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Atlanta Braves Coach -- Accused of Hurling Gay Slurs

4/27/2011 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell has been accused of targeting a group of male fans last weekend at a Giants game in San Fran -- allegedly asking them, "Are you a homo couple or a threesome?"


Mega-attorney Gloria Allred announced the allegations moments ago in a news conference -- representing a family of four (including two 9-year-old girls) who claim they watched McDowell make the homophobic remark and then use a baseball bat to simulate gay sex.

According to Allred, the family claims they also witnessed McDowell tell the group of male fans, "Are you three giving it to each other in the a**?"

The father claims he confronted McDowell from the stands -- and McDowell responded by saying, "Kids don't f**king belong at the baseball park" ... and then approached him with a baseball bat, saying, "How much are your teeth worth?"

The family is demanding an apology from McDowell ASAP for his alleged anti-gay behavior.

Gloria and the family also want the Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig to fine both McDowell and the Atlanta Braves -- and send McDowell to some serious sensitivity training.

UPDATE: Roger McDowell just APOLOGIZED, releasing a statement moments ago, saying, “I am deeply sorry that I responded to the heckling fans in San Francisco on Saturday. I apologize to everyone for my actions. “

A rep for the Braves released an additional statement, saying, “We are concerned by these allegations and the behavior described by a witness today. This in no way represents the Braves organization and the conduct we expect of our employees.”

0426_gloria_allred_mini_launch2TMZ has learned ... GLAAD also reached out to the Braves in the hopes of partnering with the franchise to educate their employees about homophobic remarks.

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Aw come on folks, based on his prankster reputation, this is all some kind of joke, right?: Gotta love the earring story and now he doesnt care for homosexuals? Gotta be a misunderstood joke.

While McDowell was a stable major league-level pitcher, he was also notorious in the league and among fans as a prankster who would light firecrackers in the dugout. He also could skillfully wrap a wad of chewing gum around a cigarette, then secretly place the contraption on the heels of unsuspecting teammates' cleats. This is known as the hot foot.[1] During a nationally televised game, he was filmed with his uniform on upside down – his pants over his head with his shoes on his hands. He also took part in an on-field mariachi band and wore earrings in the clubhouse to protest Cincinnati Reds' owner Marge Schott's banning of earrings.

In 1992, McDowell made a cameo appearance in a two-part episode of Seinfeld called The Boyfriend. The episode starred McDowell's ex-teammate, Keith Hernandez, and featured McDowell as a grassy knoll-type figure spitting on Cosmo Kramer and Newman during a Zapruder film parody after Kramer and Newman insulted Hernandez.

McDowell also made several appearances on the MTV series of Rock 'n Jock softball games, often donning humorous costumes such as kilts and wigs.

1278 days ago

J Live    

Flyboy....step away from the comments section. Seriously, it's okay to not have a response to every single anonymous comment. Please put some value on your own personal time.

1278 days ago


They are just mad because they got swept by the Braves!

1278 days ago

TMZ Staff    


1278 days ago


There's got to be another side. A team manager doesn't just arbitrarily start hurling insults at fans. Something tells me these guys were complete douchewads and now want some cash. Hope they suck it.

1278 days ago


The Dad lost all credibility the minute he hired Allred.

1278 days ago


Justsaying U R A ****IN IDIOT!! If simpletons like u can have a place in America then y cant gays!!! People should b able to live and do what they want without dumb ****s like u and the braves coach judging it is WRONG!! and for the coach to approach the man with his girls with a bat is just plain ignorant and probably frieghtning for the kids..the coach needs more than sensitivity training!! GAYS R THE BRAVES!!!! they suffer intolerance everyday!!

1278 days ago


If this story is to get even with people about insulting Gays, Lesbians or the Transgendered community---why on earth has Harvey elected to totally ignore the Black woman (beast) stomping the white transgendered individual at the McDonalds on the video that has gone viral? Its the worst case you'll see, short of actually killing a person of stomping an innocent victim, even after they are unconcious and convulsing---yet the Black woman (beast) continues to stomp and kick. Remember this anytime you have the slightest of disgressions or disagreements with such beasts---they will hurt you even after you are passed out. The rage and violence that is pent up in these beasts is not unique for just a sexual preference difference or color difference anymore...its just flat out rage and hate for all who arent like them.

Gloria, why arent you helping that victim? Because the beast doesnt have any money, thats why, and the Atlanta Braves have plenty. Dont cry to me Argentina, its all about money in the end.

1278 days ago


This country is way toooooooo sensitive....omg gosh....he used a gay slur...seriously??? Who gives a rats ass???

1278 days ago


A Pitching Coach is what we are talking about??? *YAWN* Next story please.

1278 days ago


seeing that Gloria is involved there must be more to the story..like perhaps these fans in the crowd were shouting abusive remarks to the Braves team and this coach had had enough. Never trust anything Gloria is involved in...

1278 days ago


Yeah right... As a Braves fan, who knows what kind of organization they run and kind of person McDowell is, there is no way he said and did those things. Gloria Allred needs to GO AWAY.

1278 days ago


gloria allred is an effn fame whore. this is not news conference worthy. its commonplace in sports to curse and say things one doesnt normally say.

1278 days ago


"There's no cramming in baseball."

1278 days ago


Wow! Society is really going downhill. What happened to respect for children? This happened at a major league baseball game? FIRE THIS GUY. An apology isn't enough anymore!

1278 days ago
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