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Dreamworks Movie Artist Charged in Fatal Dog Beating

4/28/2011 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A visual effects artist who worked on several Dreamworks films like "Shrek" faces more than 4 years in prison -- after he was accused of beating his neighbor's puppy to death ... with a hammer.


According to law enforcement, Young Song -- who also worked on films like "Kung Fu Panda," "Shark Tale," and "Madagascar 2" -- allegedly entered his neighbor's backyard last week ... and shot their 16-month-old German shepherd with a pellet gun, before beating it to death with a hammer.

According to the puppy's owner the act was caught on surveillance video.

Song pled "not guilty" today to one felony count of cruelty to an animal, and one count of misdemeanor petty theft of a dog ... after he allegedly dragged the mutilated corpse from his neighbor's yard.

Song was arrested yesterday and bail was set at $40,000. He is still in custody. His next court date is May 26. Song's lawyer Nicholas Okorocha had no comment.


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Ben D.    

JAY and the rest of you wrong-thinking people.

If you have a problem with a barking dog- confront the owners or MOVE. It is not the dog's fault and if you think this dog killer should "get off," you and the rest of your kind need to get a grip and move somewhere where others as uncivilized as you belong.

1272 days ago


They need to tie him up, shoot him and then beat the holy crap out of him with a hammer. An eye for an eye!!!!!!!

1272 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

@ Jay:
dude, moron, people live and breathe alongside and next to human beings who do far worse things than some stupid little puppy BARKING!! and they don't go ****tering their skulls with hammers. because that is psycho. but rather, they become great friends with most of these people. what gives??!

1272 days ago


I used to work night shift and lived next to a neighbor with a dog who barked during the day. It interfered with my ability to sleep and left me exhausted. So guess how I handled the problem? I MOVED. Dogs have a right to bark & do other dog-like things. If this guy had an issue with the dog, he should have talked to the owner. If that did not solve the problem he could have moved or did other PROPER solutions. He is a mental case, as is anyone who believes what he did was right. It's like saying it's ok to kill your neighbor's child because he/she cries.

1272 days ago


This is the perfect reason for people all over this country to fight for tougher and longer penalties for animal abuse of any kind. They can not speak for themselves. Anyone who would do this to an animal is a bigger threat to humans. Join ASPCA, FARM, Kindness Ranch, In Defense of Animals and any other animal rights organization and make things safer for animals everywhere.

1272 days ago


Thank you for the link, OCgirl.

A 40-year-old DreamWorks animator pleaded not guilty Thursday to beating a neighbor’s muzzled dog with a hammer, an incident that was captured on video.

The 16 month old pup was muzzled. A properly muzzled dog does not bark.

1272 days ago


That's disgusting. How can anyone do that to a puppy. I think it's wrong to leave pets outside unsupervised for long periods of time but you would think they would be safe in their own yard. Btw, how does he figure he isn't guilty if the whole thing is on video?

1272 days ago


@Tammy - Regardless of the motive, it is still murder!!

1272 days ago


wow, what a terrible human being, how can you murder an animal like that!!!

1272 days ago


Please, please, please treat this man the same way he treated that poor little puppy! He deserves that and a lot worse.

1272 days ago


Let me at this dude. Let me at him.

1272 days ago


OMG, I hate to hear stories like this.
I hope there is a special place in hell for him and all animal abusers. Sick f u c k.

1272 days ago


To those who are bashing others for wanting severe retaliation on the man who did this (claiming they are WORSE than Young Song) are not understanding: The problem is that we have a human being attacking and killing an innocent animal (barking and pooping are not sound reasons...and you can't REASON with a dog! Besides, they are natural thinks a dog does. Tell a sick person not to cough or tell a baby not to cry.) Furthermore, we're talking about a defenseless animal. Those who want to harm the man know that he inflicted harm on an animal that couldn't defend itself. Point and case. The same people you claim to "not to value human life as much as that of animals" would want to same treatment done to someone who killed a baby... toddler... or a weak elderly person. The key is in the fact they are defenseless!!

1272 days ago


Dam, dude thought he was back in the homeland.

1272 days ago


Thanks rock it was removed by your lover mrs.Levin

1272 days ago
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