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Lindsay Lohan's Not Paranoid - She Has Enemies!

4/25/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At first blush, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is off the wagon, guzzling champagne ... a day after she got sprung from the pokey.

But we know the person in the picture is NOT Lindsay Lohan ... and it's the latest in a series of photos/videos pitched to TMZ and other news outlets ... making it appear that Lindsay is off the rails again.

This picture was taken at Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille in North Hollywood Sunday afternoon. We're told the staff thought it really was Lindsay and even comped her meal.

But TMZ has confirmed Lindsay wasn't anywhere near the restaurant when the picture was taken.

Is someone trying to set Lindsay up? Are paparazzi on the hunt for a Lindsay look-alike to make a quick buck?

The answer is yes and yes.


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1. That is not a champagne flute.Try to edit your stories correctly for such mistakes.
2. TMZ is part of the paparazzi guilty of doing what is accused.
3. Not all sources are trustworthy.

1275 days ago


the paps don't want to split their money with the lohans as they arrange all the pics so they can remain "famous" cough cough!!

1275 days ago


...and is TMZ one of the biggest offenders of them all? Yes and HELL YES!

You try her case right here at TMZ, effectively doing Shawn's work for her, and she just collects the check (nice to be shawn in that regard). I'm sure both she AND the judge check in here at TMZ to see what their next strategy or move should be. And I have no doubt that TMZ's interference on more than one occasion has kept LL from serving time she really needs to serve.

1275 days ago


That's one of the problems -- why would you give a celeb a free meal? It's not Lindsay's fault, but it bothers me that those that need a break (a free meal) pretty much never get it, yet those who can afford to buy their own lunch are offered comps. We've created a pretty messed up system. As for Lindsay Lohan, hopefully the time the Judge sentenced her to work with needy women will teach her a bit about real life.

And, I sure won't patronize the Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille.

1275 days ago

Joe Blow    

Nicole Enabler just came in her granny panties.

1275 days ago


D e l m a r

--------------------------------A=x, r=x, n=m, o=e, l=x, d=x

A r n o l d

*Sorry just caught the typo*...try this -

check ( x ) if letter appears in both names:


a = x
r = x
n = m
o = e
l = x
d = x

just something that I noticed while playing with the similar names and simiLIAR misleading,Enabling and deflective words and intentions of these (users).

1275 days ago


Still suffering from cocaine paranoia

1275 days ago


Should be obvious just looking at the picture that it is not Lindsay Lohan. Why did you have to ask someone?

1275 days ago


Looks to me as if that glass actually belongs to the person whose arm is partially visible to the far left of the photo, and who is actually sitting at the other side of the table. That person's cell phone and other object are near the drink -- the glass is placed too far from the woman in the photo to belong to her. So even if it had been Lindsey, it is highly doubtful the drink could have been linked to her.

1275 days ago


Anyone should be able to tell that that's not Lindsay. There are, however, plenty of people that HAVE seen her out drinking & doing other things. The Lohan clan are probably the ones responsible for staging these photos and "leaking" them to the press, in a pathetic attempt to make Lindsay appear more "victim" like.

1275 days ago


Michael hired this look-a-like so they can dispute anything that LL gets caught doing. This has Michael written all over it. He'll be claiming fake every time LL does something. That's what professional grifters do! Create deniability.

1275 days ago


She looks nothing like Lindsay. The big nose alone gives the hoax away. Lindsay's cans are covered with freckles.

1275 days ago

Chris Angel    

LMAO.. They knew it wasn't Lindsay...
They girl was pretending to be LiLo! Eclectic believed her and comped her meal... SMH

How do I know? I took the picture!!

1275 days ago


oh please, as soon as I saw the pic I knew it wasn't Lindsay Lohan. Dumbasses.

1274 days ago


This girl looks nothing like Lohan the loser. No deep forehead wrinkles, no splotchy spray on orange tan, no artificially inflated lips. no stink waves emanating from her body.

1274 days ago
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