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Dreamworks Movie Artist Charged in Fatal Dog Beating

4/28/2011 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A visual effects artist who worked on several Dreamworks films like "Shrek" faces more than 4 years in prison -- after he was accused of beating his neighbor's puppy to death ... with a hammer.


According to law enforcement, Young Song -- who also worked on films like "Kung Fu Panda," "Shark Tale," and "Madagascar 2" -- allegedly entered his neighbor's backyard last week ... and shot their 16-month-old German shepherd with a pellet gun, before beating it to death with a hammer.

According to the puppy's owner the act was caught on surveillance video.

Song pled "not guilty" today to one felony count of cruelty to an animal, and one count of misdemeanor petty theft of a dog ... after he allegedly dragged the mutilated corpse from his neighbor's yard.

Song was arrested yesterday and bail was set at $40,000. He is still in custody. His next court date is May 26. Song's lawyer Nicholas Okorocha had no comment.


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Nothing makes me more angry than animal abuse. If there was a big enough problem that he felt the need to kill the dog, like it had attacked someone, he should have called the damn police! What he did is inexcusable and I hope they throw the book at him and start making examples of sick people like that. There need to be far harsher penalties for animal cruelty.

1273 days ago


MF Nail the SOB an eye for eye

1273 days ago


This is outrageous! He should recieve more than 4 years for what he has done. There is no excuse on the face of this planet for doing anything harmful such as this to an animal! The man is clearly sick in the head. Thank God that it was caught on surveillance camera's! Nothing infurates me more than to see or hear about animals or children or the elderly being harmed! I hope that he rots in hell for his actions!

1273 days ago


His kind eat dogs & cats. He was looking for lunch.

1272 days ago


These Chinese nationals are brutal, have you ever seen where they skin little animals alive on utube vids? Plus they will eat anything, they are full of parasites. It will be a sad day when they invade America to take collateral for debt owed.

1272 days ago


ok, if this is the real story and not a media hype.

this is sick

1272 days ago


muther ****er!

1272 days ago


HOLY S**T!!! What a sick piece of crap! I can't to hear what Harvey says about this!

1272 days ago


As an animal lover i am disgusted and would love to see this piece of crap get the electric chair.

4 years in jail is not enough.

1272 days ago


They say Song has 3 dogs of his own as well as chickens... they said the dog was muzzled but not tied...possibly there is a hole and the pup was going under the fence getting chickens...there is a vet that works here in my town who did that...he killed his neighbors dachshund with a mallet for attacking his chickens.

1272 days ago


And this man works on movies that our children to watch...........That's scary.

1272 days ago


PanteraBabe333 5 hours ago

"Wow.... I don't care if this dog barked to much or **** in this guys shoe - there is NO excuse for this kind of behavior.... Unforgivable."

unless you are michael vick. then you are excused and anybody that still hates you is called a racist

1272 days ago

Ted Allen    

HORRIBLE! Hope the puppy rests in peace. Hope the guy rots in h e l l

1272 days ago


First of all, we need to find out what the 'puppy' did. If the 'puppy' was just minding his own business, then the guy deserves the gallows. I had a German Shepard, that at 16 months could kill someone, but only if he/she messed with my son or myself. If it was unprovoked, then they guy needs to be hung. If not, he could have been defending himself. All dogs are aggressive unless taught otherwise.

1272 days ago


Young M Song
2006 Navarro Ave Pasadena, CA 91103

"A 40-year-old DreamWorks animator pleaded not guilty Thursday to beating a neighbor’s muzzled dog with a hammer, an incident that was captured on video. The man, Young Song, allegedly climbed the fence into a yard in the 1900 block of Navarro Avenue in Pasadena, where a 16-month-old German shepherd was muzzled but untied. Surveillance camera video shows...Young shot the dog with a pellet gun, then returned with a hammer and began chasing and striking the defenseless animal until it lay senseless."

1272 days ago
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