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'Tonight Show'

Standing O

4/27/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won the hearts and minds of 500 people Tuesday ... albeit not a jury of her peers -- thanks to a heartfelt mea culpa on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show."

Lindsay got a standing ovation shortly before admitting no one but herself is to blame for the predicament that triggered a 120 day jail sentence.

After about 5 minutes, Jay and Lindsay did a bit of full disclosure ... revealing they have something -- actually someone -- in common.


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For some reason, when I hear Lindsay Lohan and the words "standing O", my first association is of her receiving something vulgar rather than undeserved kudos.

1272 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

love how she talked about doing things in her PAST. Uh, didn't she steal the necklace like 3 months ago? She is appealing probation violation and has not yet stood trial for the necklace. This is not her PAST this is her PRESENT and FUTURE. She probably figured out how STUPID it was to state publicly that Judge Sautner's decisions were ridiculous and fu*cked up so now she's trying to act "responsible". Sorry, nobody is buying it. Not the judge, not the viewing public.

1272 days ago

Daffy Duck    

Daffy just saw that LiLo lost the role being the spokesduck for Aflac. Serves her right for stealing my cousin's lips.

- Woo Woo -

1272 days ago


Charlie Sheen also got a "standing ovation" 'Nuff said

1272 days ago


Puckett does it bother you that Lindsay pleaded the fifth when it comes to YOU! LMFAO!!!

1272 days ago


Lindsey Lohan 'Tonight Show' Standing O............

That Title would make a great lesson lead-in...for finish the sentence exercise.......

Example: Standing 'Oh my God Whats She Doing Here'
'Object , She Innocent Judge"

'Oh No, I want my money back"
you fill in '---------------------------

1272 days ago


Bah Humbug

1272 days ago


Jay doesn't let haters in on his show

1272 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Just read on ROL that Lindsay taped her segment AFTER Monday's show.....check it out


1272 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Is she observing in a morgue bc she needs to see dead bodies??? Wouldn't be better if she saw and talked to people who's loved ones were killed by drunk drivers or the consequences mentally and physically on families and individuals that have have killed people in drunk driving ?? The pain,guilt they have to live with all their lives. She just thinks she can do whatever she wants and imo, she'll never change. And who cares about her azz anyway. She could have been a rold model, and now everyone is just laughing at her waiting until she od's on her train wreck of a life. Hope her siblings turn out ok.

1272 days ago


There really are many strange things about this interview, and not just the huge unlikelihood that she got a spontaneous "standing ovation" from the audience (was there even an audience there if it was pre-taped? who were they? how do these "pre-taped" interviews work on that show? do they just work in audience views later, like laugh tracks?). I often get this "What the ***?" feeling when reading Lindsay stories - that's the real appeal that keeps drawing us back, there's something so off about them that the human mind gets intrigued about following the clues to figure out what is really going on...

Even just the timing is odd - why would someone else who is actually doing something interesting be bumped off for Lindsay? Where is she going that she wouldn't be available a little later in the schedule? Is she really intending to work 8 hours a day, five days a week on the community service, and will be totally unavailable for such things? She just went through a difficult full day in court last Friday, difficult regardless of how much she must have anticipated the conclusion despite all the "blindsided" talk, followed by 5 hours in jail when she may have been legitimately worried that she might have needed to stay overnight or over the weekend no matter how sure she was about eventually getting bailed out. Why would someone who had just gone through that kind of stress want to do Leno's show so soon? She's not that articulate, so it's not as though she's a brilliant interviewee and always ready to charmingly gab off the cuff even after just surviving a tornado. "Yes, Jay, I thought I was a goner when my whole house with me in it was whisked upward this morning and deposited 3 blocks away. How lucky that it was a vacant lot! Quite a thrill ride, actually." Some people are like that, but not Lindsay.

