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Katie Couric


4/26/2011 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric has finally made it official -- announcing moments ago that she's decided to "step down" from her post at the "CBS Evening News."

Katie Couric Leaving CBS

Couric told, "In making the decision to move on, I know the Evening News will be in great hands, but I am excited about the future."

As for Couric's future in TV, she added, "I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling."

Couric insists the details -- including which network she will land with -- are "still being discussed."

As TMZ previously reported, she is talking with CBS about a possible daytime syndicated show ... in addition in continuing with the news division -- probably "60 Minutes."

Couric's contract is up in June -- it's likely she won't leave the show until then.

TMZ broke the story -- Katie's replacement will be "60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley -- we're told that announcement will be made sometime around May 6.

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Katie's got a lousy dentist otherwise she would have fixed her uneven gumlime on her front teeth (crowns)

1243 days ago


the only thing "multidimensional" would be her broadcasting as she is bent over the sofa ( if you get my drift)

1243 days ago


"More multi-dimensional storytelling.""? come on! what in the world do you think all nightly news casts are? Just a bunch of story tellers! You and all nightly news anchors including cable are nothing but a bunch of wanna be journalistic HACKS!
You couldn't tell the truth if your life depended on it!
That's why your ratings suck and the people become informed from online news sources.
Corporate news WHORES!
LOL! loosers!

1242 days ago


Multi Dimensional Story Telling? Leave that to the novelists; from the news I'd prefer an honest attempt at the facts rather than all the partisan spin and myth making.

1242 days ago

Gayle Miller    

I hope we will be relieved of that gummy smirk and the fake perkiness for quite a while. I'm tired of partisan opinion being dished out as unbiased reportage. That isn't what I was taught at The Ohio State University's School of Journalism in the early 60s.

1242 days ago


Bring back Dan Rather. I haven't watched the CBS Evening News but once since he left.

1242 days ago


must be nice to be able to leave your job when there are people like myself who are trying to get in with people like cbs! suck it katie!

1242 days ago


Michael, you might have loved her Palin interview, but that is one of the main reasons she got fired(yes, she did but CBS allowed her to say it was her choice, have you seen her ratings?) She had that little **** eating grin for months and that was her down fall, she loved making other people look bad in order to make herself look good......that was impossible because she is a one sided reporter and it cost her her job and I love it. She needs to just get off of tv, she is not very well liked. She is the fool and makes a point of being one sided on the political front, she is now gone and O will be the next did that work out for you Katie???

1242 days ago


Katie just this minute proved the point that she is a horrible news person. She said that Obama had to show his birth certificate today and he was the first ever President to have to do so, of course since she is so in love with him, she would think that. Chester A Arthur in the 1880's had trouble about his birth being in Canada, even a few years ago, Democrates gave John McCain hell because he was born on an Army base in Panama. She needs to look her facts up before she gets on natural tv and makes such a statement. Obama is NOT the first and besides had he shown it years ago, none of this would have been needed. Both of them are big losers!!

1242 days ago


She has a uglgy mouth..more gum and weird teeth. Sorry she is not a good looking lady.

1242 days ago


I am shocked about the language and these below zero comments.

1242 days ago


ho,hum............... who cares? boring,boring,boring. Not interested........

1242 days ago


yeah she is leaving cause she sucks and nobody watches her.

1242 days ago


1,980,000 internet sites trashing ms. couric

type in 'katie couric bitch' on your address line.....there are 1,980,000 sites that pop anyone surprised?????

1241 days ago
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