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Bree Olson Pleads GUILTY In DUI Case

4/26/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's former goddess Bree Olson pled guilty to a driving drunk charge this morning ... stemming from her arrest in Indiana back in February.


According to, Bree struck a deal with prosecutors ... in which she will serve one year of unsupervised probation if she completes an unspecified amount of community service and stays out of trouble. Official sentencing is set for May 3.

As we previously reported, Olson was arrested on one misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated after crashing her car on Feb. 3.



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I'm thinking about how you seem to view Charlie as representing some sort of figure of Great Hope, which evidently others do, too. I'm not sure that I really understand why some people have projected that image upon Charlie. Oh, I get the "stick it to the man" part, but even now as he is begging for his job back that image still seems to exist for some people. Maybe they are simply not tracking the changes with Charlie or maybe there is something else involved.

If you wouldn't mind, it would be interesting to hear more from you on that subject. I PROMISE not to take any cheap shots at your views - and I also trust that if anyone else here does you already have reloaded :-).

From my point of view, anytime someone is elevated to a pedestal position, there is trouble brewing. I work very hard not to allow anyone to elevate me that way even a little. I know that I am not a heroic figure, and damned if that predictable fall from the pedestal doesn't come with a hard landing. Every time.

When a public figure allows masses of people to project an image onto them, they are risking having that image morph into something else. From Folk Hero to National Scapegoat. The fact that the economy in Texas is the best - ranked number one last I looked - in the nation is not without significance in this case, IMO. A Texas audience is likely to be less harsh on a "rich, spoiled, Hollywood brat" than other audiences may be.

1273 days ago


I do think though that the tour, and what's been happening before with Charlie turning to people on the net, might in fact be to some extent about truth, in the sense of authenticity. Charlie's been in the business of appealing to everybody - or as many people as possible - pretty much his whole adult life. And my reading is that it didn't particularly suit him, a conflict even ****loads of money may appease only for a limited time.


During that tour and in all the interviews that he has been giving, and that made him labelled as a "mental case", Charlie wants to show people that underneath that Hollywood exterior that he got tired of, there is another Charlie. Far more REAL than the one seen on the red carpet or magazine covers.
He got fed up with the way he was treated, he told his bosses how he felt, then he apologized for some of his actions, and he got fired. So he realized that trying to extend olive branches sucks, because if they wanna screw you, they will anyway, no matter what you do.
He has seen spins and lies about him in the media for years, so he decided to tell the truth. He offers people his words on the stage without the bias of the journalists who have always supported his freaking "victims". As much as what he says on stage may be colorful and exaggerated at times, I don't think he has ever told one lie about himself and people in his life over there. However when a person wants to find out what he really thinks or what his plans are they should listen carefully to what he says off stage, to the journalists (NOT of mainstream media). That is more focused and calm.
All is all, I think this tour was a terrific idea and it has done hima lot of good. He was pretty disappointed with the lack of support he got from people around him, and during that tour he saw that he has plenty of support elsewhere. No heckling and no booing in any of the cities will be able to overshadow those that have been absolutely amazed with him and happy just to be able to see him. He gets that kind of people in every single city.
I think that support is going to help him stay clean. That and the fact that he found a new focus in life: his family and himself. Not the ones that have been showering him with money.
Sure he wants to get his job back. He feels he was treated unfailry by being fired, so he wants back what was taken away from him, but I think that is not his number one priority.

That's my view of Charlie, this tour and what this whole thing has done to his life. In my opinion, it is nothing but positive. Losing one goddess is positive too.

1273 days ago


@ Raymond,

Thanks for you honesty in sharing your views and most especially your personal experience with your father. I shared the dying and death experience with my mother. Intimate, challenging, and profound.

Slowly backing my way out the door here hoping to make whatever polite replies may be called for and taking with me food for thought. Thank you for that, too.

Have to chuckle about the notion that anyone who knows me in the "real world" would ever mistake me for a "by the textbook" sort of person. Oh, the trouble I have gotten into over the years because I made my own pathway in life! LOL

Each journey is unique. However, consensus reality does weigh in from time to time. For example, its probably not a good idea to explore our inner wild man/woman via actual cannibalism. Society rightly (IMO) tends to frown on such things.

1273 days ago


I'm seeing more of a history of allegations than a history of proven abuse.


That's just it. I wrote it yesterday. They all CLAIM that Cjarlie did this or that. Where are the proofs? Where are the witnesses? Most of these women, like Brooke, Anderson, Richards have nothing but their own words, which have been proven to be worthy of nothing many times.

1273 days ago


@ Lagoon,

I hope that I have answered your question about the remarks that were made about Bree.

I agree with you that nothing is free.