She looks very tired and not really as if she even expected to be on tv that day. I personally like the casual, scruffy hair look myself and prefer it to the carefully coiffed look, so her hair looks fine to me - but it isn't really natural for Lindsay when the cameras are on her for a national tv appearance. Granted, her washed-out look might not be just due to the courtroom/jail stress - without the incentive of regular testing, my own opinion is that she is back to heavily drinking alcohol at the very least (and probably she was doing that even while tested, it's out of the system within hours) and quite likely using cocaine at least occasionally (more of a risk, but out of the system in a few days). This opinion is based on her appearance (not looking as fresh as after a real stint in jail or rehab where her access to such things was seriously curtailed), her prior and present behavior (chronic risk-taker, still clubbing), and comments made by witnesses (with names attached) who seem to have no motive to go out of their way to lie about such things. But she's certainly not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, whatever the reasons. She was mechanically going through lines not originating from the inside, there was no true spark. Did she really want to be there ?

The way she looks reminds me of that picture posted a while back, where Lindsay was all alone in front of the backdrop for some event she was not invited to participate in - she wasn't dressed for it, the floor looked dirty, she had the sad look of a kid being forced to pose in front of a monument on vacation while the parental took a picture. Speculation at the time was that Dina had pushed her in front of the backdrop and taken (and sold...) the picture. Is that what is happening here? Is the real driving force behind it all just Dina pushing her dear daughter into yet another situation that dear daughter doesn't really want? Lindsay keeps repeating how Dina is her strength, her rock. Is she too afraid to "just say no" to her rock even when she doesn't feel right about doing such things? Is Lindsay really closer to the victim of a cult rather than naturally obnoxiously pushing herself on people like Jay Leno? Not that she's angelic (she's downright nasty to other people often enough on her own), but I keep getting the feeling with these public events that she's just passing out leaflets at the airport and reciting the spiel.

1272 days ago



Once you have your ticket, the rules are simple--applaud when you’re told to, laugh when you think something is funny, don’t yell out at random times, don’t curse, don’t disrupt other people around you, stay seated until the end of the show (restroom breaks come before the show, not during), and don’t take photographs.

Remember, if a scene has to be redone, you’re going to have to laugh all over again. Remember that a show taping isn’t about your entertainment. It is about your assistance in putting together a good show. If you get bored easily by repetition or sitting for a long period of time, attending a live TV taping probably isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy watching how television shows are created and you don’t mind following the rules, you’ll have a lot of fun, learn a lot, and maybe even get to meet or at least watch favorite star.

1272 days ago


"grandma cracker about a minute ago
love how she talked about doing things in her PAST. Uh, didn't she steal the necklace like 3 months ago? She is appealing probation violation and has not yet stood trial for the necklace. This is not her PAST this is her PRESENT and FUTURE. She probably figured out how STUPID it was to state publicly that Judge Sautner's decisions were ridiculous and fu*cked up so now she's trying to act "responsible". Sorry, nobody is buying it. Not the judge, not the viewing public."


Duh! What did you expect her to do you dolt, frankly and openly discuss every little detail of an ongoing criminal court case against the advise of every lawyer on planet Earth?

She acknowledged the past and accepted responsibility for it without whining and blaming others, and she mentioned what she is now and will be doing in the future. Dealing with a criminal case that she can't discuss at this time due to having something you lack, COMMON SENSE, and she'll be in the new Gotti flick.

1272 days ago


I hope it's a good film. John Travolta only stars in really good or really bad films. In the industry it's known as the John Travolta Clause, Johnny Depp has one, Ben Affleck, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, - all of the highest grossing stars.

I may have made some of this up, but the general point stands: A successful movie would really help her turn fame through gossip into something meaningful, and John Travolta only stars in really good or really bad movies.

1272 days ago


Have you ever wondered why Harvey pushes Lindsey Lohan every day with two or three tidbit storys on this site per day but doesn't even mention her at all on the TMZ show on TV ?

Had this same word for word story on Access Hollywood and Extra last night.....Billy Bush reported it with a crooked up eyebrow and a smirk as if to say "Sure she did sure !" and Mario on Extra rushed it so fast he finished before the tape of the her a Jay finished rolling so it was cut off for another story... And of course Harvey never even went there. No easy money in it on there like on this site were he gets hits on the story....
Now on Fox News they didn't even bother pretending to believe her and a lawyer they asked said what we have already said over and over that she is getting special celerbity justice and that taking a roll in a movie about the mob was the worst move she could make at this time.....He's right about that......

1272 days ago
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