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Beyonce Accused of Destroying Xmas for 70 People

4/26/2011 6:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce Knowles is a "morally reprehensible" person who screwed 70 people out of their jobs one week before Christmas ... this according to a new legal documents obtained by TMZ.


A video game company called Gate Five filed papers today in NY -- in which they claim they had a deal in place in 2010 to create a game with Beyonce called, "Starpower: Beyonce."

According to the docs, things went awry during a "crucial moment in the project's development" when Beyonce made "an extortionate demand" for more money -- even though the two sides already had a deal in place.

Gate Five claims her move "drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas" ... and notes that one of the project's backers described her conduct as "morally reprehensible."

The company claims it is entitled to the $6.7 mil it invested into the venture -- as well as more than $100 million in profits Gate Five believes it would have earned had Beyonce honored the agreement.


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She also crosses picket lines too. Remember the writers strike? She cares nothing about anyone but her. This is my subjective opinion of course.

1172 days ago


That's a normal thing in show biz, I am sure she is asking for some of the publishing rights when she sings the songs, thats how u make the cash. She's not stealing it's a normal business practice Jake.

1172 days ago


She strikes me as someone who must have their way or there is hell to pay. To say she married that Jay-Z person for his money is a major Duh. It sure weren't for his looks. Geeze. What a goofy lookin' guy. And she aint so hot without the help of "white people wigs" and surely a bit of under the knife....these people are so damn phoney its unreal. I am sure there will be those goof balls who will yell HATER and RACIST but you can go pound sand. Her quest to look white should be what you ought to whine about. Seems she prefers to look much lighter than she is. Anyway, these people would chew you up and spit you out and never look back. The bottom line is they are still ghetto. Don't think for one minute they aren't anything but money hungry thugs under all the fluff.

1172 days ago


@Neko Nation, well Darling sometimes folks are rude when they are in a hostile setting...if folks in the room have a chip and think she is going to be rude, then maybe she will be to keep things moving...and, demanding, most woman can never behave the same way a man can without being labeled demanding or otherwise-

I've heard and read things about close friends of mine that are not real, so seldom do I believe anything I read--and never anything I see or hear on television. I am an editor and know the power of the art, I can put words in and take them out of your I know better...

1172 days ago

elda .g    

you people should shout yur mouth. and know the real story before talking.

1172 days ago


Wow....Its pretty sad to see so many angry people all in one place. People angry over someone they never even met or don't even personally know. Are so many people's lives really that miserable? Sad...

1172 days ago


Any contract worth this kind of money would have had a provision for either party to exit. Show us the contract! I doubt Beyonce's attorneys signed off on anything that would put her in a position of liability.

Oh, and 1 week before Xmas. Too bad so sad. You want a job guarantee, get a government job.

1172 days ago

DJ MVP    

She can afford $6.7 million or she can get it from her Illuminati bosses.

1172 days ago

Dear TMZ    

Þú ert a heimskur elgur. Þú ert sönnun there er neitun Guð og þessi ef there er við tækifæri þessi hann finna þú a ótrúlegur sóa af auðlindir. Mega þú vera hálshöggva og þá hafa þinn líkami og líkamlegur vökvi blandaður með jarðvegur til gera byssupúður fyrir minn AK -47.

1172 days ago

not surprised    

Doesn't surprise me. I was working at a charity several years back when Destiny Child made a visit there. They called ahead and demanded that they charity pick up food (and pay) for their entire entourage and then didn't bother to eat it or take it with them. All that non-profit money and food wasted. They were particularly demanding and difficult during their visit, definitely all about the publicity. The worst celebrity visitors that I ever saw come through by far.

1172 days ago


This chick is so full of herself it's ridiculous. I never considered her as a true singer. It's all about hype and possibly affirmative action. Does she have anything real about her? Why won't reveal her real hair?

1172 days ago


No talent piece of crud.

1172 days ago


@David you sir are an ass WTF does affirmative action have to do with Beyonce's singing? I'll bet you that you're one of those under skilled uneducated morons who blame minorities for your pathetic lot in life. Don't blame other people because you never finished the 4th grade and work at McDonald and sleep on the couch-bed in your mom's living room, blame yourself. Your momma should have swallowed you.

1172 days ago


Sue the egotistical skank b8tch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1172 days ago


She is a talent less fraud and **** and just a reminder You are Black not White stop trying to look White!

1172 days ago
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