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Lindsay Lohan -- Grateful for Jay Leno

4/26/2011 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno won the battle for Lindsay Lohan because the actress feels "grateful" for the way he's treated her over the years ... sources connected with the actress tell TMZ.


Lohan pre-taped an episode of "The Tonight Show" yesterday ... set to air tonight ... and according to reports, she received a standing ovation when she walked on to the set.

Sources connected to Lohan tell us she has been receiving several offers to appear on talk shows since she was sentenced to jail last week ... but chose Leno because, "He has been nothing but good to her and her family over the years ... and has always been protective of her."

Of course, Lohan was furious with Letterman earlier this year -- when the comic ripped her on his show following a booking fiasco.

Lindsay Lohan kept it positive during her appearance on "The Tonight Show" -- telling Jay, "I'm in the clear now. I feel like as long as I stay focused, then I will be able to achieve what I want to achieve."042611_lohan_today_leno_still

During the interview, Lohan talked about her sentence -- telling Jay she felt "kind of numb" after the judge threw the book at her.

Lohan also talked about the "Gotti" movie -- reconfirming that she WILL be playing the role of John Gotti Jr.'s wife.

Lindsay Lohan is backing up what she said on "The Tonight Show" because she's going to start doing community service this week.

Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay will begin her 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles this week. 

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was there when Lindsay was on the stage.  Interestingly, Holley's hubby, Dorian Holley, was also there -- he's the lead singer of the "The Tonight Show" band.

We're told the producer of "Gotti: Three Generations" was also in the audience to show his support.

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No Avatar


rich thief

1253 days ago


i can stand lindsay lohan. i know some time in the near future she'll be naked. that's her only talent. it's jay leno i can't stand.

1253 days ago


Too bad she's worthless trash, she's got that kind of face I'de like to suck on 4-6 hrs daily, but I don't like diseased animals

1253 days ago


Leno's show is a good place for her. He can pump her up like he does Obama. The three of them belong together.

1253 days ago


How many chances does Lohan get to f*ck up?
And who are these losers in the audience applauding her???
And why would they put her in that Gotti movie?
She has no proven success as an adult actress.
There are many fine actresses that DONT F up
over and over and over again that would do a much better
job in the role..I am guessing the director wants
to bang her

1253 days ago


Audience responses are usually pre-scripted, they are told how to react when a guest is introduced. Most people, even if they didn't agree with an standing ovation, would do it anyway just not to look stupid. With that said, I'm glad I wasn't in the audience because I would not have done it. The woman is sick and needs a lot of help...and needs to want the help. Her family is equally as messed up. Her father in rehab and her mother is a serious enabler. The ALL live for the spotlight...unfortunately, the daughter is used to fulfill the parents 'dream' while living her own nightmare. What makes me sick is how she was 'shocked' about the judges decision. Why on earth would you be shocked? Because the people around you, since a very young age, have brainwashed you to think you are above the law, are special in a twisted way, you ARE a star! Star's are allowed to do stupid things.....maybe once, but not over and over and over again! Wake up, Ms. Lohan! Get intensive help, get on medication, get away from your crazy family! You have a degree of talent, and you are still young enough to save yourself from becoming another 'victim' of stardom. Good luck...and really, stay away from talk shows who only want to manipulate you to feed their ratings..and in turn, feed your ego.

1253 days ago


Please people, give me a break! Like none of you have ever made mistakes and lived a clean sin free life. Please give me a break! What about removing the rafter from your own eye, before trying to throw stones at other people. She is 24 years old! People can change. Do you even stop to think at the way this girl was raised. Look at her father, who has had his share of time spent in jail. Her mother pushed her into the lime light since she was a child. She never had a chance to be a kid. Plus she had to worry about her parents and younger sister. There are countless stars who started out very young with the fame, because there parents pushed them into it. Many of them ended up with substance problems as well as run ins with the law. This girl needs unconditional love, she certainly didn't get the positive feedback from her parents. Before you judge, and come to a conclusion that she will fail again, give her a chance and see what happens. If she has psychological as well as drug problems, it may take some time. I think that the fear of going to jail would be enough for anyone to want to turn their lives around. I am hoping for the best for Lindsay,and that she will be alright and come out on top:)

1253 days ago


I think the monitor told the audience to stand and clap. Thats Hollywood folks.

1253 days ago


trash. american idle. they applaud her? I'm sure we can round up some more garbage drug addicts, thieves and illegals for trailer trash america to worship. lock her up. how many people get this kind of candy ass treatment over and over and over?

1253 days ago


Regarding Lindsay. Not 100% sure the audience applauded naturally. Or even willingly.

Why? Because. I've been in a guest position. Most often what the stagehands do, is bring out the "applause" cards. Actually, studios have most signs, etc. that will register automatically.

Whatever they want for the audience to do, will be lit up. In bright red lights. Then they expect a hearty response from their guest audience.

That's been my experiences. Bright lights + applause cards.

1253 days ago


Listening to Dr.Drew I have to say makes sense. Taking a different look at this is hardly what some want to do but the fact is that jail time will produce bitterness and anger in anyone. Making her do rehab and hold her accountable for her actions that way will produce good for her and she will be a product of victory over her addiction and the rest of society to see that you can't punish addiction it has to be treated. It's tough to see it but if you had an addiction you could probably relate better.......

1253 days ago


Well we ARE talking about a California audience here. The good people of California will not even convict a murderer uless he shoots them in his foyer and goes out to the cops with the bloody weapon in his hands. And even then they had a hard time convicting Phil Spector bc he was famous. Robert Blake killed his wife, O J killed his ex wife and they just let them walk. Maybe she will have to do what Phil did, murder someone in her home, otherwise she has potential....LOL

1253 days ago


When black people get caught stealing, they go 2 jail. When white people get caught stealing they get a standing ovation. Um, I smell a rat.

1253 days ago

M. B.    

Lindsay and Charlie Sheen were obviously made for each other.They have the same sense of entitlement!! It's not solely their fault. It's the people who give them standing ovations and the ones who don't express their outrage to their legislators. We actually should just leave them alone to do what they do.....they'll be dead from it soon enough. And as for Jay Leno....who even watches him anymore?

1253 days ago


Leno, you are a tool. You have no class. Why would you bring The Queen of the Disney burnouts on to your program? She doesn't deserve the time of day; but, yet you bring her on and let her spew her s**t. This is one of the reasons I never watch you or your show. You are all about ratings and nothing more.

1253 days ago
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