Please don't expect me to be around to make any other replies - just FYI.

1273 days ago


Lagoon about an hour ago

Since she is a goddess fallen from grace, I'm curious about how he refers to Bree now and how those references will compare to what Sheen says about his ex-wives. I'm all for free speech and if I don't like it, I no longer listen to it (Howard Stern, for example). Free speech does have its limitations nevertheless. For example, racial slurs and gossip board comments that might be inappropriate. Nothing is free.
ksis about an hour ago


Whatever he said about her, that is how he felt at the moment and he had the right to say it, imo.


Well, Charlie never made any racial comments. LOL
Seriously...I don't know what exactly he said about her. I only heard part of the show where Jeff Ross made some comments during his "roasting" of my poor Charlie. LOL!!!

1273 days ago


Reality Check re Human Trafficking:

Most human trafficking in the United States occurs in New York, California, and Florida.

Several countries rank high as source countries for human trafficking, including Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, China, Thailand, and *****ia.

Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, and the U.S. are ranked very high as destination countries of trafficked victim

1273 days ago



HAHAHA!!! What can I say??

1273 days ago


''It was like paying $100 to watch an AA meeting''

"Charlie was disappointed when he got to Texas. He thought it was the Porn Star State."

That certainly would have had every normal mortal rolling in the aisles, laughing. Hilarious.
Freak shows were popular once, but they died off until Charlie. It was a bonus to him that no one walked out, it was a winning show where all freak lovers could ***ulate in one place to laugh at filthy, dirty talk about the mothers of his children. I hope he had the opportunity to mock balding cancer patients or epileptic patients like he did on his show that caused an uproar. Charlie's people love laughing at ''damaged goods'', as he calls them. Dying's for fools, dying's for amateurs, the Sheenius says. Let's see what magical excuse he'll have when the great warlock is called home to Mars.
Charlie has done nothing for society but expose its sick innards and attempts to normalize them by taking money from fools of the same caliber. Let's hope he gathers his flock to another WACO so we'd hear the last of him.

1272 days ago


After watching multiple twitter feeds coming from the AAC Dallas show, I may have to totally reprise my "Texas thesis". He's losing as big in Dallas as he has elsewhere in the US. Started out with a sparse crowd and then the walk outs began....

Jess Ross was not there at all tonight - he is in LA. Last night in Houston Jeff Ross was involved throughout the whole show. So, its hard to know who Houston loved best - Jeff Ross or Charlie Sheen as showcased by Jeff Ross.

Not even one of Dallas' top radio personalities - Kidd Krad**** - was able to get through the interview without being "verbally brutalized" by the crowd.

And, it may be as simple as the traditional rivalry in Texas - Dallas has always been regarded as a classier city than Houston. Didn't help that Charlie kept mentioning Houston - he even read the entire Houston Chronicle review - the positive one - to the Dallas crowd.

BUT THEN, he followed that review by reading an email he sent the author - and it was NOT a pleasant email. Go figure. Still not grateful I guess. And, one Dallas reviewer said that he figured he had that to look forward to.

Oh, much for my 2 bit Texas analysis :-).

1272 days ago


Winning as always.

1272 days ago


Check out the following Twitter accounts... NONE of them enjoyed the show. The dissatisfaction last night was shared by LOTS of people who left early.

Dallas was a loss for Chuckie... primarily because his buddy Ross wasn't around to save the show from the toilet. Without Ross, the man TANKS:!/SamTheMailman!/sybil1053!/OmarVillafranca

And what is with the "only three urls" error message? A new way to stop the spammers?? Whatever. For anyone not lazy enough to wait for the urls and who wants to see what people thought of the show, the rest of the twitter accounts are easy enough to find, just deleted the name from the url and add one of the following:







The venue was not sold out, the opening act was poorly received, and having his bodyguard "roast" him instead of a bona fide comic just didn't cut it. But at least you found a positive review to offset all the negatives - good for Team Sheen!

1272 days ago


@theDwest: charliesheen was EPIC tonight. We loved the show. I don't know what went wrong in New York but he was WINNING in Dallas.

@mammamia621: Give me more tiger bloood!

@lukester00: Thank you @charliesheen for deeming me worthy of the mighty warlocks rewteet. I truly am #WINNING tonight! CBS!!!! Can't BEAT SHEEN!!!!

@TraciThompson5: @charliesheen @lukester00 don't U just lurve him? He cast a spell here in TO (Toronto) also!!!!

Just gotta know where to look...;)

1272 days ago


Bree looks infested. Gross.

1272 days ago



And just for having GUTS to go up against all that, he deserves the word "winning" to be permanently tatooed on his forhead.

1272 days ago
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