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Donald Trump Bristles at Claim He's a Racist

4/28/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump says it's "terrible" the host of CBS'  "Face the Nation" accused him of racism.

Donald Trump Racist

Trump tells TMZ ... "That is a terrible statement for a newscaster to make.  I am the last person that such a thing should be said about."

Bob Schieffer delivered a scathing statement against Trump Wednesday night on the "CBS Evening News," reacting to Trump's insinuation that President Barack Obama may not have had the grades to get into Harvard.

Schieffer said, "That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black.  This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing."

We asked Trump if he was suggesting Obama got into Harvard Law School through affirmative action.  He said, "Affirmative action is out there.  It's a program that is available. But I have no idea whether it applies in this case.  I'm not suggesting anything."

Trump would not say if he supports or opposes affirmative action.  But he's clearly trying to douse the flames he ignited, by saying, "Grades are the least important aspect of somebody being president.  It's not a big subject for me."



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America is just a racist country full with alot Red necks!

1271 days ago


Obama graduated magna

1271 days ago


B-Real you are the one that's way off. But I'm not going to address your theories on Obama, just the ones on Donald Trump. You seem to think that he'd be good for this country but just recall that after being born into a rich family, he managed to have to declare bankruptcy. Now that's not to say that he has NO good ideas. I particularly liked the one he had a few years ago of charging the richest Americans a onetime 14% "wealth" tax which would come close to pulling us out of debt. Of course, he doesn't mention that much now, since he's trying to appeal to Republicans....

1271 days ago


@TT...Before you speak on something know your facts. The two black girls beat up MAN dressed as a women who was watching them use the had nothing to do with color. Sad part is Trump started this not BLACK for Obama He is doing good admit it you dont like him because hes black...whats funny is when Bush was in office and F'd this country up people like you had nothing to say ....blame the black guy who as to clean up the white guys all are just agree he is black period...does it matter his mom is White...

1271 days ago


He is most definitely a "closeted" racist. The idiot couldn't run his own companies. How can he be commander and chief? He mouth is foul, bad hair, he's an adulterer (3 times. He is just DISGUSTING!!! BOYCOTT TRUMP!!!!

1271 days ago


Maybe Soros recommend him to Harvard.....Soros is the master of Obama.

1271 days ago


To you geniuses who think Donald Trump is just what America needs to get out of the hole, consider his 19 bankruptcies in less than 17 years…averaging one new failed business every 11 months. Even worse, a LOT of people were financially ruined while he "restructured" and moved on....

1271 days ago

Vivi, The Original    

Ignorance, when someone does not want to open up his or her mind in order to reach a higher level of intelligence, he or she wants to remain blindly stupid in order to justify and rationalize unintelligibly impossible ideas. Last time I checked, “sup” (see first comment) was not part of the Caucasian vernacular, meaning some outside influence outside of the mainstream effected part of that exclusive culture(see United States culture today, it has evolved to what is now, it did not happen overnight). Thus, everyone has the capacity to open their mind further to think more objectively, constructively, and finally fairly.

1271 days ago


yeah hes a damn racist!!! how dare he question someones grades? cos hes so foolish and dumb he couldnt get any. what abt that mofo George Bush? all know he got into havard cos of daddy but who ever questioned dat? some1 just as trump. but trump u r so mofo racist dat u cant hide it, trumps just gonna trip one of these days!!! watch it all u racists out there, the only powerful race is black!! accept it or go to hell!! what nonsense!!

1271 days ago


How could anyone not think he's a racist. It would be different if Trump was asking the question of how Obama got into Harvard with crappy grades, if he actually had any proof of Obama having crappy grades. But he doesn't. He's just making it up. And why would he do that? Because Obama is black. And he doesn't see how a black man could get in Harvard. Even someone who gets into Harvard through affirmative action, is not going to graduate magna *** laude if he isn't smart. They don't fix your grades with affirmative action. So, to get those kind of grades at Harvard, Obama must be pretty darn smart.

1271 days ago


There is no race card. I'm stating it FLAT OUT. Many PEOPLE did not want Obama because he is black. They will do absolutely do anything to say he is not american ( when what they mean is he is not white. HE IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN! HE IS THE PRESIDENT. Disagree with his policy but stop questioning whether he is American that is RACIST. HE is and AMERICAN PERIOD!

1270 days ago



1270 days ago

waveney Alfred    

Donald Trump is a RACIST.anytime BLACKS talks about Slavery ..I always hear the remark.. why do we have to bring that up.The Jewish people could say never again....Blacks around this American Country is still experiencing SLAVERY ...You can be stopped and question with out commiting a crime..and POSSIBLY end up in JAIL..just because you are BLACK.. what has been done to President Obama...has never been done to any other American President in the History of America .HE has had more death threats. than any other .called a LIAR...Question his Birth, now his education...what about the IRAC war...Americans went to war on a BIG FAT LIE...THEY ALL KNEW IT WAS A they are saying they went to give them Democray ...When we don't even have Democracy in America!.

1270 days ago


Haha I love Trump squirming now.

1270 days ago


clinton has a law degree. as does obama

1270 days ago
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