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White House Releases

Obama Birth Certificate

4/27/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump asked for it ... and now Donald Trump got it -- because the White House just released President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate ... proving he was, in fact, born in Hawaii.


The document shows Obama's mother was 18 at the time she gave birth ... and his father was 25.

Obama directed his office to release the certificate because the Commander In Chief didn't believe the distraction was good for the country.

Obama held a news conference about the document -- and explained, "We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers."

Of course, the conspiracy theorists will probably ask the obvious questions ... what took so long???? Is this document legit ... or a fake???


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Duh, this is a certificate of live birth which the "birthers" have been debunking for ages now as not valid. No matter that's the only form of birth certificate the state of Hawaii releases to individuals, no matter who you are. In their fantasy world this isn't "real" do***entation of ones birth, whatever!

Nothing new here other then the fact TMZ finally discovered what's been freely available and discussed ad nauseam already.

That said i'm amused at how Donald has been using the "birther movement" like they tools they are for his own agenda. Quite amusing to watch them suck it up and not even realize they are being used by the Donald.

1273 days ago


I think it is bs and more proof how disrespectful and racist our country is. the only reason they are questioning his birth certificate is because he isn't a white hillbilly christian. it is sad in times like these with so many things going on all people can focus on is if he is a citizen. grow up and get a life!

1273 days ago

Lindsay's duck lips    

He's like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Stupid and loud and false. He doesn't care what lies he tells, he just wants attention. He's a misognynist, a bad business man, and a liar. He's like Charlie Sheen..a nut case dying for attention no matter how he gets it.

1273 days ago


Well, this proves it. Obama came from an inter-racial marriage to a woman that was having sex at 17.

My guess is that they had to get married.

...and this was back in the 50's


1273 days ago


U people don't think that presidential candidates are vetted? What are u saying about this country, Trump has filed bankruptcy numerous times on his businesses, he is rude and arrogant. He is a lying cheater that can't treat is wives with respect, Donald wants us to accept his FOREIGN wife as first lady but he questions Obama...*******!

1273 days ago


Don't they usually have your weight and length?

1273 days ago


Let's face it, the real reason this was over an issue was because Obama ISN't white!! And don't say, "but he is bi-racial", because people look at him and they don't see white, they see what we all see, he is BLACK! No other president was ever questioned because they were white and since the all american stereo type is white, they were never doubted for being american. Racist bastard!

1273 days ago


@Sofa Psychiatrist ("Is it statutory rape for a 25 year old man to have sex with a 17 year old girl?")

No, in Hawaii the age is 16 and under. His parents were married when she was 17.

1273 days ago

tired of celeb gold diggers    

Trump that predujice, fake hair piece wearing, mongul wanna be, shoe shining hair piece, buthole he need to shut have $2.00 piehole up before some makes .05 change on his non political arse!!

We would like to see how he recovered from a previous major bankruptcy so fast (drug smuggling). Show us some papers to prove every dime you used to settle your debts in the past is from legit sources...............................

1273 days ago


Well it finally took Donald Trump to force Obama to release his so called birth certificate. All I want to know is: why did it take you so long?

1273 days ago


This is not a birth certificate!! Its a certificate of live birth! 2 very different things. In Hawaii during that period it was very easy to go down after the birth of the child and request a certificate of live birth. What the "birthers" say is the mother of Obama got to Hawaii and then went down and requested a certificate of live birth. Really this proves nothing

1273 days ago


this is so fake,he was born in cuba and he is a russian spy

1273 days ago


OBAMA IS A SIMULATED PRESIDENT VOICED BY WILL SMITH... FAKE Birth Certificate... L.O.V.E. Follow the white rabbit... M.J STILL ALIVE 99%

1273 days ago


Where was Donald Trump when George W Bush's military record was called into question? Where was Donald Trump when George W Bush's education record at Yale was called into question? What an arrogant ass is right. Talk a about a megalomanic! Please stop Donald!!!!

1273 days ago


@ Bonnie ("Where is the state seal that ALL birth certificates have? THIS SMELLS FAKE TO ME")

You would be one of those people who would never be satisfied wouldn't you? As you can tell by the image...the whole do***ent has not been displayed, the seal could be there...also, not all embossed seals appear when scanned. The File # & the Do***ent # are both on there...that makes he license legit!

1273 days ago
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