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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Stickin' With Shawn!

4/26/2011 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed that she's getting calls from people asking if she's going to fire her lawyer, Shawn Holley ... because Lindsay thinks Shawn Holley has done "an incredible job."

Sources who are in constant touch with Lindsay tell us ... she doesn't blame Shawn at all for her 120 day jail sentence -- Lindsay feels she got herself into this predicament, and Shawn has actually made it far better than Lindsay even deserves.

Lindsay is telling friends, just after getting sprung from the pokey Friday night, she texted Shawn, telling her, "I love you."

Who knew ... Lindsay's best relationship is with her attorney.


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Nikki - thank you !!!

Dreamon - I totally agree. No way does SCH believe in LL's innocence. But LL is her client and she will put on the best defense that she can.

Unfortunately for SCH, her client is so obviously guilty that she doesn't have much to work with here... as was evident in the Friday defense of "she's not very considerate." lol.... pretty lame defense.. but what else did SCH have to go with???

1091 days ago


I wonder how much she got paid for being on leno,i think when it was over,shawn said"ok,girl cough it up"

1091 days ago

I am Spartacus    

"in the clear" is something a guilty person says when they get away with something

1091 days ago


Nikki 23 minutes ago

Lindsay was scripted on Leno and didnt follow her script, he opened more cans of worms with her stupidity

Hi Nikki !!!!

Can you elaborate on that????

Rose yes I can
First sorry my "S" is sticking tonight ment to say, she is opening a can of worms

Lindsay has been given scripts to go by, when giving a interveiw (what to say) but since Lindsay can not follow a script she screws up and opens her mouth to much, when she does this she tells more lies that she believes and makes herself look more foolish and kills her creditably

You will see tomorrow, I hope you do not give Lenos show the ratings of having her on, and see it tomorrow all over the internet

Watch how Lindsay is just like her mommy and cant anwer a question and the eye contact..Lohans only hear what they want to hear

1091 days ago

Pony Princess    

Beg to differ. Stealing a necklace by wearing it out of a store IS shoplifting. The only way you can get around that is if the person taking the item goes back and gives it back and explains it was a mistake. RIGHT AWAY. And you don't continue to wear the item. I think all evidence points to her stealing it and wanting to keep it. She most likely never thought she'd be caught and have to give it back.
And how are stores supposed to resolve something like this discreetly? It's not like customers go into stores and before they buy something leave all their contact info just in case they "forget" to take an item off of them. Especially if she was new to the area. If she wasn't coming to the store to return it I suspect the only thing the store owner could do was report it as a theft to the police.
And people can only hope this woman never has another dui.
You are such an enabler.

1091 days ago


I mean, really, I just feel that you can see what Holley is enduring this situation in her very neutral face. She's the only one in the Lohan camp that professionally keeps it together. She did quit after Lindsay's "lost passport, went to my uncles's funeral(not) and and FU nails" court date in July. Lindsay couldn't find anyone to replace her. I'm sure Mr Holley has to hear some major venting at the end of the day.

1091 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay is Innocent!!!!

1091 days ago


In other news, Shawn Holley closes on new $6M house

1091 days ago


i noticed in almost all her interviews,she is always moving her haed ALOT,looking at the audience or anyone but the interviewer,its as if she is seeking acceptance and wanting people to agree with her....or shes just tweeking on somethin??

1091 days ago


Actually, Danielle, I notice that she can speak in sentances? She just leaves them hanging or runs them on?

I think the head and eye movement you're referring to is commonly considered shifty. I never find her sincere.

1091 days ago


Nikki -

How ironic that an actress can't follow the script during an interview... lol

I won't be watching Leno, have no fear. First, I can't stand Leno and second, I wouldn't give him any hits for having a drunken druggie lying thief on his show.

It will be interesting to see what other lies she spouts.

Will they be obvious to us or will we need them to be pointed out and elaborated on?

1091 days ago


whatever - lilo is a liar, nothing changes
waste of time always

1091 days ago


Lindsay played that room like she always does... that entire room stood up and cheered for her. LOL what a bunch of losers... she's winning. Does anyone remember that TV interview with her before she went to jail the first time!!! Yes, people... remember, she is the good girl and she learned her lesson and she didn't steal anything, or hurt anyone on purpose. LOLOLOL some people just make me say... "Stupid".

1091 days ago


ROL reports she start her Community Service tomorrow.

1091 days ago


She has until Friday to begin it.

1091 days ago
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