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'Repo Games' Winners -- 'He Just Started Shooting'

4/27/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Las Vegas couple is baffled over a neighbor who went on a shooting rampage as they stood on their front lawn Monday night -- and the woman was saved by a valiant producer from the show "Repo Games."

Damon and Caryn Nelson tell TMZ ... as the crew from the new show "Repo Games" filmed away, the repo man came to take their car away.  The Nelson's were on their front lawn, having just won their car back from the repo man during the game portion of the show, when a neighbor -- Carlos Barron -- came out and just starting shooting.

The Nelson's say to escape the gunfire, they had to scale a 10' wall, but Caryn wasn't tall enough to make it to safety.  So one of the producers stopped to give her a life-saving lift.  No one was hurt.

Barron, who barricaded himself in his home after the shooting, was arrested for attempted murder.

As they say, love thy neighbor ... or at least don't try and shoot them.


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1246 days ago


Congrats to these two Gentlemen for winning the repo games!

1245 days ago


"When security for the show parked in front of Barron's house, he confronted the driver of the vehicle parked in front of his home and hit him though an open window, police said.

When other members of the "Repo Games" show came to intervene, police said Barron pulled a gun."

guess tmz missed this small detail... so like I said from the start it had to do with the security staff and my vegas money is on they weren't just parked in front of his house.

So wow TMZ great reporting that you got to people who didn't even see what happened. Gee maybe the security guys thought they were god and can do whatever they like then lied to the cops. Not like we haven't seen that on youtube a million times. So keep painting a picture thats so one sided we might as well just execute the guy right now.

1245 days ago

artie help    

why is danny devito hanging with brock lesner, why??

1245 days ago

Kathi j    

How come this womans husband didnt stop amd help his own wife over the wall? Was he too busy saving himself?

1245 days ago


I watched this show last night and it's stupid. The repo man comes to repo your car/truck/whatever and he will ask you 6 questions. If you answer 3 correctly you get your car/truck/whatever back. I doubt this will be on TV long.

1245 days ago

pap rat    

I soo... lov that show where dexter gets his car repo&shoot everyone2 death LIVE on TPMSZ

1245 days ago


Kathi j 4 hours ago

How come this womans husband didnt stop amd help his own wife over the wall? Was he too busy saving himself?
No, maybe he got a hernia last time he tried to lift her. She's well over 250lbs!! The guy isnt Arnold for God's sake!

If they would have just tossed a bologna sandwich over the wall and said "Go get it girl!" I'm sure she would have made it over just fine.

1245 days ago


Wow for all of you people out there talking crap that is my aunt and uncle so shut your ****ing mouths. They could have been killed and all you sad as people can do is talk about somebodies weight and so fourth. screw off you callous people

1245 days ago


I did help my wife over the wall they left that out. The producer was at the top of the wall pulled from the top and I pushed from behind the wall was 8 feet tall and as you see my wife is only 5' tall.He helped her get to a back yard and then hid her in a corner. She was well hidden before i left her side. The Devito lesnar jk was hilarious.

1245 days ago


Carlos is a wonderful man, and has been through a lot! These two people have exaggerated the situation, and I cant believe TMZ would air such Slander! I lived across the street from Carlos and his family for 2 years, and would testify to his good character until I am blue in the face!!!! They were wonderful people and through my two years of knowing him, he did nothing but care for the people in the neighborhood! Carlos went as far to put himself in harms way, and saved my life when an attempted robber broke into my home! I was Pregnant with a 3 year old on my lap when he scared the intruder away! If it wasn’t for this amazing man, I truly believe that I and beautiful children would not be here today!... There have been numerous events where he was the first person there to help anyone in our neighborhood, and his good deeds have been fully noted with countless citizens in North Las Vegas! A note to anyone.... If you are on someone’s property and they request you leave... get off their property!!!!! I don’t care who you are!!! And stop harassing innocent people!

1244 days ago


I went to high school with Carlos and he is such a nice all dont have all the facts. He is an american citizen and your comment about mexicans just shooting. His wife is such a sweetheart and my thoughts go out to her and their children. I have known him for 25 years and know that he is such a kind person who would do anything for anyone. He taught special ed at a jr high here in Vegas. You are all just showing how retarded you can be..get the facts before you run your mouths!

1229 days ago


This is to Brook::: Carlos saved your life and family when you were being robbed, "so you say!" All this "once upon a day in YOUR life and other's lives." One another day, "Carlos Barron punched a security man in the face because he was securing an area, THEN PULLED OUT HIS GUN---AND CHOSE TO SHOOT AT PEOPLE!" Not just 1 person, but a group of people, 20, 30 or more! Look at the video, his words " I WILL KILL YOU" not...words like, "hey this is my house, can you please move" This is a deranged man, that one day was going to crack, and THIS was the day. What if that "1" bullet would have taken someone's life, perhaps went through your window and killed your child...What would you have to say then? He is a dangerous, worthless, PUNK WITH A GUN...and he will learn his lesson and hopefully ROT in prison. Lucky for him it was only 5 counts of attempted murder and not 1 count for each and every person on the crew. If that was the case, he would never see freedom and this is what this fool needs!
I'll be sending him a can of beans hoping he can remain anal retentive....but honestly----F*ck him.....

1090 days ago

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