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Rebecca Black -- I Don't Wanna Be 'Friday Girl'

4/25/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being forever known as the chick who sings that "Friday" song isn't as fun .... fun ... fun ... fun ... fun ... as it seems ... so says Rebecca Black ... you know, that chick who sings that "Friday" song.


13-year-old Black just gave an interview to the AP -- in which the singer says she desperately wants a career as a respected recording artist ... adding, "I don't want to be known as the `Friday' girl. Hopefully, I can be known as Rebecca Black and not the `Friday' girl."

Black -- whose smash hit has landed more than 118 million views on YouTube -- added, "I want to be a performing artist. That's what I've always wanted to do."

For the record -- Black recently locked down a 5-song album deal ... which means she's already light years ahead of the "Chocolate Rain" guy.


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I know in school people say "IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT" but we live in reality and that is not true.

You can't sing. So either start taking lessons and practicing, or quit. The only reason why that song has a lot of hits is because its ANNOYING. And the lyrics can be written by a 5 year old.

1277 days ago


aww ur not the friday girl...

your the girl who autotune cant save you..

1277 days ago


i dont blame her for not wanting to be known as the friday girll... i mean COME ON! even deaf people hate that song!

1277 days ago


im laughing so much at all your silly hater comments that you toss back at my statement that i made about her.I said i liked it..i have that right to like it.I live im choice my friend.Atleast im not a thug loving idiot listening to "so called music" about money,drugs and sex..on that note the lot of you can go check the mail for your food stamps and welfare checks.

1277 days ago


This just goes to show that many singers don't need to have talent anymore. Most of what we hear aren't the "real" voices of artists anyhow...heh-emm...Britney. Anyone can be made into a great singer with the use of current technology.

1277 days ago


All you motherf#@%ers needs to die in the face for bashing her!

1277 days ago


Always wanted to be... for the last, what, five years? Poor kid. Her scope of life is too narrow... blame the parents

1277 days ago


People need to ease up on Rebecca. First of all, she is only 13 years old. Give her a break. Second, and most important, is that she only sang the song. The person you should really be making fun of is that Fat Usher guy who wrote this stupid song and produced the stupid video. He is the one to blame, not Rebecca.

1277 days ago


I would much rather have my young daughters listening to her music than I would have them watching Miley sing and pole dance with her underware pulled up in her crotch. Rebecca, you look great and you sing just fine.

1277 days ago


Not bad for a young girl with limited talent, glad for her but feel a little bad for the countless much talented kids out there that work so hard and have yet to get a break but that's how the industry is. With hard work and vocals I'm sure she'll catch up though. Good luck, let's hope she's grateful for this very fortunate chance.

1277 days ago


I dont understand why u guys are calling it a "smash hit"?? just because she got all those hits on youtube doesnt mean people actually liked the song. People were just curious to see how ****ty it was. She is not a good singer at all and the song stinks.

1277 days ago


I dont get it. so.. people LIKE that song?! How can that vid have SO many hits?! it's a joke.. right?! :-O

1277 days ago


Lighten up on this kid. She's an adorable 13 year old girl with striking star quality. Her song, Friday, has exactly what every pop song strives for --- it's extremely catchy. Her vocal talent may need some work, but she shows ability, especially for such a youngster. I predict a solid career ahead for her, and no career whatsoever ahead for her snarky, no-talent critics in the peanut gallery.

1277 days ago


Alvin and the Chipmunks did quite well and are still recording. Children like funny little ditties and aren't critical when it copes to actual talent.

1277 days ago


"I Don't Wanna Be Friday Girl"


too late dear

1277 days ago
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