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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler


4/26/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler finally came through in the clutch -- for once -- and popped the question to his MTV starlet GF Kristin Cavallari this weekend ... and apparently, she said yes.


According to People.com, 27-year-old Cutler proposed to the 24-year-old actress (?) during their weekend getaway to Cabo San Lucas.

The two have been dating since last fall.

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what a c u n t this girl is. i'd still **** her face.

1254 days ago

Eric Anderson    

My initial thoughts regarding Jay's engagement was, "Isn't Jay more interested in Martha, or Emily" from the Las Vegas area?
Seems to me that Kristen bought her own ring from her own money!

1253 days ago


I'll paraphrase what my grandfather and uncles used to tell us whenever somebody got engaged (and eventually married and of course, later divorced lol) "Hell why pay for the milk if the cow is free!" You have to look at the sickly man Jay Cutler is becoming. Low self confidence. Career sucking. He's sandwiched between two fugly sisters who kristin remarkably looks like them. His career and reputation is on the line and what happened?? His diabetes, man. He must be on some fantastic meds you don't mind spiraling downward and anybody thinks Kristin is that cow for him needs a reality check. Oh but wait, she's already an accomplished career liar. Who knows,hell I'm gonna laugh like I knew with the rest of my family, this marriage isn't going to last. I give bad-breath the time I gave Jessica Simpson and Nick and she moved onto deluded Romo, less than 5 years and **** that woman at least sings. And props to Romo, he woke up before damage was done. Wish Jay luck on dealing with all the consequences. Kristin came from an alcohol drug infested broken home and the apple never falls far the tree. To me, Jay and Kristin look like a bunch of inbreds, they're both ugly as sin. She has a huge out of porportion head like that Sarah Jessica Parker chick. He's from Indiana, maybe they're distant cousins, maybe he has sexual feelings towards his sisters, why he goes for dumb blondes, who will know, maybe their special needs children they end up having. Who knows, who cares and if the pathetic attention seekers they are are reading, good for them. They need to know nobody but their greedy families respects either of them.

1251 days ago


I'll say to Jay like I told all my uncles who were marrying questionable women before they all turned 35. Needless to say, not one of them ever listened to anybody and sure enough all of them are now divorced, and are dealing with endless child support, court, soap opera lives from lmao and who knew! All wish today they 'waited'.

Yo man, wait. You're not even 30. Polls are going up that are saying they see you with a respectable, educated "nobody" special BRUNETTE, more like Kate Middleton was before William came along. Man, you are going to be stuck like chuck you keep on this charade with that accomplished liar. Another poll, she isn't even THAT pretty. There's stories she's a skank and, yo how are those leftovers.

For the love of the NFL, God seriously man kick her to the curb. Think like Denver got rid of McDaniels. Think of your career man. People who pay good money for Chicago to keep you. Fans and children who still look up to you. Nobody has to tell you the bull**** artist standing next to you pretending to care for those ill children. Man, an educated beautiful brunette woman is more your type. Personally my buddies and I wouldn't even look twice at a girl who resembled our sisters in the least LOL, but hey maybe it's the sex. Be like Romo, have fun man but, don't be like Romo who kept sticking his hand in the blender. Use Kristin all you want. Don't marry her. You'll regret it. You want to pray about it and you'll know your future isn't with her. Hell, try breaking up with her NOW, if you want to start anew with your football career.

Good luck man. God be with you.

1251 days ago

amir albarzi    

TT, Yes true.......Kristin's family is a manipulative, drug infested, lying, cheating family from hell. The Dad is the s***bag from hell.....you nailed it.

1249 days ago


Wow I thought Jay could do better than that! They won't last. She is gorgeous don't get me wrong But while they are together she will be hitting all his bank accounts. But I wouldn't blame her after 3 suck ass reality shows in a row and a failing acting career I would too. Her two little lines in shows and movies that nobody watches that went straight to DVD obviously didn't get her anywhere. He must be getting some good sex to put a ring on her finger that quick! She is a nobody. I feel bad for Jay. Does he know what he is getting himself into?

1185 days ago

Janae Philips    

First, of all I live in Colorado and know Jay Cutler and trust he is no one special. Kristen didn't lose a good guy, He's so ****y he thinks with the wrong head. The should be glad to be glad to be rid of him. He use to come into work think acting like do you know who I am, Please he is a want to be wigger. She way better off without him, his career won't last that much longer. He is crap and nothing more then that. Kristen she deserves and deserves her..... Girl keep living He's not worth it.

1150 days ago
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