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Sheen Gloats

'Men' Can't Survive

Without Him

4/29/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre is a "sad silly fool," an "A-hole p*ssy loser" and a "low rent, nut-less sociopath" who is now realizing the show can't survive without him -- and Charlie claims the ratings prove his point.

Sheen fired off a blistering letter, attacking Lorre in the wake of reports that Jon Cryer will get a bigger role on the show and Charlie will be replaced.

Charlie says, "... No one cares about your feeble show without me," adding, "The ratings right now are not a fluke.  It's a big fat mess.  A 2.0 demo.  That sucks."  Although the number is low, the show is in reruns.

But Charlie doesn't stop there, saying, "Not even a phone call to the man that put you on the map.  The man that put 500 million dollars in your pockets ... I busted my ass for 8 years to support your vision."

And in the letter, which Charlie sent to TMZ as a messenger to Lorre, gets very personal: "They are planning on voting you off the AA island.  Even those clowns have no room for you anymore."

TMZ broke the story Thursday ... there's a 50/50 chance "Men" will not come back for Season 9.


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Sheen is toast. He may never work in Hollyweird again the way he's going. His money won't last that long, especially with cocaine and lawyers fees. As for Lorre, he'll just come up with another hit and keep going. By Sheen, good riddance!

1219 days ago


Chuckles you don't seem to understand that this show was always a group effort. They TOLERATED your crap for a long time, as long as they could...but eventually your crap outweighed the benefits. YOU didn't make anyone any money...the whole show did, you were merely a part of the show. The show is called 2 1/2 Men, not Charlie.

As for the character you played (which honestly took no acting on your part because apparently that life is also yours)...he's sad, pathetic, narcissistic and irritating. If the WRITERS hadn't written in some funny lines for you, you wouldn't have been funny.

In my opinion the show shouldn't won't be missed. It had reached a point anyway where they were repeating story-lines. Your "character" couldn't do anything more to make himself less appealing or more pathetically sad. The shows ratings have dropped because of YOU, not because of re-runs.

You may have some fans who steadfastly stick by you, but they are a minority and there are always going to be lemmings that will follow the lead lemming over a cliff.

1219 days ago


Charlie believes he's far too superior and godly for Hollywood. Too good for everyone. We agree.
Let him hit the road already and strike it on his own. He has his merry cult. It's time to move to a compound and be the self-proclaimed God of his own cocaine paradise. He's already mastered the art of abuse and feeding off cheap hookers. An ego that big needs its own home away from the rest of society.

1219 days ago


Chrissie 4 hours ago

Writing letters like this to your boss doesn't much help your case if you want to get re-hired, Charlie.

Just sayin'


Writing letters like taht prove that you are not afraid to say what you think, and that's priceless.
OUR MAN is winning, because Chuck is till hiding under his rock.

1219 days ago


BetterThanYou 16 minutes ago

"A narcissist. A coward. A loser. A spineless rat." Referencing himself, I suppose. The grinning idiot digs his grave a little deeper.


What grave?? LOL! HE WAS FIRED. There is nothing more they can do to him.

1219 days ago


MIDNIGHT TOKER about an hour ago

I think if they bring in the right person the show will be better


HAHAHA!!! They are not gonna bring anyone. The show is DONE, and even though Chuck Lorre is a jerk, he is not dumb. He knows that he bult that show around Charlie Sheen's life and he will never get the kind of success ever again if he decides to continue the show without him, and Lorre is all about success and huge money. Do the maths.
He started the war and he lost a gold mine. That's on him.

1219 days ago


Hope they save the letter for court to show Charlie's state of mind even after this amount of time. As for the show, I'd rather watch it with Cryer in a bigger role than with Sheen in it. He (Sheen) has completely ruined even the reruns for us which pisses us off. We hate him in this household.

1219 days ago


Cryer is a big nobody without Sheen.

"MY fans may tune in for a minute, but at the end of the day no one cares about your feeble show without me"

No, Charlie. I think your REAL fans will not tune in even for a minute. This fan definitely will not.

1219 days ago


Even though I miss the familiarity of the beach house and its inhabitants, and enjoyed the brothers' love/hate relationship, I've stopped watching Two and a Half Men re-runs. If a new character is introduced that wouldn't be a re-cast of the Charlie character, I'd tune in for a new season. Mr. Lorre can no doubt come up with great lines that don't rely on alcoholic/sexaholic jokes for laughs. But, please, Mr. Lorre...don't punish the show's fans with Harrelson, Piven or Saget. I beg you.

1219 days ago


I don't think that the show will make it without Charlie. You can't "replace" the character after so many years. Unfortunately, the show will fail. Charlie needs to grow up, get off the drugs and beg for his job back. The comments that he has been making are rude, childish and totally out of line. It just shows what the producer has had to put up with all these years. Charlie is digging a hole so deep, that there is no way that he can return to the show...tragic. I am not saying that the producer is not at fault either. The bs needs to stop.

1219 days ago


Oh Charlie, you are probably right about the show but quite frankly, Jon Cryer is a much better actor than you and without him YOU wouldn't have been a success! I do hope they are able to retool the show just for a little while and make it a success. You need help!

1219 days ago


Two and a half men can't survive without Charlie.
That's 100% correct.

1219 days ago


Which means Charlie is still out of the highest paying sitcom job and Chuck Lorre has a little more time to produce his other shows!

1219 days ago

Ms Thang    

@mike - Totally agree with you. The show was getting to be boring. Same ol' crap each week. I do not watch the re-runs as I cannot stand to hear the Loser Warlock's voice anymore. Makes me cring as he is nothing but a doped up idiot.

1219 days ago


I'm more apt to watch now that Charlie is gone. He's got too big for his britches. I HATE big egos and the minute he started beating his wife, I stopped watching the show. Can't wait to see what they have planned. I will be watching.

1219 days ago
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