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Cher TRASHES Trump -- He's a 'Pompous A-Hole!'

4/27/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cher just RIPPED Donald Trump in front of 200,000 people -- calling the man a boob-chasing idiot and a "pompous a**hole" ... on her Twitter account.


Cher didn't stop there -- blasting off another tweet immediately after: "Donald Trump ( mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map!"

Cher's attack comes in the wake of Trump taking credit for forcing the White House to release Obama's birth certificate. FYI -- Cher is a very outspoken Obama supporter.


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People that live in glasses houses.......

1241 days ago


Well I'm not surprised, when she now has a son who used to be a daughter. Anything goes with those people.

1241 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

Cher may be right about "The Donald". He certainly isn't presidential material, but the very fact that he's in Obama's face about some issues (and I don't mean the birth certificate) is rather fun to watch. At least he's got Obama's ear for the moment. He's asking questions that Obama just dismisses from anyone else.

As for Cher…she's a filthy mouthed woman. Was behind her at LAX customs years ago and her conversation with the customs agent would put a sailor to shame. (Sorry to all the sailors.) But, I loved her music.

1241 days ago

Love Star Wars    

He fired LATOYA, for cryin' out loud!

That alone should keep him from being the next President.

And if you haven't noticed, he does not like women that speak their minds. His wife never talks, he hates Rosie, and it won't be long before he goes after Cher in the press with a cheap shot.

And that toupee' ..... please! Get a Rue Paul Drag Race contestant to fix that thing properly.

1241 days ago


Wait ... what???? Cher has 200,000 people reading her Twitters??? How is that possible??? And what is she saying to keep them all tuning in???? If it's anything close to the incoherent ramblings about Trump they should all switch over to Sponge Bob's Twitter right now ... now there's some entertainment. All he has to do is get some drastic "sponge" plastic surgery that will not allow his sponge face to move when he talks and refuse to allow himself to age and he's got her!! Watch out, Cher!!

1241 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Is Cher really one to talk about boobs when her's were bought and paid for?

1241 days ago


Trump has zero repect for women, that is a fact. Anyone can see it. He replaces his wife every time she hits 30.

1241 days ago

get a life ho    

Cher should remain silent .,.,,

remember the bagel boy she was banging who was 30 years her junior ?

1241 days ago


Kathy you are so right
38 minutes ago
Cher has more balls than Trump ever will!

1241 days ago


cher your a plastic couldnt keep your marriage together and your child is so screwed up that she he doesn't even know what it is.
your as bad as trump just another hollywood freak that gets to run her foul mouth,your just as worthless as trump and lilo

1241 days ago


Cher always tells it like it is, and I love her for that! She's also a big supporter of our military...donated money for padded helmets to prevent brain injury and visited wounded warriers at Walter Reed and other VA hospitals. Not many people know about this because she does it privately, not just for PR photo ops. I'd rather see her run for president than egomaniacal airbag Trump.

1241 days ago


Poor Cher, no one cares what she thinks. It's been talked about for years, obviously Trump helped it to be revealed. I'm not a Trump supporter and I'm definitely not an Obama supporter!

1241 days ago


TO: carol who wrote:
“I like Cher a lot. I would like to ask her though "what has Obama done to make this country and the people in it a better place?" that you are so supportive of him. Our Grandchildren's grandchildren will be paying off the national debt - China owns us - gas prices have soared, people are out of work by the millions - shall I go on? Why are you supporting him?...”

Before George W. Bush got in and broke the bank, this country was humming under Democrat President Bill Clinton. Then Bush robbed and spent every penny this country had and then spent into our future until Bush borrowed and spent America into oblivion. Republicans were just fine with all that and rubber-stamped everything Bush did right down to the last $750 billion Bush got “fast” just days before Bush left office.

Now Republicans want to turn the country over to Big Business while they defy the words in the United States Constitution itself which says that this country is “by the people and for the people” NOT by Big Business and for Big Business! Republicans “borrowed” our $2 trillion dollars from our Social Security Retirement Trust Fund which President Clinton replenished and are trying to find ways to NOT pay us back, while Republicans also attempt to limit the people in this country to worship only ONE religion, Southern Baptist.

I don’t like the Republican ideas, and I’m NOT a Southern Baptist and don’t want to be one. I do like the Democrats’ ideas, which is why I support the Democrats

1241 days ago


obama is killing this country........
the king is dead
long live the king

1241 days ago


Team Cher!....GO ON GIRL

1241 days ago
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