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Cher TRASHES Trump -- He's a 'Pompous A-Hole!'

4/27/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cher just RIPPED Donald Trump in front of 200,000 people -- calling the man a boob-chasing idiot and a "pompous a**hole" ... on her Twitter account.


Cher didn't stop there -- blasting off another tweet immediately after: "Donald Trump ( mr chapter11) is Only a Mean Spirited BAD ACTOR who couldn't find his ass with both hands & a map!"

Cher's attack comes in the wake of Trump taking credit for forcing the White House to release Obama's birth certificate. FYI -- Cher is a very outspoken Obama supporter.


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trump for president!!!!

1275 days ago


I totally agree with Cher, Trump is a selfish A hole. He is a joke and knows no one with a brain would vote for him. He should have stayed with acting because people are seeing what a joke he is. At least Cher is not claiming to be something she is not or running for any polictical office.

1275 days ago


CHER, DARLING, I CONQUER! Trump is a rich son of a bit**, too much money to even know what humbleness is all about. Money may buy you a whole lot but it doesnt buy someone common sense nor happiness. It is obvious that trump is miserable. His gold digger wife probably never gets fkd right, all trump is good for his making money and guess what, we all die eventually. How sad to dedicate your whole life to running your mouth and making money. Sad little fat bald man! Money never bought you love nor good looks. You are going to die unhappy.

1275 days ago


Cher sings like a wookie.

1275 days ago


She's irrelevant. And she's an idiot if she doesn't see that Obama is a wimp. All he cares about is the spotlight. And on economic issues, he's a republican!!!! So, it's rather funny that the republicans call him a socialist when everything that he's done, economically, benefits the republican base of the wealthiest people!

1275 days ago


Who cares if Trump is an *******. Someone with a backbone needs to get the USA back on track financially and gain back our respect in the world.

1275 days ago

Just One Word    

TYPICAL Democratic-speak..... Mr. Obama should have put his damn birth certificate before the public month's ago - (remember the 'transparent administration' he promised?). It's done... the Birthers can now relax, Donald Trump can speak to whomever he likes and Cher can get over it just like the rest of the American folks who voted Obama in and wanted 'change'. You got change... and then some - say... $14 Trillion.

1275 days ago


I would love it if Trump were an a_hole to China and Iran, as our future president. Obama just wants to bow down to those regimes and kiss their feet.

1275 days ago


This is sooooo much the pot calling the kettle black. If Trump is a boob chasing idiot, then by the same token, Cher is a C**K chasing moron. She is famous for her parade of MUCH younger lovers cycling through her bedroom!!!!! People who live in glass houses and spread their legs every time a delivery boy, pool boy, gardener, dog walker, plumber, pest exterminator, or any other male of the species rings the doorbell or just drives down the street, should not be throwing stones!!!!!!!!!!

1275 days ago


CHER hit the nail on the head and I have to agree with the person who said Donald Trump should stop wearing that dead animal on his head. He is spoiled, catered to and we don't need a president who is like him. He has gone bankrupt many times and the banks let him off the hook. He has no room to talk and CHER IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

1275 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

Trump is a closet bigot. He has no interest in anything but self publicity. If readers here cannot see that than this country is REALLY in trouble. Cher has a right to her opinion. This is America remember? That doesn't mean rednecks can say what they want and squash everyone else.

Go Cher! =)

1275 days ago


cher who has been a resident of our community and considered by most to be a local for decades has it so right on this person, can't bring myself to call him a man as his actions over the years demonstrate his total lack of a moral compass. opinion, he is a complete horses arse and has a not so good rep with any of the locals at least when he isn't in the room. free lift tickets to anyone who can get him to stay away from our neck of the woods for life!lol kidding but why can't he be the one who goes out of bounds and slams into a tree? we might be swarmed by newsies for a few but it would so be worth it. sorry, not right to wish ill on anyone even if it, he is a sub species of the human race.

1275 days ago


Cher? C'mon man! She's certainly not one to talk.

1275 days ago


Cher you should talk. Donald for Prez!!! Get somebody with some balls to run this country ! F*&^ You nobama!!

1275 days ago


Go Cher! I couldn't have said it better myself!!!! So glad she had the nerve to come out and say that to thousands of people!

1275 days ago
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