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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Stickin' With Shawn!

4/26/2011 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed that she's getting calls from people asking if she's going to fire her lawyer, Shawn Holley ... because Lindsay thinks Shawn Holley has done "an incredible job."

Sources who are in constant touch with Lindsay tell us ... she doesn't blame Shawn at all for her 120 day jail sentence -- Lindsay feels she got herself into this predicament, and Shawn has actually made it far better than Lindsay even deserves.

Lindsay is telling friends, just after getting sprung from the pokey Friday night, she texted Shawn, telling her, "I love you."

Who knew ... Lindsay's best relationship is with her attorney.


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@Nikki. They can put her on Leno, but she has no clue about her public image or how to repair it. If she did, she wouldn't be clubbing with a theft charge and POV hanging over her head. She's famous for "making mistakes." So famous, it will be a very long time before she can have a career as a serious actress. With her tabloid fame, no one can see her as a character. And, for goodness sakes, she can't even really convincingly ACT sorry!

Every time she appears in a tabloid article her respectability and crdibility quotient goes down even further.

1219 days ago

ne est ce pas    

Bieber on Conan tonight. Oh well, Conan is the place to be, of course.

1219 days ago


Nicole 8 minutes ago

As i said the community service is part of her release conditions which she agreed to in order to be released on bail so it isn't an option.
She can NEVER get another DUI/DWI.
As for the drugs etc then she has been drug free since September but if she did relapse as long as she wasn't driving no action would be taken.
The Kamofie incident wasn't shoplifting and most companies that weren't looking for maximum exposure due to the incident would resolve things discreetly.

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole... sigh

Of course her CS is not an option, but that doesn't mean that Lindsay will show up.. on time or at all.... and it doesn't mean that she won't have an attitude and not do what she's told to do.

Of course she had better not get another DUI/DWI, but that doesn't mean that she won't..... This is Lindsay Lohan we are talking about...

Drugs are still illegal... even if possession is rarely enforced... however, she could get nabbed for possession and, more likely, for buying from an undercover agent.

And.. yes... she did shoplift... as a matter of fact... she committed felony grand theft, but the judge "gave her an opportunity" and reduced it to a misdemeanor. Doesn't make it go away. Lindsay still stole the necklace and she will be convicted at the trial.

You can sugar coat it all you want. And you can have blind unwavering faith in Lindsay Lohan. But you are one, in a very tiny minority, that thinks she won't screw up... again and again and again and again.

1219 days ago



1219 days ago


Doesn't she even brush her hair anymore? LOL! (not that it would help...)

1219 days ago


Nikki 23 minutes ago

Lindsay was scripted on Leno and didnt follow her script, he opened more cans of worms with her stupidity

Hi Nikki !!!!

Can you elaborate on that????

1219 days ago


Lindsay has been on medication for years to prevent and treat a rare tropical disease she didn't want to contract while saving all those children in India.
This medication can cause false positives for alcohol while driving, cocaine in one's pocket, loss of memory to attend DUI classes for a year and a half, stolen passports, false positives for cocaine, tardiness to return to sober living on curfew, refusal to take breathalyzers, and repeated trips to the men's room to bang on a stall and holler "Andrew!".
She should return to the medication she was on in NYC, when it only caused her to enter a public men's room with three men for a few minutes.
That would keep her stabilized for her jaunts to the women's shelter and morgue.

1219 days ago


Still wondering if Shawn truly believes in Lohan's innocence or is just doing a high profile job the best she can.

1219 days ago

The Truth    

100 Pure BS

Lindsay has a short or BS memory.

At her first trial after she was convicted (plea) Dina and Lindsay made terrible statements about her attorney Holley.

Here is the BIG BS

Shawn Holley filed with the court to be released as counsel from defending Lindsay. the court refused until Lindsay retained a new attorney. She never did.

So it was Shawn Holley who asked to be released in court filings from representing Lindsay.

Another Fake story put out by Dina and Lindsay and her PR team.

poor Lindasy, bad attonrey, everyone out to get her...etc etc.

100 BS from Team Lindsay (Tean of liars and thiefs).

1219 days ago


@Rose5491 Take a bow, very well said!!

1219 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

wait til she shows up at the shelter reeking of booze. that will go over like a lead balloon. I give it 2 weeks and there will be major drama.

1219 days ago


Shawn does NOT believe in Lindsay's innocence. She has to handle the legal case, the moral situation is Lindsay's problem.

1219 days ago


I think it was milo holding up the applause sign at leno

1219 days ago


Lets see,

She got her to hubby slime Lindsay onto the tonight show

Her hypnotic charm made the tmz camera guy plug gem online jewelry store after using him to lower the felony charges

sidenote* SCH is married to a guy who knew...

1219 days ago

The Truth    

Shawn Holley Quits as Lohan Attorney 2009!

Here is the link:

Team Lohan wants to be able to claim ineffective assistance of counsel later. Claim bad attorney.


1219 days ago
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