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'Teen Mom' Daddy -- I Wanna Be a RAP STAR!!!

4/27/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the dads from "Teen Mom" has taped himself in bed with another woman ... all in an effort to launch his rap career -- and TMZ has the footage!!!


Jo Rivera -- who goes by the rap moniker N.I.C.K.B. -- has released a music video for his song, "Unthinkable Remix" ... in which he tries to seduce an older woman.

But not everyone is a fan of Jo's career -- his baby mama, Kailyn Lowery, tells us, "I think he has his priorities mixed up right now. He should be spending quality time with his son while he’s not working."

FYI -- we're told Rivera shot the bedroom scene in a Hampton Inn in New Jersey ... BALLER!!!!!


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Come on please people. Not another rapper who is mean to women. The way he treated his baby mama i wouldn't buy ice from him in hell

1253 days ago


I think his flow was right and it aint bad at all... I actually liked it. & take it from someone who watches the teen mom saga his Babymom isn't innocent in this at all. She cheated on him and when asked if she did anything wrong she wasn't even women enough to fess up. But anyway Jo ur rhyming was on point bro... Good Luck!!!

1253 days ago


dont quit your day job! Oh!! Are you working?

1253 days ago

Dont worry about it    

Please excuse the typos Im at work lol

1253 days ago


Ok ok ok...he can rap. But I have seen too many "rappers" put their career first that never takes off. But I agree, his child should come first before the career because these moments are precious.

1253 days ago

Sick of him    

OMG, I HATE this guy! He's so mean to Kailyn and he has that "low brow" Mongaloid, Neanderthal look going for him, LOL. he's such a CREEP and his Mom makes me sick too! Kailyn made the right choice to get AWAY from this FOOL as quick as she could, she can do MUCH BETTER than this turd!

1253 days ago


I kinda liked it - even though the chorus to it really sounds like it was taken from another song...

It would be even better if the guy in the bed was hot and had some muscle tone (something like LL Cool J). And have the "older" woman at least look of legal age. I thought she was 14-16 years old.

1253 days ago


I'm sorry but I have absolutely no care for music anymore, the way people can be auto tuned these days is just ridiculous. I know he probably isn't but, he isn't a good rapper.

1253 days ago


His eyebrow thing how they're too low, like a caveman, kind of really bother me. Just saying. And it looked like he was mad throughout the whole video, he kept doing weird sh-t with his face movements.

1253 days ago


rappers are idiots ......
I am the only smart person on this planet

1253 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Hmmm...Didn't think it was possible for fake reality show rappers to get any worse than those Jersey Shore clowns, but I think we have a winner!!

1253 days ago


It's really not awful compared to a lot of stuff. The distorted breaks/production are beyond most. That said, he could have got lucky and just have a smart producer. There's plenty of people with that quality of rap, it's good not especially so, but works well as a production, so really depends how much input he had on the music. A little hyped fact is that most successful rappers are also music/production nerds who actually know their stuff, but are mercilessly marketed as rappers, not musicians, because that's what sells, unfortunately. Nerds in rap doesn't have the same headline values as bling, but there's a lot of closet nerds.

1253 days ago

His Prince Michael    

I don't know you, but, I'm gonna tell you - the way it REALLY is. In theory, you too, can attain "The American Dream".
In reality? There are individuals and groups in the "Music" and "Entertainment" industries -often consisting
of the same people that SCREAMED "Injustice" and "Oppression" -
who will do EVERYTHING within their now-dwindling "power" to make sure your goals and aspirations, NEVER see The light of day. I was cunningly and methodically blacklisted and plundered
($100M-CONSERVATIVE figure), and some of these crooks attended
the "Inauguration" Ball!

Why? Because, "We won't let another M****F***** Elvis happen"

Hijo, always remember these two things -above ALL:
THE TRUE and Living Yahweh sees EVERYTHING
ALL, in DUE time!

1253 days ago


I like it I was expecting something like K-Fed lol. Jo is a teen dad so he's gonna do things young kids do atleast he's trying and he does show interest in his son. I'm proud of him

1253 days ago


That little spoiled brat still lives with his mommy and daddy, no older woman wants to take care of u...

1253 days ago
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