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Lindsay's Lawyer Scribbles Hasty Appeal

4/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was so blindsided by Judge Stephanie Sautner's decision to throw Lindsay in jail Friday ... she scribbled an appeal on what looks like a stationary store legal form and jammed it through the system so her client could get out of the pokey.


TMZ obtained the form ... filed by Shawn Holley minutes after the judge sentenced Lindsay to 120 days in jail for the probation violation.

Holley's name and address is scribbled at the top of the form, as is Lindsay's name in the document.

And, the standard form didn't make sense because it says the defendant is indigent, so Holley drew a line through it.  On the other hand ...

By filing the notice of appeal, it allowed Lindsay to bail out while the appeal is pending.

Sometimes, done beats perfect.


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"California is so broke and yet the state still elects morons who want to waste time and money on these minor non violent crimes."

As I've said before to others, if you truly believe this then don't call the police the next time you, your family, your car, or your house is robbed UNLESS it's at gunpoint making it a violent crime. Otherwise, you'll come off as a hypocrite.

What do you think would happen if the courts stopped prosecuting non-violent crimes? Doesn't it occur to you that when word got out that the number of non-violent crimes would likely go up at a rather alarming rate? Need money? Break into a store, steal a one will care because the police have bigger fish to fry and the only risk to you comes from the owners. Angry at someone? Destroy their personal property, key their car, break their windows, slash their tires, trash their're good as long as you don't physically assault anyone.

"Put Lindsay in jail for a month, and make the sheriff bring her to court in jail jump suit and ask to release her due to overcrowding. Let the PaP's get good shots of her in orange and chains and be done with this. The humiliation is a perfect punishment. Since she seems to have money for high priced lawyers and bail, fine her 25 thousand and use the money to bail out the state."

Actually, I can't disagree with this. However, I would set the fine much higher as it's not much of a deterrent when you're rich. As impractical as it would be to implement, I strongly feel that fines should be tailored to each defendant as a percentage of their earnings. The more you make, the more you pay. Paying fines isn't the same hardship as it is for others when you're loaded. This way the rich don't get off easily and the cities make more money to cover their costs.

1285 days ago


It is old, hearing that she was blamed for this, they did this to her, FREAKING ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I can't even keep up with all her court appearances is it for the stolen necklace, or probation violation, drugs,I mean what is next for her....REHAB AGAIN?

Her legal problems will continue for years! Appeal this, appeal that, I mean just get it over with, go into jail, do your time, fix your mistakes, and try to get your career back I mean what else does she have? OR is that her new career, being in court?

1285 days ago


watch and learn one celeb down. there is more to go they are not gods. i hate to see great people get screwed everyday when people like lohan runs the street. F them all putt yourself above these looneys

1285 days ago


Here's a good movie plot: Lindsay moves to the Middle East and robs two women, and a jewelry store owner. Instead of the multiple plea bargains and bail, she has a public sentencing of having her hand chopped off. Cameras follow her as some dude chops her hand off with a sword.

I guarantee Nielsen ratings through the roof, I mean, she coudl win the Oscar for best do***entary!...and I also have the feeling that Lindsay would successfully complete her probation, with no further infractions....go figure!

1285 days ago

george fudge!    

LL's lawyer is ruining her career with this case, it was a very weak defense last week and now this.

1285 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's Not Paranoid - She Has Enemies!
10 hours ago

Arnold about an hour ago

I still don't understand why so many people have so much hate for a 24 year old girl. Yeah she messed up, took drugs, had a crazy social life, was rich at an early age, rebelled against her parents, was naive from the beginning with no one giving her a right direction. I know Some of you bitches would do the same things and be in the same situations if you were put in her shoes! But you are not in her shoes, you don't know her, you only know the things that are written about her. She doesn't deserve this much hate and ridicule from anyone. The ones that are lashing out so aggressively against her have some issues that they need to work out themselves. Like, "How is my life so dull and boring that I need to continue to write so much hate and nastiness toward someone I never met in my life.

good morning..

*To whom it may concern*
*above is the part pony princess left out of her attack post * (for context)

# Below is my follow up post 'after coffee' (for continuity)

Lindsay Lohan's Not Paranoid - She Has Enemies!
6 hours ago


* a r n o l d *

* d e l m a r *

just something that I noticed while playing with the similar names and simiLIAR misleading,Enabling and deflective words and intentions of these (users).
Others have remarked that the letters in @ delmar were an acronym for Lindsay's family and friends.

Dina and Delmare and Nicole have all claimed Samantha Swetra has been mistaken for Aliana and is a "look alike".

Check the definitions and meaning of names - all correct..

maybe you forgot all the verbal attacks you made on me and your still ongoing attempts by trickery at discrediting my observations about your allegiances and identity ..

1285 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Did any of you see the latest on Lindsay on x17online
Best part is she cant deny it, the guy posted it on his twitter

1285 days ago

Pony Princess    

Nikki, that may be true, it may have happened, but just because someone writes something on a tweet doesn't make it true.

1285 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay taped an interview with Jay Leno today for the Tonight show, it will be airing Tuesday night. Another job!!!!!!!!

1285 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Who socked Lindsay in the mouth and gave her the fat lip? She steals, she lies, she's an addict, she has no talent, she is so ugly and yet, in her mind, she is so wonderful and important. She's CRAZY!!!! Hopefully when she goes to Jail she can get some mental health counseling and get her GED. Then, maybe she could get a job at Walmart. Maybe not. Walmart does have standards!

1285 days ago


Lindsay is on Jay Leno tomorrow night, doubt she'll talk much about case.

1285 days ago

Red Cloud    

AAAAHHHH!!!! Jay Leno On Tuesday. Letterman will be next. A Barbara Walters interview. She's not being turned away from red carpet events. She's getting movie roles. She will be at parties TOTALLY SOBER with A-Listers. Comeback! Comeback!! Comeback!!! When her new movies are released you will not be able to avoid Lindsay on the big screen IN YOUR FACE unless you STOP going to the movies. If you're sitting in the theater waiting for your movie to begin and her new movie is previewed, the only way to avoid Lindsay IN YOUR FACE for two or three minutes is to cover your eyes, get up, and run out of the theater for two or three minutes. I'm laughing my guts out and I know what you're doing, hater. You're reading this with a very angry expression on your face. I'm LAUGHING!!!!!!!

1285 days ago


@pony princess and @john smith together again...
Pony Princess 52 minutes ago

Nikki, that may be true, it may have happened, but just because someone writes something on a tweet doesn't make it true.
Really PP,
showing your TRUE colors but call me Crazy and distort my comments BUT, WE know what your up to befriending people (for YOUR gain )like you and your crew did when you defrauded old people out or their retirement money on wall St. and again in Florida ..*Wake up cat ladies your being CONNED* A LOHAN !!

"ALI is @ Coachella"

1285 days ago

Pony Princess    

Really, Sean,
been nipping a bit too much at the Copper Tailings????
Gone to your head?
I heard you were going to teach Conspiracy Theories at your university. Master's series 500 courses.
Have fun.

1285 days ago

john smith    

Hello Delmar, Red Cloud, Lindsay is going to be super busy, TV, Print, Film, and public appearances and hosting awards shows. Would love to see her record another CD.....ect

1285 days ago
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