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Gloria Allred Protests MLB Gay Slur

4/27/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred claims a Major League Baseball coach hurled "shocking gay slurs" and made "vulgar sexual gestures" at a recent game, in front of children.

Allred tells TMZ ... the coach used "homophobic words and sexually suggestive vulgar behavior," simulating sex between gay men.

Allred says the comments and gestures were directed at 3 men whom the coach apparently thought were gay.

One of the fans, who brought his 9-year-old twin girls to the game, protested to the coach ... and according to Allred, the coach responded by saying, "Kids don't f**king belong at the baseball park."  She also claims the coach then approached the father "with threatening words and a baseball bat."

Allred will hold a news conference with the father and his twins at her L.A. office on Wednesday at 1 PM PDT.

We'll be live streaming.


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No Avatar


Does she ever have any "real" cases and why does she think it is necessary to hold a press conference? No one cares what you have to say Gloria!!!!

1242 days ago


LEAVE OUR SPORTS ALONE, basketball and now baseball...geez! I bet Gloria curses like a sailor.

1242 days ago


Listen, calling someone a homo or a c@#ksucker isn't exactly appropriate in front of kids and the coach should know better and the whole "kids shouldn't be at the ballpark" line is one of the stupidest things I've heard because that's exactly where kids should be but what the f@#k do you expect from a ball coach I mean really these guys have the most vulgar language out there and like it or not and a silly as it sounds it's part of the game. Swearing, kicking dirt, spitting..all part of the game. If this lame ass Dad wants to whine about this he should take his girls to the f#$king ballet. America's game has had this in it from day one and now all of a sudden this c#n t wants to hold a f#$king press conference? WTF

I guarantee you the bottom line to this little protest will have yet another price tag on it because this b@tch doesn't get out of bed unless she can sue someone for some bullsh! t reason.

1242 days ago


This comment is not directed toward this incident and in no way am I making a judgement on what happened or endorsing it, but I would like to say that I am soo sick of seeing Gloria Allred and all her "news conferences". Please, whether what was said is true or not, wrong or not, there is no reason for it to be given the airtime that she so desperately craves.

1242 days ago


Gloria is a joke. She sees any band wagon & jumps on. She is a news whore just like those she represents. She needs a real life!

1242 days ago

I am Spartacus    

a news conference? No one cares about this story. Does anyone other than TMZ actually show up to her press conferences?

1242 days ago


If EVER there were a tired bitch who NEEDS to be slapped into unconsiousness, it';s damn sure this one. She continuaaly sticks her nasty nose into peoples business solely to fatten her wallet and to keep her old, dried up face before the media. I hope you read TMZ, Ms *******.

Gloria+Prince Von = A PAIR OF *******S! Surely a losing hand.

1242 days ago


I know Donald Trump wanted to see Obama's records but lets see where Allred graduated law school from I don't think she can go to all 50 states to rep anyone I think she has to stay where she got her degree in law at and law school then maybe just maybe they will get her for being to '' Media friendly '' and by the way where is this MLB Coach from what state anyone know. ?

1242 days ago


man this bit-ch is annoying.. crawl back under the rock that spewed you

1242 days ago


Get em' coach!!!

1242 days ago


Kids don't f**king belong at the baseball park."

Are you serious? That's where everyone takes their kids, right? It's like some tradition to raise kids in the baseball stands.

Are you serious??? This is her version of what took place... Do you really think that a coach approached a fan without prior incident just to unleash public hate on them? This is Gloria being Gloria... she needs to stop whoring and go away.

1242 days ago


So some one got offended because an adult was was speaking his mind towards other adults and his kids heard. Don't take your kids if your going to worry about what they hear at a sporting event. I've heard worse from parents at their kids events.

1242 days ago

Mike L    

Oh somebody kill this ****ing bitch already!!! I'm so damn sick of her and her politically correct agenda.

1242 days ago

Winning DUH    

nothing against homosexuals cause i have a few who are good friends but every time someone says queer or *** is not a reason to jump up and scream to the world about it.this is even the attitude of my gay friends.alot of gay people are ruining it for straight people to ever accept it.

1242 days ago

Winning DUH    

wow i dont think i have seen one single comment here FOR glorias side..lmfao hilarious !

1242 days ago
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