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Lindsay Lohan's Not Paranoid - She Has Enemies!

4/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At first blush, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is off the wagon, guzzling champagne ... a day after she got sprung from the pokey.

But we know the person in the picture is NOT Lindsay Lohan ... and it's the latest in a series of photos/videos pitched to TMZ and other news outlets ... making it appear that Lindsay is off the rails again.

This picture was taken at Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille in North Hollywood Sunday afternoon. We're told the staff thought it really was Lindsay and even comped her meal.

But TMZ has confirmed Lindsay wasn't anywhere near the restaurant when the picture was taken.

Is someone trying to set Lindsay up? Are paparazzi on the hunt for a Lindsay look-alike to make a quick buck?

The answer is yes and yes.


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this coming from the same website.that posts news articals every time she other words.its ok if tmz uses something about her to make a quick buck.when the competition does it it is so wrong.

1286 days ago


So they thought she was Lindsay and comped her meal, and I bet she didn't say a WORD about it, further convincing them that she really is Lindsay. So not only is the restaurant wrong for not verifying it, but so is the little skeeze who accepted a free meal by allowing them to think she's someone famous. I hope TMZ finds out who this girl is and gives her hell!! And not because I'm defending Lindsay, but because this little bitch should have been honest. If more people could be honest and question things, maybe this whole country wouldn't be falling apart.

1286 days ago


WHOAH...Wait...back a second...COMPED her meal??? This is what people do? For an able-bodied leech who has not held down a job in how long? Not for a laid off, or disabled, or elderly person?
This is one ugly person inside and out who goes around feeling victimized while the world paves her path with ease and freebies.
Kinda makes you wonder if the jewelry store did not indeed actually want the publicity after all, if this is how LA rolls.

1286 days ago


No wonder she feels entitled if businesses comp her all the time. Maybe if she had to pay like the rest of us it would pull her back down to earth.
But females in LaLa land get comped all the time. My granddaughter hit up the clubs in that area over the weekend, and she did not spend one bitty little dime. I do not approve of that practice of treatment by the way.

1286 days ago


All one has to do to impersonate BlowHan is buy a cheap wig, smoke cigs, and act like a self entitle drunken, drugged up fool.

1286 days ago


Arnold about an hour ago

I still don't understand why so many people have so much hate for a 24 year old girl. Yeah she messed up, took drugs, had a crazy social life, was rich at an early age, rebelled against her parents, was naive from the beginning with no one giving her a right direction. I know Some of you bitches would do the same things and be in the same situations if you were put in her shoes! But you are not in her shoes, you don't know her, you only know the things that are written about her. She doesn't deserve this much hate and ridicule from anyone. The ones that are lashing out so aggressively against her have some issues that they need to work out themselves. Like, "How is my life so dull and boring that I need to continue to write so much hate and nastiness toward someone I never met in my life.

Good morning

D e l m a r
----------- A=x, r=x, n=x, o=e, l=x, d=x .
A r n o l d

Aliana = samantha Swetra = look-a-like ????

The meaning of the name Aliana is Noble & Gracious

The origin of the name Aliana is Latin
The Greek translation is "defender of mankind"

1286 days ago


D e l m a r
---------------- A=x, r=x, n=x, o=e, l=x, d=x .
A r n o l d

1286 days ago


Too fat to be lindsay

1286 days ago


even if it was her setting there.... take a look, the glass is on the other side. No one put the glass behind the napkins, but nice try.

1286 days ago

go home!    

Eclectic is way over priced and their food isn't even that great anyway. They should be comping their regular patrons instead. With all the competition and better food popping up in the area ie: Federal Bar, etc. I suggest they drop their prices about 50% instead of focusing on kissing the asses of people who shoplift.

1286 days ago


HA. Now Lindsey can run around yelling it was her DOUBLE doing all the trouble. Not her.

1286 days ago


ok,I understand.

1286 days ago



1286 days ago


let's just let her party like a rock star and who knows hopefully soon she'll just O.D and die!!!!!!!!!

1286 days ago


According to x17online, Lindsay spent the evening banging on cubicle doors in the men's room of the Chateau.

1286 days ago
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