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Bree Olson Pleads GUILTY In DUI Case

4/26/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's former goddess Bree Olson pled guilty to a driving drunk charge this morning ... stemming from her arrest in Indiana back in February.


According to, Bree struck a deal with prosecutors ... in which she will serve one year of unsupervised probation if she completes an unspecified amount of community service and stays out of trouble. Official sentencing is set for May 3.

As we previously reported, Olson was arrested on one misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated after crashing her car on Feb. 3.



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"Is that herpes", "are those meth pocks" etc etc....

Like none of you guys have ever just had a zit....

1242 days ago


"Is that herpes", "are those meth pocks" etc etc....

Like none of you guys have ever just had a zit....
Actually, that is where she scraped her chin on the judges zipper.

1242 days ago


Hey, TMZ - I sent a request on Monday, April 25, 2001 to your admin via the "contact" link requesting that (1) you close my account and that (2) you also delete ALL my posts.

I sent the same request a second time on April 26, 2011 - with an additional request (3) for an email message either explaining how to close the account or denying my request.

Why can't we at least delete our own account here without having to go through all this hassle? It would be less work for your people, too. Other services online allow for an account to be deleted at the desire of the account holder. Why not TMZ?

1242 days ago


Bree - my opinion of you has gone way up since you ditched that
stinky, egotistical, has been ''actor'' you were wasting your time on. He's just bad news any way you slice it, and staying
with that addict would do nothing but endanger your probation!!!
Stay far far away from him, my dear. Good luck to you.

1242 days ago


I think bad thoughts when the name Bree Olson and the phrase "community service" are used together. In my head I switch the words to "servicing the community", which just sounds more her style. Bree Olson, community service. Bree Olson, servicing the community. Yeah, thats the ticket...

1242 days ago


Bree... its just an expression! You woulda never been charged - except that when told to blow into the breathalyzer, you sucked.

1242 days ago



I'm planning to post my questions about closing accounts to TMZ's live comments section, even if they do get around to closing my account. But, I want to give them enough time to respond first. IMO, the edit function here ought to allow us to close our own accounts and to delete our own messages like other online services do. So, I intend to ask about that, regardless.

Since, you are a website administer yourself, please tell me:

(1) How long is a reasonable time for a person to expect for admin to respond to a request to close an account?

(2) How common is it for websites to disallow an edit function for an account holder to close their own account? I can't recall ever being in this situation before.

(3) How hard would it be for TMZ to provide an account closing - and comment deleting - function here for account holders?

Anybody else with relevant information willing to share?

1242 days ago


P.S. I also plan to Tweet Harvey.

1242 days ago


I've seen some of Bree's videos and every time i feel disgusted with myself. Is that normal ?

1242 days ago


Man where in the hell did her upper lip go?
Guess thats how you know you've given way too many BJs.
Your upper lip disappears. Nasty

1242 days ago


I HATE DRUNKS!!!! oh and FU to all of you FKRS who like to hate on marijuana so damn much, you see a bunch of drunk drivers and ppl with DUI'S over alcohol. Thats the world we live in and the trash in our society. Ignorant mthr fkrs who diss marijuana when if you really look it up, drunk drivers are the cause of most accidents out there and deaths. ALL of you drunks need to alcohol poison yourselves so we can have less of your kind.

1242 days ago


And you think DUI is ONLY about alcohol??? LMFAO!!! It is about DRUGS too, and whether you like it or not, marijuana is a DRUG.

1242 days ago

todd lee    


F YOU TOO...i hate drunks AND potheads.

you said "TRASH IN OUR SOCIETY" potheads aare also the trash in our society, try life with being high, you might enjoy it, BURNOUT!!!

1242 days ago

todd lee    

Hey Bree,

Stay off the Crystal Meth, you can see the pock-marks on your face.

1242 days ago


That's probably the real reason she's not coming back to be with Charlie. I doubt if a judge would approve of her shacking up with Charlie knowing he's a crackhead and a boozer. Bree protected herself and decided not to come back at all. Smart move.

I'm sure Charlie knew her REAL reason for not coming back but wanted it to look like he was in control of the situation by saying she can only come back if he ALLOWED her to come back. Dude is so full of crap.

1242 days ago
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