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TSA -- Ex-Miss USA

Was Treated Like Anyone Else

4/28/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo was NOT "molested" during an airport pat down ... according to the TSA which tells TMZ its officer acted totally appropriately.

A rep for TSA tells TMZ, "We have reviewed this passenger's screening experience and found that the officer followed proper procedures."

Castillo claims a TSA agent at Dallas Fort Worth Airport touched her genitals four times during an inspection last week.

TSA added it is "always seeking to strike the right balance between privacy and security while providing the security that the American people want and deserve."


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I am appalled by the number of people so willing to forfeit their rights because an out of control agency tells them it's for their "safety". No planes were hijacked between October 2001 and November 2010 when this idiocy began. So why is it "necessary­" now?

This woman had been patted down several times before and didn't complain. This time she was groped by one of the misfits that TSA attracts and was rightfully upset.

Twenty screeners have been arrested so far this year, including one last week for child pornography and people defend these criminals? If this is the quality of people on the plane with me then perhaps I will better off driving.

Twenty criminal acts, fifteen security failures, 4,000+ groping complaints and dozens of lawsuits later and TSA hasn't found ANYTHING! People need to wake up, they are being played by TSA's lies. Their children are being groped by child molesters and they're defending this criminal agency.

Public support for TSA is absolutely repugnant and those who defend this should be embarrassed by their lack of decency, humanity and intelligence.

Of course, many pro-TSA comments are likely from the TSA trolls that DHS pays to post these twisted opinions in hopes of convincing the public that public molestation by government is somehow normal.

1271 days ago



"This whole liberal mindset that we should all be free doesnt work in the real world. You need control! Without control, there is anarchy. If you are down the anarchy cause, then so am I! Lets tear this place apart..."

This whole liberal mindset? Are you stupid? The ones defending us against this unconstitutional encroachment upon our God given civil liberties are conservatives! see Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. You must be a hireling of the government or just plainly stupid. It was wrong when Dubya's administration was forcing you to take off your shoes, and it's wrong now. Stop being such a sheep, and lead with your mind, not your fear.

1271 days ago


Everyone who goes through TSA checkpoints is molested.

1270 days ago


wow sue,too bad you are not a male and joined the us army during
the 70's and 80's. Perverted female clerks would watch you get a nude military physical. Furthermore,in the mid 70's dallas-
ft worth airport let women sell towels in the mens bathroom.

1270 days ago

A Real Soldier    

Seriously? As one who has searched numerous Iraqi detainees and finding MANY, MANY objects in crevices so-called "normal" citizens would never go, I for one have NO problem with a TSA agent "credit card" swiping my junk or posterior.

I for one have removed shanks, letters with incredible intel value, and contraband items from peoples posteriors and so called "intimate" areas. So do I really think that a TSA official simply is "molesting" you poor, poor, civilians. NOPE. They are doing their job. So as far as women and children, sorry but guess what...our enemies are using both WOMEN AND CHILDREN against us now. Somali terrorist started using children as suicide bombers. In Africa last year, an 8-year-old child was detained at a US Embassy after walking up to the gate. Strapped to his chest were 10 lbs of C4. A faulty blasting cap was to thank for no injuries occuring. Now...lets talk about John Walker. A 20-year-old natural born American Citizen that flew to Afghanistan to fight along side the Taliban against American Soldiers. You don't think they are here? If you don't you are sorely mistaken. They are here, and these are what those security measures are implemented for. No one sees behind the scenes of TSA. So stop your crying. Subjecting only "certain" people to screening is profiling. We are a country of many cultures and races and don't think because you were a former Miss USA you are exempt. I'm a US soldier and when I'm in civilian clothes I am just as apt to be screened as the next person behind me, its not prejudiced.

*steps off soap box*

1270 days ago


Hell no. Flying is a privilege, not a right. No one forces you to fly. If you don't like it, find another way to get there....problem solved.

1267 days ago

Paul Revere    

This won’t be the last abuse of our privacy,
since our superpower government wants to
be able to bomb anywhere, send missiles and
assassins and armed drones all over the world,
and then create such a tight “security” apparatus
that no one can strike back.

To keep this one-way violence going,
the price we pay is the trashing of our
privacy rights, free speech rights, and
loss of due process and habeas corpus.
Secret testimony and long sentences
of solitary confinement are a runaway

Shame on those who defend this catastrophe.

1226 days ago
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