holley drew a line through it.  On the other hand ...

By filing the notice of appeal, it allowed Lindsay to bail out while the appeal is pending.

Sometimes, done beats perfect.


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i think the story about Lindsay knocking on Audley Harrison's bathroom door this weekend is hilarious.... She is definitely back on COKE.....her drug of least now we know her dealers name...."Andrew"

1278 days ago


@writenow maybe Aflec is paying Lilo's bills she has the duck lips, and they are looking for a new voice.

1278 days ago

Oh well    

Nicole........."Shawn is so awesome"

You really are kidding!!! RIGHT???, a public defender would have been smart enough to have been ready for that

1278 days ago


Wonder how many people called the judge? I see her number out there. Hopefully she changes her mind and throws the book at the skank!

1278 days ago


Lindsay making $$$ from selling court papers to TMZ?
Nice job.

1278 days ago


It was pretty clear, from previous hearings, that when Lohan's probation was rescinded, she would be immediately sentenced to jail. Period. There's no excuse for Holley not being prepared for this contingency. I guess she must believe the BS that Lohan is above the law because she's, well, Lohan and not Jane Doe...who would have been in prison, not jail, long before now for these many flagrant violations of the law. I guess Holley isn't such a great attorney after all, but she's probably the only one that will take that trainwreck's case.

1278 days ago

Phil Alger    

Really, like we don't see some sort of set up! Take it as you will, but I watch this stuff just to see how bad our courts try to **** us! Really! This judge is trying to be a star! Never going to work!

1278 days ago

Phil Alger    

TMZ, try to find something else to do! Really, you hurting this bad?

1278 days ago


I agree with Nicole in that Shawn Chapman Holley is a fantastic attorney. I appreciate that Nicole is able to post on these comment boards without getting hateful or personal, especially in light of the horrible things so many of you direct to her.

I part company with Nicole, however, in her praise for and dedication to Lindsay, regardless of the situation. After hearing SCH's arguments Friday as to why Lindsay left with the necklace, it seems so clear that it was just plain theft. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe we'd be surprised and find a loan agreement or some ambiguity worthy of reasonable doubt. That just didn't happen. (Though this was not the full trial, in fairness).

For Lindsay's sake, I really wish someone would be "real" with her. With everyone in her camp always telling her she has done nothing wrong and making excuses for her in the public eye, it's no wonder why she has a hard time understanding life's rules. Problem is, she is an adult now -- has been for some time. It's her responsibility to follow the rules and laws of society, and she just can't seem to do so.

1278 days ago


This sly attorney shamelessly promoted the Lohan gem experts website to tmz in an apparent attempt to draw customers(profit)to his website.
Their plan was to prepare the tmz cameraman with the business name and credentials of gem to be released in the lindsay lohan story of the day about her legal battle to reduce her felony charges to a misdemeanor and her other continued legal issues.

Is that unethical ??
or just shameless manipulation of a captured audience ??

1278 days ago


8 minutes ago
Nicole is able to post on these comment boards without getting hateful or personal, especially in light of the horrible things so many of you direct to her.

Nicole doesn't get hateful or personal because she doesn't actually believe what she posts here. She's being paid to defend Lindsay here and elsewhere. It's just a job to her.

1278 days ago


I think the form was right in saying the client is indigent.

1278 days ago

Randy L    

While we all know Lindsay has her head up her @ss, it sounds like there was room enough for her attorney, too. How could Holley not see this coming?

1278 days ago


Was Shawn sleeping when the other judge told Lindsay she would be sent to jail for the probation violation the day of the hearing?

1278 days ago


Nicole (or anyone else who reads this and has access to Lindsay),

All of the focus in the media, and on this site is on whether she's guilty, whether she'll go to jail, what it will do to her career, etc.

There is something far more serious going on here. Lindsay is near death. Sounds like hyperbole, but it isn't. Addiction is a horrible disease that kills most who have it. She's one step away -- any step in the wrong direction is the end now. The sad thing is that she knows it's true. She's been to rehab -- they tell you the truth there. Even people on this site suggest that if she is convinced of a felony she will be on suicide watch. Horrible consequences for further substance use, and little or no benefits. You do the math.

This lady is in big trouble, and it isn't with the law....

1278 days ago
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