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Lindsay Lohan

'Grateful' for Jay Leno

4/26/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno won the battle for Lindsay Lohan because the actress feels "grateful" for the way he's treated her over the years ... sources connected with the actress tell TMZ.


Lohan pre-taped an episode of "The Tonight Show" yesterday ... set to air tonight ... and according to reports, she received a standing ovation when she walked on to the set.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us she has been receiving several offers to appear on talk shows since she was sentenced to jail last week ... but chose Leno because, "He has been nothing but good to her and her family over the years ... and has always been protective of her."

Of course, Lohan was furious with Letterman earlier this year -- when the comic ripped her on his show following a booking fiasco. Video of Lindsay heading to the studio below.042611_lohan_inf_still

During the interview, Lohan talked about her sentence -- telling Jay she felt "kind of numb" after the judge threw the book at her.

Lohan also talked about the "Gotti" movie -- reconfirming that she WILL be playing the role of John Gotti Jr.'s wife.


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lindsay called me and wants me to stop by her house to party like its 1999
I said no......
its 2011 and we will party now

1275 days ago


Why does she need to have someone be "protective" of her? Isn't she a grown woman? I think it may be called using Leno, the way she uses everyone within her vicinity.
Continue on with your delusions dearie. Those people in the audience that cheered are simply polite and this whole concept is foreign to you.

1275 days ago


Lindsay is dumber than I thought she was.

1275 days ago


Leno is a softball interview she should have done Oprah or 60 minutes.

Also that Gotti movie will suck now, she will ruin it with her d list acting.

1275 days ago


Most people don't know that when you attend a taping, you are told when to applaud, laugh, yell and stand for an ovation.

1275 days ago


Why would she pre-tape an interview? Bizarre. What did they do, review her clips of her court appearances. What happened to the million dollar interview offers?

As for jail, maybe Leno played back the tape when the Judge said she WAS going there. Lindsay has never had a succesful appealing interview since her Disney years. She should let her roles when done speak for themselves.

1275 days ago


Aw, Deb

not too bitter, are you? lol

1275 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Leno good to her LMFAO! Maybe she should go back and look at all the bashing he has done to her on his show

May favorite is the E-Trade babys ( you can catch it on youtube, Jay Leno E-Trade babys) It was hilarious, the babys calling her a LOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSEEEEEERRRRRR!

As for her standing ovation when she walked on to the set.

Thats a staff member holding up a card for the audience to clap and stand up

Does Dina really think the public is that dumb, to believe such foolishness
She got Jay to do that, because he bashes Lindsays ALL the time (even Dina) There is tons of skits of Jay bashing the Lohans

The audience was just doing what they were told to...There was probably a NO Boooing card as well

1275 days ago


Uh... there might not have been such a battle to "win" for Lindsay's interview, despite "the source's" claims. Her lawyer's husband, Dorian Holley, is a well-known musician who works on the Jay Leno show. More likely the Lohans approached Jay through Dorian Holley and sappy Jay said yes.

'Scuse my skepticism, but Lindsay really doesn't have anything interesting to say at this point and would not be a natural choice for any "battle" for an interview. The late night crowd is having too much fun mocking her, anyway (including Jay). If she gets herself together someday, stops getting mug shots and manages to overcome her horrible on-set reputation, maybe in a few years -- then she might make an interesting interview.

But the Dorian Holley connection suggests that Shawn Holley actually wanted Lindsay to do this. Trying to win over a potential jury, mayhap? Jay would be the only late night host that would hit that demographic.

I myself would have thought it would be smarter for Lindsay to keep a very low profile, not get in any of the tabloids for her red bull and vodka adventures, keep her mouth shut about "feeling numb" and "feeling blindsided" and "I'm a victim of a witch hunt" and "it's so unfaiiiirrrrrr" etc. and focus on speedily getting through her community service with glowing reports from her supervisors (without any manipulation or payoffs). That's what will impress the judge and make it less likely that the judge says "no early release", "day for day" etc. when the time comes to do the jail term for the probation violations. She needs to play to the judge, not Jay Leno's audience.

1275 days ago


I believe the real test for Lindsay will be in the ticket sales of any movie she stars in. And not just a bit part, like she had in Machete. She was listed 10th in the credits behind Shea Whignam (that's right...who???). It's not said yet, how big of a role she has in Gotti.

Since her troubles began in 2007, except for Machete (where she had a bit part), all have been bombs. Her last starring role went straight to DVD. Chapter 27 made a whole $57,000. The biggest bust was Labor pains that had a 10 million budget and grossed a whole $112,988 in Romania!

Let's hope she can keep the Gotti role, that it is a central character within the movie, and that the ticket sales show she's on the way back. Appearing on Leno AFTER she's sentenced to jail can not be considered a comeback, just yet. I'm sure she'll make the talk show circuit after she does her time in jail also. Everyone loves watching a trainwreck...

1275 days ago


yeah Lindsay: and Jay is grateful for Conan too, right? SMH.

1275 days ago


she will be paid 20 million for the GOTTI pic,the MAFIA is bankrolling it ...

1275 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

BTW Lindsay just showed up to NBC studio, and forced herself on Leno
Just like she did in New York to the Gotti conference

Broadway beauty Kristin Chenoweth was bumped to make room for Lohan, because Lindsay would of made a scene on the set

Im sure Kristin and her people are pissed and annoyed over this

Lindsay better watch her back, when stepping on "A" list toes

1275 days ago


I guess in life, if you hit rock bottom life still gives you the chance to try to get out of it.
She's trying. I'll give her that. She could just behave more Hollywood-ish and make appearances on Fallon, etc. Instead she is acting like a 30mil per movie superstar, hiding behind dark glasses. She should just get out there and mingle with her fans and the industry. (as if i know! duh!)

ps. Letterman pretty much hates everyone. He even (and often) mocks his own Mom. Which for any normal male, is taboo, and highly disrespectful.

1275 days ago


Charlie Sheen's gotten plenty of standing ovations too.. really doesn't mean much... less actually on Leno since they audience is cued to do certain things and the show is extremely scripted of what can and can't be discussed. As for everyone loving a comeback.. that's true.. but you need to actually 'have' a comeback first. Lindsay is going to trial over a theft and will be serving time in jail for a probation violation.. THAT is not a comeback people.

1275 days ago
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