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Brandon Davis

Arrested for Drug Possession

4/28/2011 5:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandon Davis was arrested last night for battery and possession of a controlled substance -- after a physical altercation in Hollywood with a regular roundtable guest on "Chelsea Lately."

Cops were called to the Roosevelt Hotel after Brandon allegedly punched comedian Ben Gleib in the face. We're told Davis was denied entry to Beacher's Madhouse beforehand for his erratic behavior.

When police arrived, they searched Davis and found drugs, which law enforcement sources tell us was cocaine.

Davis was arrested for battery and possession of a controlled substance -- a felony -- and is currently being held at the Hollywood Police Department.

And here's a throwback -- Brandon's infamous Lindsay Lohan "firecrotch" diatribe from 2006 ... because WHY NOT?!

UPDATE: Brandon was just released.



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Where the hell was his best friends Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner, seems like he got to take the drugs alone this time. Or was they waiting inside that club for his drugs.

1238 days ago


Another pathetic trust fund baby. And these trust fund babies look down on everyone else. Just because your privileged and have your money handed to you doesnt make you a better person. This is an unfortunate example of spoiled rotten kids.

1238 days ago


I have an idea for a book. Call it "Six degrees of Paris Hilton". But, instead of going by movies, we track the herpes virus around Hollyweird and trust fund babies.

1238 days ago


You should've kicked this punk's ass, Ben.

1238 days ago

Kim -L.A. West    

hmmmm... he was (is?) best buds with paris... enough said.

1238 days ago



1238 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so even the children of former 'iconic hollywood' have no morals, no class, no ethics and are skidding down and off of skid row. genes, like apples, don't fall far from the tree.

1238 days ago


he's the biggest loser ever...that is, except for his fat brother and the notoriously unfunny 'chelsea lately' guests...maybe everyone was just so unfunny that he lost it?

1238 days ago


Cocaine's a helluva drug!

1238 days ago


Who is this person?

1238 days ago


Why with all this money can't he do some good in the world? Is that so hard for him? Jesus the least he could do is give some money out to poor people...maybe he'll feel better about himself then...and not annoy everyone!

1238 days ago


He and his brother are such losers, their parents must be proud. I guess money can not buy you class. If their parents have any brains they will stop giving them money and leave them both in jail.

1238 days ago


Where are the PARENTS of these men? God, looks like they must have been pathetic, hands off parents to turn out these two. I think its very sad to see these two men waste their lives away at nightclubs, with bottom feeders using them for their wealth.

1238 days ago


You know, it's hard to defend the boys because they are non-sympathetic figures. But the truth is they are no different than any other addict including many of you writing these posts. Those who truly understand addiction know it is so much easier to pick on others or look at others and say "ya, but I am not like that". Truth is we all have our demons to deal with. The obvious fact that Brandon and his brother have not wised up is only a testament to the depth and seriousness of their addiction.

Forgive yourself for your weakness. Ask for help. Change your life. There is still time, but there is no time like the present.

If you two boys are reading have a choice. Laugh and tell yourselves that everyone is wrong...or seek to change your life and embrace what it truly means to be alive.

Life is full of choices! Good...and bad...

1236 days ago

Clay Vandiver    

Brandon Davis is the absolute definition of a punk ass rich kid. Some of my best friends and family members served our country with the utmost honor in Iraq and Afghanistan. To think that they risked their lives while this kid snorted cereal bowls full of cocaine and drove Bentley's makes me ill beyond belief. Like all spoiled rich kids from Beverly Hills, he is NOT an American. He is elitist s*** and the very definition of what is wrong with the 1%. Too many people complain about subsidizing the poor with welfare, but what about people like Brandon Davis who take wods of cash from their parents and spend it on drugs! One day I will run into Brandon Davis and knock his punk ass out. I'll stare him down and shout "Welcome to America *******."

946 days ago
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